Car Parking Permits Renewals

I have been hearing that loads of folk around here are being fined for not renewing their CPZ. It has gone virtual and the council seem to expect you to pay up the fine. I have had a bit of a dispute with the council because of this: In the extract from an e-mail below the council says this

"Furthermore, I would point out that it is the responsibility of the road user/Resident to renew their notices. The Council would not normally send reminders of permits, whether paper or virtual. The onus remains on the road user to know their changing needs and apply according to their situation/needs."

But on their own website at the link below it says that the council will e-mail a reminder 5 days before the end of the previous one

They should if you appeal get you money back.


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    Islington sent the reminders out circa 6 months late and then said that they did send them so people were liable.

    I have a reminder set on my computer anyway and renewed in time so I'm not sure how the appeals went on that one but there is no legal onus on the council to send reminders out, the website information does not form a contract.

    Personally I always appeal tickets anyway and have always won (in the end) but it takes serious willingness to go to a hearing and give your reasoning.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Not providing a single reminder is just a scam.
  • As are school streets when every other street 10 yards away is gridlocked.
  • Not quite right

    It has got to be better than loads of people dropping off kids at the school gates. I was surprised at how the wide it covers is after the 10yards comment above
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    Marlborough Road is wrecked every morning due to the School Street which only covers Sussex Way (and the school is 10 yards away).

    Liverpool Road is exactly the same and Canonbury is now a car park thanks to the LTN and "improvements" made to Highbury Corner, no matter if you drive, bus or cycle.

    St Anne's is currently wrecked due to the LTN, they are allegedly consulting the locals on that, all of whom hate it, I wonder if it will be removed.
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    The solution is contraception.
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    Recent studies have shown that we could achieve Net Zero by 2025 if everyone just ate a CEO or Hedge Fund Manager.
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    I guess if you want to get a taxi because there's no ambulance you will need to use a scooter.
  • @HolbornFox We should certainly tax the rich, but if they don't want to pay tax (which they don't) then indeed, the only remaining solution is 'eat the rich'.

    Liverpool Rd has a separate bike lane nowadays - are you saying the bike lane is gridlocked too? Surely not.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    It's methane from children which is the problem as they are fed too often.
  • I think Highbury Corner is massively improved, from a cycling and a driving perspective.
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    Highbury Corner has constant traffic gridlock from all directions and the time it takes to get through all of the sets of lights (on a bike or driving) is much greater than before.

    Re Liverpool Road, the square speedbumps encourage drivers to straddle them meaning cars drift into the cycle lane, this is also the points where they have not installed bollards making it extremely dangerous, I have seen a few near misses when behind other cyclists.

    Also the junction with Barnsbury Street is on the curve of Liverpool Road and causes drivers to nudge out when trying to see, I was nearly taken off one morning right there.

    Instead of making motorways literal deathtraps by removing hard shoulders and having traffic lanes which do not work they should make "improvements" to dangerous junctions such as that one, but hey, where's the profit in that.

    It is also a horrible irony that non driving cyclists are not aware of what can go wrong so end up taking risks inadvertently.
  • When Khan has forced all of the old cars out of London do people think he will mothball the cameras and lovely income or do they think he will then target other vehicles?

    And return train tickets are being stopped as well by all accounts, so train journeys will also be for the rich only.
  • return train tickets are being stopped, this is a central government idea on the route to smart card ticketing. It was tried out on LNER for a while. One assumes that dynamic time/date demand pricing will go on with each leg. I think the idea is to simplify the ticketing rules
  • Out of curiosity, do you think the change will benefit the man in the street or the train operators?
  • The day that operators get paid by tickets went with Covid when the Government started to pay them an operating fee. Completion never really existed much so it has been done away with. I think I would prefer it to be operated by the government. LNER is and it seems pretty good to me.
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    Yes, then let's nationalise the other services as well.

    I got the train to Birmingham a couple of years ago when the line was forced into nationalisation, it cost SIX QUID and (brace yourself) even ran on time.

    I believe it is back in the hands of a private operator now.
  • @HolbornFox, something on which we agree!
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I totally agree with making rail public. It should revert to a public owned company as soon as an operators contract expires or is in breach. Royal Mail shouldn't have been privatised. I'm being genuine here.
  • @grenners, I am sure you are. Again, wholehearted agreement from me.
  • The Royal Mail sell off was a disgrace, we can see the physical assets being sold off for flats but I suspect we cannot see that they are robbing the pension fund blind and loading the company with debt as well.
  • Rattle, Grenn and Holborn being in agreement sounds like an ominous Nostradamus prediction.
  • Indeed some heartwarming agreement going on here. Nationalise ALL the public utilities, I say. I was pleasantly surprised last week by how straightforward and safe Highbury Corner now is for cyclists, when I cycled through for the first time since it was reorganised. However, I do draw the line at eating the rich; some of them would be unpalatably bitter, chewy, and fatty; But probably not a huge chemical leap to convert them into dung for fertiliser.
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