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  • Especially, as there is no apparent connection between what she said and what's been designed.

    How is that installation exploring the area's culture, heritage and rich history?

    Enjoying using the new entrance, even though walking round to Goodwin St is probably no quicker than going under the Bridge of Doom
  • Carrie Reichardt is a very good artist. She has worked for many years in ceramics and has an amazing house in Chiswick covered in it
  • Just been reading the City North Progress document that you pick up from the development sales office just outside the new tube entrance. Grab a copy and you will see it is full of half truths and worse. There are lots of photos such as one of Tower Bridge subtitled Local Area photography. It is almost it was written by a certain Mr Johnson
  • I'm sorry @AtomGallery seems to be a relatively good artist, but the art projected to be at the station doesn't in any way fit the bill in terms of community artwork she said she's bringing to the spot. I mean is she even a local? Seems to be the standard ancap/antifa/XR stuff that's in fashion with the collectors at the moment that's essentially distilled rebellion for the the upper middle class palate on a multi million pound development that's neither by the community nor for the community - devoid of any meaning at all really let alone objective beauty.
  • Got to admit that while you know more about art than me Atom, I'm with Luke. The house is an impressive piece of work, but while I like the look of her stuff it doesn't make me think 'wow, that's amazing'.

    The craft of the ceramics is really impressive, but the overarching messaging seems to be pretty standard stuff: ironic boobs out, fuck the system, here's some little boxes you can put drugs in, etc

    Good luck to Carrie Reichardt and it's nice they've got someone who is a celebrated artist to do something at the Finsbury Park development, but I still cannot see any connection between what's been designed and the local area - despite that being claimed.
  • The layout of the station is much improved with the new entrance towards Fonthill Road but its design aesthetic is 'spartan' bordering on 'underground car park'. Basically white paint and a load of service ducts. Finsbury Park seems to be the most neglected of stations - it's taken years to get this open since the shutting of the northern exit and meanwhile the other exits are dirty, shabby and falling apart with no sign that they will be improved soon. Compare other major hubs like Stratford and Lewisham. And is that 30 year old 'temporary' portakabin facing Wells Terrace to remain?
  • I wonder how long before the new entrance is paved with chewing gum, like all the other ones...
  • I suspect the new station is paid for by the developer hence minimum spec save money etc. It does look it hasn't been finnish ed yet
  • I understand that the developer paid for the shell, but TfL and Natwork Rail were responsible for the fit-out.
  • lazyatomlazyatom Fonthill Road
    Is it conceivable that they were keen to open the entrance ASAP, and it’s not actually finished yet? I hope they put up some departure screens at least.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Yes it's TFL. They need to get some chicken wire and fix a load of cables to the ceiling. Also there was no staff there when I went past. Should be about 3 people stood around having a chat, doing nothing and ignoring customers?
  • If you need to talk to one of the staff. I do believe they will be very helpful. Try it !
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I've never needed to speak to anyone because my Oyster card is charged and I know where I'm going. Of course I'm sure they are very nice and helpful. They look like very nice people and I do get a bit of a lift seeing them have a bit of banter and hearing snippets of some great conversations. I have been in several queues behind people struggling to get through barriers whilst they continue chatting oblivious. Why am I constantly, year in year out, watching people standing around doing nothing......what they hell are they paid for? I understand someone needs to be there but not a gang of chatters. Maybe I'm just jealous I don't get a final salary pension for standing around chatting to my pals.
  • Glad the new entrance is open and it looks like the street outside it will be a huge improvement. The inside of the entrance, however,... :( (unless it's only 25% finished and there's a whole load of work to be done inside still...)
  • Just had a look at the new entrance and progress on the development. I might be jumping the gun, but I can’t help thinking that in more enlightened times, all those responsible would be sterilised.
  • I went to see it today and it looks great in my opinion. Is there anything in particular you don’t like @Scruffy?
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    Outside, it looks great @Fireddo, I'd agree. The immediate inside however... even allowing for stark simplicity with cabling etc showing (which is the modern style for TfL and looks great in many places), the inside looks pretty cheap and unfinished compared with other recent station works around London.
  • I understand and agree with you @markpack, however I suspect the inside of the station is responsibility of TFL and Telford only had to build the access, not the fit out. There is plenty to say about the state of the station (the seven sisters road access is in very poor conditions for example). We should all be raising this with TFL.

    Scruffy’s comment seemed to be about the development so I am wondering what it is he dislikes.
  • The days of that Seven Sisters Rd entrance are numbered, I bet you.
  • Well the new entry to the tube seems to have been taking a lot of footfall from under the bridges, you can now cycle up the cycle quite easily. Less foot fall should mean less rough sleepers so I guess we will see and whether they turn up at the new entrance
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    If I am not mistaken it is private land so wondering how the landlord will deal with that if they start turning up on that side.
  • That's an interesting question considering the route that private landowners and the council have to take with travellers.

    They don't actually have to take the county court route as it can be done via common law but seeing as they generally do I wonder what would happen if someone pitched a tent at the new station entrance.
  • lazyatomlazyatom Fonthill Road
    Anyone else noticed that, with the weather in the last few days, the street corridor around new entrance has turned into a giant wind tunnel? I wonder if that came up in planning at all.
  • I heard from Telford the current plan is to open the Wells Terrace path to the station “late August”.

    I don’t think they’ve ever hit a deadline so take it for what it is.

  • But did they say which August?
  • When I have been past recently, there's been no indication that work on the development has resumed. This is a bit puzzling as it must be costing them thousands to keep the site closed. I've never been desperate to see the new shops, but eventually it would be nice to have the tube access reopened...
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    They resumed working on site for at least a couple of months now and there have been visible progresses, both on the Goodwin street and the Wells terrace side. That said, it’s hard to say whether they are on track with their estimates. Late August is when they are planning to take down the crane.

    The cinema fit out has begun (they access the site through an entrance near the station) whereas, according to Telford, the other shops fit out will need to wait until the crane is gone.
  • Any update on when Wells Terrace entrance will reopen?
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    most likely end of october or early dec. as i'm in direct contact with city north, they still outfitted the block and internal fitting. as i am part of FP + SG NF
  • @drjones1517 they wanted to remove the crane and open the path (what shall be called City North Place) at the end of August but unsurprisingly they’re late.
    I understand Wells Terrace will be closed next week between the 6th and the 8th to facilitate the crane removal. The access should be open after that.
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