Threat to remove all the fences around Finsbury Park Council Consultation on Park Boundaries

The council now seem want to remove all the fences around the park (they haven’t locked gates for years). This is one of the questions in this survey which is easy to complete. Last time they had a consultation all the decisions had already been taken so better watch out. This is the link to the survey:


  • I didn't get that that was the intention from the survey, just one of the questions.
  • We know from previous surveys that a question is a clear indication of their future plans.
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    I hadn't got that from the survey either – do they actually intend to have the park directly open onto Seven Sisters Road? Seems absurd especially if you are walking dogs/kids.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    All you can do is reply and say less festivals, more gardening and incorporate more nature. Plus keep the fences. Of course the survey asks views but steers you away from anything related to the nature and asks if you want more paths resurfacing or just more paths. Maybe more paths are better for festivals and this is what is needed for thousands of people.
  • I wouldn't trust Haringey's Parks Dept as far as I could spit at them. Simon Farrow's view seems to be that ecology is a pain the arse. He'd concrete everything over if it made money. I'd be suspicious of anything and everything they say.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    That's my conspiratorial view. It's a carefully crafted survey giving people the option to comment on things which improve infrastructure for festivals so that the park is able to cope better and there is less damage following a festival due to additional paths and entrances for the massive crowds.
  • Conspiratorial, maybe, but entirely credible. There are already plenty of entrances evenly spaced around the perimeter, so why would anyone local need another?

    So what's coming is a big new HGV-friendly road entrance, maybe with a huge FINSBURY PARK sign over it, Instagram-friendly to keep festival-goers happy.
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    Is Chang back? Maybe me coming back has summoned him. The same writing style. Quite funny and quirky. And it's not me.
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    Who is Chang? Sounds like a dubious sort of name.
  • To my surprise I once again agree with @grenners (and @fwiw). Sadly, this is all too plausible.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I'm suspicious of all government at all levels so usually I am right because anyone interfering and claiming to help usually is talking a load of bu##s**t.
  • Reading the Haringey council propaganda on my doormat, it's clear what they're doing. "There will be a particular focus on access at the Hornsey Gate", they state.

    So "improving" the main vehicle entrance is top priority, despite general traffic no longer being allowed in the park, and despite that gate working fine for pedestrians. The only problem I can imagine this gate presents is for large lorries, having separate in and out lanes, which are fairly narrow.

    But not to worry, the big win for locals in opening up that entrance will be that events can clear off slightly quicker!
  • Just completed - it seems a bizarre focus on pushing a particular plan, and not really a survey of wider park usage and opinions. Worth doing to put them back in their box and help promote ecology and sustainability rather than whatever else the nutters in the park department have in mind.
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