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I'm thinking of joining the NCT to meet people and learn stuff, but am troubled to see that the islington branch backs homeopathy for babies. 'Cause that's a really good idea. Have all our local branches been over by evidence-proof hippies? Would I get kicked out for being snarky or kvetching at people who don't believe in vaccination or painkillers? Help!


  • Don't know much about NCT locally or anywhere, but according to a friend who went to one meeting and one only, the answers to your 2 questions were it a NW London branch are both yes! And congratulations are in order, one imagines?
  • Thank you vetski. Oh dear. May I ask what your friend did next?
  • She found a local pregnancy yoga class, and after the yoga they'd sit together and just chat about relevant stuff. Several of the women had already had kids, so shared their previous experiences & wisdom. I think she found it useful but most importantly, non-militant!
  • Ah. Do you know the name of the yoga class?
  • No, but it was around Kilburn. Don't imagine you want to go that far, but can find out if you do. 
  • We did one of the NCT weekend ('we've left it too late to do evening') antenatal courses in Islington, which I'd really recommend - we met lots of mums and dads to be (and one 'returning' couple) and learnt a great deal which I'd've never got from anywhere else.<br><br>Unlike her students (mostly 25-35yo professionals), the course leader <i>was </i>pretty earth-motherish, though none the worse for that - my head was reeling so much from the full-nappy photographs and the breathing exercises that the tutor might just as well have been Attila the Hun.<br><br>I would say that the most important advice I got as an expectant father was that I would need to get used to listening to and often rejecting well-meant advice, from whatever source, with which I did not agree. As with so many things, the dogmatic become the first to be ignored...<br><br>We're no longer NCT members - my partner is involved instead with <a href="">Haringey Families </a>- a local organisation  which is broadly aimed at those who have kids already - and certainly doesn't attempt the training the NCT does. Look them up in a few months' time...<br><br>On the topic of homeopathy (which we trespassed on for about 10 seconds), our course leader (as a 'practitioner') was merely absolutely insistent that such stuff never went near babies or pregnant women, though not because it relied on 'water memory' and other quackery. Oh no - she said that it was because it was too strong for them... and I didn't feel like arguing the toss over adopting a rational approach to medicine at half eleven on a Sunday morning. I may yet send her a copy of Bad Science...<br><br>I know <a href="">Fiona</a>, the woman who co-ordinates NCT Stroud Green. She's very nice. Her email: <a href=""></a> . She organises informal meet-ups and I'm sure you could suck it and see. In fact I might see her tomorrow - I'll sound her out on evidence-proof hippies in her present membership.<br><br>I'd say that in my experience whilst there is undoubtedly encouragement from the NCT to <i>consider</i> breastfeeding (which as far as I'm concerned there should be, if it works for mother and baby) and mother-and-midwife-lead delivery over caesarean (ditto), it's a very long way from militancy. If through choice or compulsion people followed other paths they still ended up with a baby at the end of it, which seemed to me the most important thing.<br><br>We made friends at baby yoga too - next to FP tube. I'll find out the details.<br>
  • I went to an antenatal NCT group in East Finchley as it was the closest available at the time. What I found really useful was to make sure I/ my husband asked all the right questions when in labour and so at no point felt pushed into a situation without knowing the consequences. Also regularly met up with the other mums form the group in the early days with the babies, which was great to chat to others with babies at similar stages. Yes, the steer was for as'natural' a birth as possible, breast feeding etc, but as encouragement for you to make an informed decision rather than being led. Also enjoyed baby massage groups locally. Not sure who has anything on now, at the time it was the local baby clinic, then with me second I went to Highgate Newtown Community Centre. Few of us would then go out for coffee and a chat. Local children's Centres have lots on too. Baby sing and sign at Margaret Macmillan is great and they have lots of info sessions too.
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    I can highly recommend the post-natal/baby yoga classes run by Julie, locally (she also does ante-natal yoga). <div><br></div><div><a href=""></a></div><div><br><div><br></div></div>
  • We went to NCT (Islington I think - course was off Holloway Road). I had some of the same worries you've talked about but the person running our course was pretty balanced. So despite being a bit of a bore on evidence based science I didn't find my sceptical side being aggravated by homeopathy or the like! That said the best and most important thing we've got was a network with other new parents and we got that through the local NCT coordinator (name checked above) who was able to put us in touch with others living round here (whereas the course participants were from a much wider area). I'd definitely recommend trying to get in touch with others via her regardless of whether you do the formal NCT course or not. Good luck!
  • homeopathy  I think you will find that Calpol is what  you will need.Using Hoeopathy on our first child ended up with a paramedic crash team and fast ambulence  trip to the Whit !  Don't go anywhere  near it.
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    <p>Congratulations Mirandola! I didn't do any NCT classes before my daughter was born last year mainly because the ones held around here seemed to be far too expensive at a time when I really needed to concentrate on saving money. Also I wasn't really convinced that I'd get a whole lot out of the sessions apart from a chance to meet other new parents.</p><p>Instead I spent my money on pregnancy yoga classes ( Yoga Junction on Weston Park) which were very relaxing and a good way to meet other mothers. Since the baby arrived I've found that there are loads of ways to meet new parents around here - all the Childrens Centres run stay & play sessions, the libraries have baby bounce sessions every week and the Old Dairy puts out a playmat and toys most weekday afternoons and is a great place for meeting up. </p><p> </p>
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    <p>Before my son was born I attended a NCT class with my ex. Because I had forgotten to book the class we had to take one closer to the due date. My abiding memory will always be the fact that my ex was in labour during the entire Sunday session and the midwife told us it was just gas. My son was born 8 hours later.</p><p>I am sorry but if you are a midwife AND running a NCT class you should be able to tell if a woman is in labour or not, it's your job.</p><p>It was not any help but just felt like an expensive way to network with other soon to be parents who happento be in the same income bracket.</p>
  • Thank you to everyone. I think I'll give NCT and yoga a go.
  • We tried to get onto an NCT course when we found out my gf was pregnant, but they were booked-up until after the due date.<br><br>In the end we went to the 4 hospital antenatal classes and she went to Yoga in Tufnell park at which she really enjoyed (and said was very down-to-earth), although it was much more chatting than actual Yoga (was her only complaint).<br><br>
  • Didn't make it to NCT as our daughter was born before the weekend the class was on,<br><br>As I understand it one of the best aspects is meeting others you can then form friendship with and hang out with etc. Getting on an email list of prospective new parents and meeting up, serves a similar purpose.<br><br>Congratulations.<br>
  • I, finally, checked. The pregnancy yoga we went to as a couple was a one-day course at <a href="">Yoga Junction</a> - then at FP but now as someone else said in Crouch End...<br><br><br>
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    <p>My husband and I did free  "couples" classes run by Haringey midwifery service - but these may now be long gone with the cuts as that was almost 24 years ago.  </p><p>I was also the Stroud Green area coordinator for the NCT. We used to have a very active and inclusive group around here. My personal aim for our local branch was to get information circulated about local drop-ins/ playgroups/activities and organise the weekly baby mornings/toddler afternoons. Ours had open invitations to all mothers in wider Stroud Green so that even if they didn't want to join the NCT (or were going back to work soon) they could use one or two meetings to meet another mother they got on with so they had some kind of support system. Before the NCT I only knew my near neighbours in the area.</p><p>I used to give away our newsletter to pregnant and new mums for free and left them with the Health Visitors at the old Stroud Green clinic. We allowed Islington residents to join our group as well (at that time frowned upon). I was archiving some old floppy disks over the summer and found all my old newsletters again; I'm friends with so many of those mothers still.</p>
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    <div><br></div><div>Wisteria53 - I did the same classes you write  about at Hornsey Rise Practice when I was pregnant with my first child (nearly ten years ago, now) as at the time I was told that there was no NCT in the area.</div><div><br></div><div>I also did a birth preparation course at the Active Birth Centre in Bickerton Road, which was OK, however the midwifes I used to see and who were present at the birth  supported active birth anyway, so in hindsight it was a total duplicate...</div><div><br></div><div>Post birth of my second child, I found children centres a great resource, especially the one based in the old Baths (they used to have an excellent breastfeeding drop-in centre) and the Willow near the Holloway Odeon.</div><div><br></div><div>I also went to mother and baby yoga with Julie, who teaches privately at home (someone above mentioned her with a link to her website) - good experience, too.</div>
  • Can nct help nannies find a job? I work for a mother some mornings and she said that if you email the nct tey can help. I am a nanny in the local area and looking for some extra work during the week. If anyone can advise, please let me know, thanks<br>
  • Fiona - mentioned inredsturgeon's post - can probably help you. if you are a granny, as well as a nanny, try
  • @Mirandola, just saw this on Twitter & thought it might be of use to you:<div><br></div><div><span style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13.63636302947998px; line-height: 17.999998092651367px; background-color: rgb(245, 245, 245); ">Get in contact with other parents to be beforehand join our Speed Bump yahoo groups</span></div>
  • Thanks vetski. I am just into April, but will keep an eye open for when that starts.
  • Hi <br><br>I was just wondering if anyone here is seeking a morning nanny/sitter during the week. I currently work mon wed and thur for a 16 month old for over a yr now, so seeking work on tues and fri mornings.<br><br>If interersted, please do contact me, thank you<br>
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