Bad news - car tyre repair opening on Stroud Green Road

A car tyre repair shop is slated to open on Stroud Green Road - this is gross. It's right between two cafes with open air seating outside (Brick and Olive & 89Social), on a busy main road, bus route, near a bus stop, along a street of shops and cafes and restaurants much used by pedestrians, families and children. Can you imagine the effect of dozens of cars constantly pulling up (perhaps crossing the pavement?), the obstruction, the noise, the car exhaust fumes, the visual disbenefit, the chilling effect on the street scene? This is nuts. It's something for a back street, not a high street.

It's on the Islington side. Work has already begun on the conversion - drilling and hammering - though I wonder if they actually have planning consent. Can this be stopped? Does anyone know how to put pressure on the council? A neighbourhood campaign?


  • I share the same concerns. Not sure what can be done to make sure it is not going to affect the usability of pedestrians space and the businesses that make our area enjoyable during the day and safer at night.
  • I saw this earlier, worse than I imagined in that there is no driveway – cars will just have to drive across the pavement into a retail unit.
  • It's absolute shit. Brick and Olive were there first and are a thriving concern and local hub. Can you imagine the noise? This will destroy their business.
  • Could an awareness campaign kick starts by reaching out to the islington gazette?
  • Islington Council has just posted the following on Twitter:

    Thank you for your post. As @Flo_williamson has mentioned, we haven't given planning permission for this and our planning team is investigating.

    Looks like Sam the tyre man is an illegal.
  • I would also sugest getting a concerned group of people together in the cafe or other nearby establishment. That's what we did with SL, and the rest was history.
  • Historically the site was a car showroom, hopefully that doesn't count for anything
  • Does anyone have any updates on this? I'm not on Twitter/X so may have missed something. When I passed by today there were people working on getting it ready to open.
  • Word on the street is the council wants the money, so it'll cave.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Because the council owns this property?
  • I don't have Twitter/X either.. do we know whether there are any news ? Occasionally I see cars parked on the pavement and people working inside the shop. It doesn't seem like the council is doing anything about it
  • I didn't think the council owned that site (the old flower / Xmas tree shop), the whole building was for sale freehold for donkeys years, must have had some serious problems as it was relatively cheap, it also has a drop kerb which is interesting.
  • Here is the latest from Islington Councillor Flora Williamson (on X):

    "There is still an open investigation. Until the premises opens for business there isn’t technically a breach, but it becoming a tyre shop is a change of use which does require planning permission. As far as I’m aware, still no planning permission has been applied for.

    "I’ve also been working with council officers on the parking issue. The land immediately in front of the shop is private (up to the point the cafe and shops on that front have items out), so parking enforcement can’t issue a PCN. Officers are keeping an eye on the issue raised."
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    More good news: I've seen a letter from an Islington planning enforcement officer stating that planning permission will NOT be given, and if the owners ignore the council's decision then enforcement WILL be taken. So the tyre shop is hopefully a non-starter, but we should keep up the pressure.
  • "keep up the pressure" :wink:
  • @krappyrubsnif, this isbgreat news. Credit to those who have managed to make pressure (was it you?). What channels were used to communicate with the council ?
  • @all8, multiple people. Lots acting individually but together. My neighbour drew up a petition among friends. I put a message and pictures on Finsbury Park Facebook Group (lots of engagement), Wray Crescent WhatsApp Group, Twitter and Instagram. Flora Williamson replied straight away on Twitter. The Stroud Green Road shopkeepers association contacted Islington council. One local restaurateur made a fuss and one of her customers got the letter above from the council. It shows there is a community strength of feeling round here, just hidden and uncoordinated.
  • Great news, hopefully it won't go any further. Thanks to everyone who pushed back.
  • the sign Sams commimg soon seems to have gone.
  • I hope so. I have just passed by and I saw the shop open and cars on the pavement .. The premises look pretty much finished. Hopefully, this is not happening
  • Not happening now. I’ve seen an email sent to one of the neighbouring businesses that says:

    Thank you for your enquiry regarding the above address and the refurbishment works in relation to a proposed use as a tyre service shop/garage. This proposed use requires planning permission, and I can advise an application has not been submitted and would not be approved should one be submitted.
    I have been in contact with new leaseholder, freeholder and agent advising the proposed use requires planning permission and would not be granted.
    I will take appropriate enforcement action should my warnings be ignored.
    Kind Regards
    Andrew J Stuart
    Planning Officer (Enforcement)
    Planning Enforcement Team
    Community Wealth Building
    London Borough of Islington
    2nd Floor - Islinaton Town Hall
  • Good! Thanks for the update.
  • Yep. All looks closed and sign gone recently.
  • Thanks for the update!
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