Traveller crackdown

Irish Travellers have turned up and taken over the upper end of Stroud Green. Officially the Stapleton and Brave Sir Robin are closed- the former is letting regulars in through the back door and the Brave is having a 'private party' to which I was cordially invited when the big fella recognised me. All the shops are being forbidden from selling booze, and there are police everywhere. The pizza place is rammed with their revelry. Not entirely sure they're being treated fairly as they seem harmless enough at this point, but there's clearly a lot of anxiety.


  • Wait until about 8.30, they'll be well oiled by then...
  • But if you need your drive tarmacking this is the weekend for it.
  • Went out on the high street tonight, it seemed OK. No trouble. Sainsbury's (North end) was selling booze, Stapleton was open.

    I was eating in Seasons and a couple of big traveller lads came in asking if they had anything on draft :smiley:
  • Arkady wrote: "Irish Travellers have turned up and taken over the upper end of Stroud Green". Please, where exactly?
  • I drove past pizza x drink at maybe 6pm and it was absolutely rammed with lads drinking outside on the road. The feds arrived and as far as I could tell they just stayed until they moved on afterwards. Everyone was dressed up to the nines. Unless there were threats of violence or threats not to pay I’m not really sure why the police were there. A reputation may deliver the response but not sure it was necessary.
  • Horrible to see racism against Irish people is still around. The tarmac statement is really low and nasty.
  • Nothing much happened and the comment saying they'd be well oiled and the subsequent tarmacking comment was nasty. Racist and judgemental and should be withdrawn and apologised for. Waiting...

  • In fairness Doug you were quite pro violence against Communist/Stalinist Steve a couple of years ago and no one asked you to withdraw your comment.

    I'm not racist about Irish people, it would be weird if I was given the Irish grandparents, but not a huge fan of Travellers. Mostly because of the way they disrespect the communities they invade. Some have illegally parked up on land near my mum in Essex, they have been there three days and the place already looks like Glastonbury the day after the festival.
  • I am still unclear as to where these folk are parked up. Anyone?
  • No idea where they are parked, unless it's the people who run the big traditional circus that's currently on Clissold Park.
  • I have been noticing lately that vegans have very aggressive tendencies, and as such are a real threat to our community. I witnessed a young mum being harassed for eating a KIND bar, which might have contained honey. For that reason, I want all vegan shops closed down because they're all the same and I need to protect my family.
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    Well the situation is not getting much clearer ...
  • Make your point Joe......its all teed up and raring to go.
  • They explicitly told the gaffer of the Brave Sir Robin that he was "racist against Travellers" when he asked them not to bring their open cans of Guinness and bottles of Budweiser onto his premises, so I think the identification was accurate.
  • I subsequently heard that the group started at the White Lion and that it was closed by the police, causing the group to move up the road, but I don't have first-hand knowledge of that.

    Even the Nickleby was closed! A small group of them were drinking on the pavement of Ossian road of all places when I headed home. It was rather festive.
  • Lion was open when I went past it at 10/11 ish. No trouble or no bouncers. Not overly busy inside.
  • Once the police descended and sent everyone on their way the Brave and Max's both re-opened. That must have been around... 20:30ish?
  • That timing seems to fit with the lads popping in to Season's to see if they could sit in an drink pints.

    Was it a big group up at Brave Sir Robin? Was the only issue that they had some tins with them?
  • The gentleman who works in pizza x told me he called the police, as they started stealing the bottles of beer from the fridges after he refused to serve them until they paid for the previous 10 pints that he had poured.
  • We went to the Old Dairy around 7ish and the main door was closed; they were letting folk in at the Hanley Road side, and it was locked after each admission.

    The chap on the door was the guy who used to work in the Stapleton - he told my BF that they'd all rocked up with their own drinks, and when he informed them they couldn't drink their own cans the males turned really aggressive. It sounds like they brought it upon themselves - heritage aside, there's no excuse for bad behaviour. Lets face it - Stroud Green establishments are pretty chilled and I'm sure if they'd behaved themselves there would have been no issue. It's not like the bar staff would have enjoyed confronting big burley males - I saw them walking past around 8ish and the guys were certainly intimidating looking.

    In regard to identifying them as Irish Travellers, perhaps the chaps might not have been quite as obvious but the females were carbon copies of the ladies on "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding", and together with an Irish accent I don't think it's unfair to have made the connection. My thoughts were that they may have been at a funeral in the locality.
  • A group of men outside the Brave - maybe a dozen chaps? Plus maybe half a dozen more in pairs trying their luck at various establishments. The main group were joined by a group of maybe 20 women when the latter were kicked out of the Pizza place once they refused to pay (the police wouldn't do anything until the law was actually broken).

    The men seemed fine, except when they were asked to stop breaking the premises' licence by bringing in booze from outside, at which point they were fairly forthright in their accusations of racism and other non-sequiturs.

    Eventually the police moved in (loads and loads of them) and everyone scattered, mostly back down the road. Some went up towards Crouch End, and it was a subset of these who I later encountered on Ossian.
  • Did anyone get their drive tarmacked in the end?
  • I wanted to but it would have covered up my lucky heather and pegs.
  • I was never pro violence against anyone. Miss Annie, you need to withdraw that or I will be consulting my lawyer. Right now. It's not OK to write these things. It just isn't . So retract.

    ASAP please.
  • Shall we call it day on this one?
  • Yes, but these things should not be written. It's libel. Sorry, but nasty comments followed by unfounded allegations. Both need an apology. This is not a hate forum.
  • Not technically libel though unless the person has been named. As far as I can tell this is about a large number of unnamed individuals

  • I'm waiting for someone to get served with a cease and desist notice.
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