Bowlers Nursery on Crouch Hill

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Anyone got their child in Bowlers' Nursery? What's it like for babies?


  • We have two.  Our 4-year-old started when he was 2.  Our 11-month-old start last month.  They're excellent and I would highly recommend them.  Babies have a separate room until they're 2, when they're moved onto the main floor.  During the morning and parts of the afternoon the door is unlocked so that children can wander between the two spaces and they encourage interaction of age groups.  They staff there are very professional, caring, thoughtful and sensitive to the needs of tee children and have looked after ours exceedingly well.  The new building is very good, lovely a light with huge windows and high ceilings.  What it's liek when the primary school is occupied only time will tell.<br><br>If you want more details I'm happy to discuss.  Please feel free to pm me.<br>
  • The primary school ought to make no difference in the sense that the building is designed so that Bowlers' and Ashmount can remain independent of each other. Nicely illustrated by the fact that the Bowlers' bit is finished and moved in to some months before the primary school is finished.
  • Not quite accurate.  The Bowlers garden is partially occupied by the builders who are finishing off the school.  Additionally, it's hard to tell the impact on Bowlers of the noise, footfall, etc. from the school.  Despite having seen the plans I was struck when the building was shown to us and it hit me just how close the 2 are and the fact that Ashmount looms a little over Bowlers.  There will be some 'getting used to' when the school actually moves on-site.<br>
  • Well obviously getting the builders out will count as an improvement. As to noise, footfall and so forth, you are right, nothing to do but wait and see. However the bit of Ashmount immediately contigious to Bowlers is the school nursery -ie the very immediate neighbour is a school nursery class so that should help. <div><br></div><div>I was really making the point that there is no reason why the Bowlers' ethos will change; I think you are making the point that Bowlers' is used to being essentially alone on that site, and that is the big change.</div>
  • Yes that's right the ethos at Bowlers will not change, But the practicalities, the approach to some activities, and the services offered by Bowlers all may change.<br><br>I should say that none of these items would in any way detract from my recommendation of the nursery, which I think is great.<br>
  • Thanks boxrunner I may be in touch.
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