Mayor of Stroud Green Election result

Elections for Mayor of the Ancient Corporation of Stroud Green, 17th June

If you want to nominate yourself for the election (or nominate someone else...) just send an email to the Stapleton Tavern: Just give your name or a name you want to choose. Or you can go into the pub and add your name on the blackboard during the week.

On the night, we’ll draw names out of a hat and each candidate will get five minutes to say, sing, slur or shout as succinctly, amusingly, tellingly, or even as vulgarly as possible why they should be elected Mayor. We’ll be providing a strong and stable stage to stand on. (We are taking control and no professional stand-up comedians will be allowed.)

There will be a secret ballot and the result will be declared about 7.45-8pm, barring recounts. We are still discussing if there will be a prize for the elected Mayor, though fame and glory should be enough.

‘Ancient Corporation’ lapel badges will be on sale throughout the day and any proceeds will go either to charity or towards a prize for the successful candidate - yet to be decided.

There will be a Stroud Green Gin for sale according to Sir Thomas Legg’s secret recipe, and the Stapleton Tavern hopes to have one ‘eighteenth century’ inspired dish on the menu.

The election will be preceded by several renditions of the Stroud Green Song (1773) - this is the first time this eighteenth century drinking song unique to Stroud Green will have been heard anywhere for 250 years, and in its original location.

Provisional timetable for the day:

12.45pm - Stroud Green history trail leaves the Worlds End pub (led by Hornsey Historical Society, £5)

1.55pm - walk arrives at the Stapleton Tavern

2pm - performance by Evoke choir, culminating in first performance of Stroud Green Song (at approx 2.30pm)


7pm - replay of the Stroud Green Song song on video

7.05pm - five minute resume of the story of the Ancient Corporation of Stroud Green, Badge and Song, by Sir Thomas Legg

7.10pm - reprise of the Stroud Green song ‘live’ - by everyonein the pub. If possible. Come on! (Any singers or musicians who can help with this please contact - there will be no choir.)

7.30 - The Election

8.00 - declaration of Mayor

Everything you ever wanted to know about the True Story of the Ancient Corporation of Stroud Green, the Song, the Stroud Green Badge and the stranger-than-fiction story of Sir Thomas Legg is now up on Facebook at :

Sir Thomas Legg also has his own Twitter account at:


  • Update: Stapleton Tavern is standing a free pint to anyone who is nominated or nominates themselves as a candidate (and appears at the hustings).

    There are two declared candidates so far, Joe and Mandy.

    The blackboard will be up tomorrow.

    Badges should be on sale from tomorrow. Donations welcome. Proceeds from the badge sales plus any further income from the event will go to Haringey Mind.

    There are rumours of a very special guest, but these remain only rumours.

    Watch this space.

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    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new Mayor of Stroud Green: Joe. clear majority. Warmest congrats!

    Votes cast:

    Joe 27
    Mandy 14
    Rob 10
    Jake 9
    Ben (not present) 1
  • Krappy, what tune was used with the corporation song? If it's from the time of the original corporation, would you post a link to the notation, please?
  • Have been busy with post-election business (and a bit hot) but will post some links and YouTube video as soon as I get round to it.

    Thanks to everyone who made this event a success, people tell me it all worked out well.
  • The event raised £104.20 for Haringey Mind through donations and badge sales, by the way.
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