Book group Weds 10th May 8pm at The White Lion - Code of the Woosters by PG Wodehouse

One of our members had never read any Wodehouse and we all needed cheering up after a run of sad books, so we've picked the third Jeeves and Wooster book (doesn't matter if you haven't read them in order!).

It's short and sweet and available on Audible. All welcome! We meet at the White Lion.


  • Excellent choice! Have never read any either.
  • @Luirette I just looked at the audible reviews and it says the sound quality is atrocious... in the sample it sounds like they're at the bottom of the sea. I hope it's ok. Let us know if not as we could swap the book (the others seem ok!)?!
  • There's an abridged version read by Martin Jarvis which seems better... and only five hours long! I'm planning to audible this one too as I have a free token to use up!
  • I might come to this, having suffered acute Wodehouse aversion for years. Perhaps someone will be able to explain it to me.
  • @sophie Grah! Only just saw your post about sound quality. It is terrible. I generally avoid abridged versios as they never make sense but will give it a go.
    @krappyrubsnif Hope you can make it. What are book clubs for if not to make you read a book you've never had any inclination to read before :)
  • @Luirette I looked again at the title and realised it was the one I tried last year having been told by a Wodehouse fan it was the best one to start with.

    Awful. Read with gritted teeth to the end but only to see if it got any better. It didn't. I am a hopeless case I'm afraid. But enjoy the book and enjoy your evening!
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