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    I doubt the BTP building is going anywhere. I think there's a granted planning app for a temporary structure on the car wash site- eventually it will probably be redeveloped as a whole block, but the rest of the site is now contracted for years. The old Wells Terrace entrance prefab is a site office at the moment, but I think it's also owned by the City North people (TfL rented it) so I'd imagine its days are numbered.
  • We will get the cycle lanes back under the bridges
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  • Had a look at the model of the new site today in the showroom. It does look like the new exit of the station will come out on to Goodwin Street and also lead a pathway past M&S and other shops to come out by the starbucks on wells terrace. So not technically wells terrace former exit, but a new exit to the wells terrace side that leads to Goodwin Street and Starbucks. You could see the new station exit from the showroom and it looks great. I had photos of the model but there's no option to post photos on here...
  • I stopped to chat to one of the workmen the other day, between Starbucks and Oak as you could see down towards the new entrance - but it didn't look like you'd be able to get to it within a few weeks.

    That's because, as MountpElephant says, the way in won't be there - as I thought it would. At least not initially.

    It's going to come in from further down Fonthill Road, where Goodwin Street is, so still not quite as convenient as the old Wells Terrace station entrance for those of us coming from Stroud Green way... but better than walking under that bridge.

    I'd been labouring under the delusion you'd get in between the buildings just down from Starbucks as of very soon.
  • This is pure speculation at this point, however the first moving in dates for residents is from early Feb. There is a chance the other access to the station will be open by then.
    Otherwise it might be “spring” time when the M&S and other shops are due to open.
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    As per the timetable given up-thread, the Goodwin Street side is due to open first (builders say December, showroom people say January). Then the Wells Terrace side by Starbucks opens early next year. Entrance to the station will eventually be through both sides. The old Wells Terrace entrance building itself is definitely dead- the whole tunnel was demolished to build the cinema and foundations.
  • Nice one Arkady,

    The builder reckoned this week or next from Goodwin Street was a possibility
  • Thanks Arkady. I like their imaginative building names.
  • The new Goodwin At should help Pure Cyprus pick up a few punter s. Is it any good?
  • What's the bet that they close the Seven Sisters Rd entrance sooner or later? It will be somewhat superflous, and it's awfully cramped and leaky.
  • I always wonder how pure Cyprus survived..I have never been in there as I don't eat meat. I guess have the new entrance open will be like winning the lottery.
  • At some point a full redevelopment is going to need to be done - sooner or later (as someone mentioned London Bridge, but Lewisham station redevelopment more likely). And this would probably include the buildings right next to the Sever Sister Entrance if they wanted to do it properly and get rid of the water ingress - sadly both are community organisations which would probably never return if the buildings were demolished.
  • @Sutent - we went ages ago, as vegetarians - limited choice but some standard greek fare. it was very quiet on a sunday lunchtime, and the staff were perfectly nice but seemed a little over-the-top needy. we never got round to returning - nothing bad, just didn't stand out. probably fine for people that like industrially-slaughtered dead animals.
  • "probably fine for people that like industrially-slaughtered dead animals." The arrogance in that sentence is shocking.
  • And so to lighten the mood here ... before we get too angsty about our own stuff.
  • Sir, Sir! They're taking the piss out of the orthographically retarded!
  • I haven't passed Goodwin Street in a while. Does anyone know what will happen (or has already happened)—if anything—to the nice old sorting office building there?

    Went to Pure Cyprus a couple of years ago. Food and service were poor. Maybe it's time to try them again, but then with so many reliable places to eat around here…
  • @adreinbe yes, why? unless they serve free-range organic meats, which i certainly don't remember from my visit, then this seems a reasonable assumption and description. i'm baffled why you think it's arrogant.
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    @rikki I think writing "industrially-slaughtered dead animals" comes across as a tad judgmental, dismissive, and sarcastic when you could have simply written "meat", especially as "dead" is redundant after "slaughtered"—unless you're attempting rhetorical emphasis.
  • My wife is vegetarian (as are many friends) and moving towards vegan, and I have massively cut down on meat, fish and eggs, so I am not vegan-unfriendly, but writing "for people that like industrially-slaughtered dead animals" does come across as self-righteous and holier-than-thou. It's not a very persuasive rhetorical tactic.
  • I went to Pure Cyprus once and was really disappointed. It made me wonder about their raving reviews online (note I'm Greek). Also I think it's always empty.

    In other news, looks like one of the restaurants to open at City North will be a Rosa's Thai Cafe.
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    Rosa's is OK but Granary is MUCH better. Rusty Bike on Hornsey Road is pretty good too - both better than Rosa's.
    I went to Pure Cyprus once and it was OK. I'm one of those people that likes industrially-slaughtered dead animal every now and again (usually lamb, as one can't really intensively rear it - plus it's tasty).
  • Granary Thai cafe is top notch. I really like the food from there and I can confirm that I too am a committed slaughtered dead animal etc eater.

    An M&S food is going to clean up in that location. Should suck a lot of custom away from the awful Sainsbury's Locals that bookend Stroud Green Road.

  • Agree re Sainsburys. Awful.
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