Save the Parkland Walk!

If you are not already aware, a construction project which will create one of those massive basements is being considered by Haringay Council. It is located at the Highgate end, near Holmesdale Road. While I could comment on why a small railway cottage that has already been expanded to become 5 bedrooms needs even more space(!) the real worry is that in order to construct it, HGVs will travel along a section of the walk itself at Holmesdale Road along with other impacts - the proposals are contrary to the covenant that the council put on the property back in 1993! The works provide no benefit to the local community and in fact is likely to damage the nature reserve, block access for periods of time and disturb the at sanctuary in the nearby tunnels. It also sets a bad precedent for other properties that adjoin the Walk. Have a look and get your voice heard!


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  • Alot to read on there. I don't understand how it could be even considered? Why would you be allowed to bring HGVs onto the Parkland walk? It seems like everyone loses except for one property?
  • I would like to particularly know why the Council has agreed to waive a covenant from just 1993 - it is clearly still applicable as it is all about digging into the garden and restricts major works. People have the right to do work on their property but it was sold just last year with covenants in place, they are not unusual given the status of the Walk and the construction management plan is full of weasel words like 'where applicable' and 'not evisioned' which is used frequently by contractors to break the commitments as they are just aspirations! I find the few supporters particularly naive - covenants are there for a reason!
  • So the council won't mind if I break all the covenants on my house that restrict developing it is a business, keeping chickens or playing loud music?  (Well, there aren't, but you get the drift.)  I think some favours must have changed hands - not implying anything untoward, of course.
  • The basement plan has already been approved, it's the construction plan that we must object too. Haringey council are just an abomination.
  • yes forgot to mention that Miss Annie - its why I am partciulalry incensed at the Council in ignoring cocenants. if this work is to be done than some serious restrictions to protect the Walk as a natural habitat are needed.
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  • Lib Dems are heavily supporting, they put some info up on the Crouch End Creatives Facebook page thread about this. Don't think the Haringey councillors use this forum?
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