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I get given a lot of free books at work. Sometimes they are proof copies, sometimes just newly into paperback, some that publishers just want us to read. I currently have things like the new Khalid Hosseini (Kite Runner author), the Tracy Thorn biog, new Jake Arnott in paperback, cookbooks, a couple of kid's books and tons of other stuff. I've half read some, some are unopened. Our house is teeming with them and I need to make some space for all the other work and general treasure. So... I am thinking of having a bit of a giveaway. If I brought them all to somewhere like the Stapleton would people be interested in having a rummage? If you feel you'd like to leave a bit of cash for them I'd donate it to the Children's Reading Fund that Waterstones collects for. I'd just like them to be read by someone who wants them really. We aren't allowed to sell them, and some of them have quite strict embargoes so no quoting or reviewing them on Amazon or anywhere please. Would anyone be interested?


  • <P>It is a very lovely idea. This lot might be interested in hosting - and it could mean more books going to households that don't have them.</P> <P> </P> <P><A href=""></A></P>;
  • @missannie, SG School is having a book sale next Thu to mark World Book Day - they'd love any you care to donate. And there's a WI raffle next month, appropriate books always welcome!
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    <P>Unfortunately the publishers are quite strict about T&C's of giving us freebies and one of the rules is that they cannot be offered for sale, otherwise I would have donated them to the charity shops or put a couple of real treasures on eBay!</P>
  • Why not the Mind shop ... ?
  • I would be up for this, and could also bring some along which are covered by similar conditions.
  • would it be allowed if they were just given away for free to charity and not sold on? i walked past this place today, which looks a bit odd but good. each person is allowed to take one book:<br><br>;
  • If you gave them to someone else and the someone else gave them to the Mind shop, I'm not sure how they would control that ...
  • <P>I do not approve of the attempts to rename that part of town 'midtown'. The various parts have perfectly good names already, I would particularly like them to keep St.Giles with its memories of the Rookeries.</P> <P>That swap/take operation also has an outlet in Tufnell Park, or did last time I was there. It's a good thing.</P> <P>Hmmm, perhaps I'll just bring the unembargoed ones - that's still lots. </P> <P>@ADGS Any ideas on how to press home the 'don't sell or review these' message other than just trusting in people's good nature?</P>
  • @miss annie I know, it is so cringeworthy, I have to walk past the various InMidtown advertising attempts every day - banners and posters and men in orange jackets offering Midtown tours.. it's such a waste of money. Also all of it is centred around Holborn station so what's wrong with just calling it Holborn?
  • Naming issues aide, the free lunchtime 45 minute tours are excellent.<div><br></div><div>Miss Annie - would you do a giveaway at Stroud Green & Harringay Library? It would be a good way of promoting the library as well as reading.</div><div><br></div><div>Also, I'll be giving away copies of Damage by Jospehine Hart on Monday April 23, 6-7pm at the library as part of World Book Night - might be a good date for you to do something at the library or elsewhere.</div>
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    I'm not entirely sure how or even if the embargoes are enforced. I know we've sold plenty of review copies and I've seen loads in charity shops marked 'Review copy not for resale'. <br>
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    I'll be quite busy at Waterstones on WBN. It's also Shakespeare's birthday and St. George's Day so all go! I'm just mulling over the best way to do this as people have suggested some good ideas.
  • I wonder if any of the pubs in SG would be interested in doing a book swap? Pay 50p entry and bring as many book as you like, leave them on tables and pick up as many you like. Entry fee goes to a local charity. <br>
  • The Lexington used to do something similar, except there was a maximum of 15 to take away - which seems fair, stops people just scooping up *everything*.
  • And Annie, in answer to your question - not really. I tend not to give away stuff that's especially far in advance/hot enough to cause problems, except to people I know I can trust. 
  • I love the book swap idea Idoru!
  • The book swap is a triumph of idealism in a world of rampant capitalism!  
  • I do Bookcrossing already, one of my books (left in a cafe) is currently in Queensland! Really wanted to do something in our community. I like the book swap idea.
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