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  • You tell me over and over again, we're not on the eve of destruction. Finsbury Park Developers Paradise wins.
  • You don't thing they ship them from Australia and sell them for £5 or£6. Essex fakes mixed with all sorts? Joking. But joking aside, I've always kept with French, Italian and some Spanish. Might be sharp but not mixed.
  • And there were far less eateries on SGR back in the late 90s. Some of them weren't amazing but they had their own individual charm. Now SGR road is an eating-out strip on a par to Upper Street, Islington. If that's your thing, what can I do abou…
    in Pret Comment by kreuzkav April 15
  • If you don't know why a pret away in a manger is being feared over a kebab shop, all is lost, all is lost. I'm vegetarian so don't really like a kebab shop but I'd prefer a grubby, skewered one over a slick chain that is turning every street into a…
    in Pret Comment by kreuzkav April 15
  • Grenners and Marko. You have a point. Though I'd say it's the stretch between FP station and Tolling Park that had the butchers' shops. Areas change. And some of the new places are a good addition. It's the plethora of shops, bars etc that I fi…
    in Pret Comment by kreuzkav April 15
  • So what's good about this development? A once very singular area becomes a chain magnet due to a devel0pment. Progress?
    in Pret Comment by kreuzkav April 12
  • It's all a pile of sticks. I gave up hope a few years ago. Sad to see commodification and the developers taking over. All is lost.
  • @ Holborn fox. Agree with you. I remember when studios were reasonable on it. There's one thing renting a room out in flat as I've known an Australian to do while living here to compensate for expensive rents. So if you're paying about £300 a wee…
  • Thompson is offering a house at a decent price and I doubt air bnb could offer anything better. I looked into a one bed flat for rent for a week a few years back, in Berlin. and it was priced at 650 euros for a week. I know towels, linen and clean…
  • Once spent a week with an ex partner staying in budget hotels and using the local transport as well as hitching. Stayed in Quillon. Ate at Terminus bar and cafe. Wine for about a pound back then. Corbierre and Minervois is good cheap wine. The bar …
  • There are or were a few years ago plenty of beds from what I was told for homeless people, but many don't like hostels. A lot of the hardcore homeless are non-conformist and don't want to be institutionalised. I know that seems a bit trite conside…
  • Is this a case of a pop-down cafe?
  • 'The Jumper over Grape' would be even better. @ Sutent. Perhaps a splash of rioja would be oakie dokie, but the swirling and sloshing would have me reach for The Cure.
  • That Lifestyle video was my five years ago premonition of the area in 2020. I thought I was being cynical but it's probably going to be true. That couple ahhhh. And London is being homogenised. Every area will be very similar. A sterile tapas…
  • @ Sutent. So you became a doctor because of your love for The Cure?
  • Jai Krishna is a great South Indian vegetarian restaurant on Stroud Green road. Canteen style but the variety is amazing. Whenever I go there with friends we get a few different main dishes and rice and bread and share. It's bring your own booze …
  • I'm still lurking but I'm but trying to be less sensational. Life is good, however Stroud Green is turning more and more into Upper Street Islington which isn't. @Checkski. Seems Charterhouse is an interesting move. I hope you settle in well…
  • That's the funniest thing on here for ages. Backwards that would be krabyrubsnif. More serious symptoms than the common cold.
  • Stroud Green is really becoming foodie heaven
  • Happy Days reminds me of this 70s children's series. SG was like this before 2000 until it was corrupted.
  • Five Years is a long time in any establishment.
  • 'Saw you in an ice-cream parlour drinking cold milkshake cold and long..'
  • I had a good experience with Diamond School of Motoring on Blackstock road.Passed second time in my 40s.
  • PR in the Republic of Ireland has led to interesting times in politics. I'm all for it. The biggest truck with it is from staunch Tory or Labour people. I voted Yes for the record for PR. It wasn't a bad Yes vote.
  • I first used a mobile phone on the corner of Tollington Park/SGr. I phoned a girlfriend if she wanted me to cook a curry or stir fry. The year was 2000.
  • @ the rattle. Corbyn claimed to offer a new type of politics. He certainly has. We live facile spin world of suits, special relations, media baron unions. He don't play that game. He plays a game for sure but it seems a less anadine game. O…
  • Owen Smith looks like a cliche 90s guardian reader who would gladly have islington theatre project managers on 35 k a year for hanging out drinking wine, doing about 15 hours office work a week and then have someone minding their kids for 9 quid an …
  • @checkski. Yes. I have been rude. I have apalogised. Steve has shouted at me for cycling on the road after some idiot motorist shouted at me because I was veering away from a pothole. He was well behind me (the motorist) and I held him up for p…