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  • Goes on more than an hour from Stroud Green but It's interesting in most parts.
  • I didn't know that this was a BPAS building until about 2012 after nearly two decades living in SG. The sad shower who want to prevent women's health deserve an exclusion zone. What a bunch of low life. Perhaps they should put their energy into c…
  • I was using suburban as an adjective. Chill KRS. I was explaining my use of it. I'm not always right. Have a lovely evening.
  • Lots of suburban people live in Stroud green, hence the gentrification. The suburbs produced great 70s music. There are good and bad things about suburbia. Ballard lived there and liked it but also critqued it.
  • No, it's a suburban thing.
  • OMG, Gardener Joe is so witty. Actually Miss Annie despite all the conflict I've had with her is good citizen. That is to be commended. No Chang hack, hehe.
  • Miss Annie, I do think (and I'm not being sarcastic) that is very commendable. I think living in a city, not the suburbs with all it' public transport, shared houses etc. is probably the most environmental place a person can live. Good on you!
  • It's a load of capitalist planning. I told you that was how it was heading five years ago but you made fun of me. These guys don't care about people but profit.
  • Arkady, the class prejudice wasn't just in my head. It existed and exists. I was told again and again that I was lucky to have subsidised housing. I had second class rights to protest about noise. Yes, I was going through a bad time in my life.…
  • I made a complaint on here about noise in 2010 and people just couldn't get it. They then went, move. When I said I lived in social housing, they went you should stop complaining. Basically a two-tier society. I'm happy as I live in a quiet plac…
  • Sad. What amazes me about this site is the self-obsession. I don't think most people care about people being shot but about how it might affect their experience of Stroud Green. Thatcher said there's no such thing as society. I learnt when I ment…
  • In childhood I remember thinking of police as rescuing cats from trees as one of their lovely attributes. Cats up Trees being rescued beats uncontrolled dogs biting friendly people. My 'aww' meter is high. Love cats. Dogs, are too needy.
  • Scruffy, humour, it was a joke. Despite my depression over the first part of this decade, I always maintained a sense of humour. I suppose I've always tried to be individual and jumpers over shirts always seemed a good boy conservatism. By the wa…
    in Wait, what? Comment by kreuzkav May 2019
  • I suppose by linear I meant predictable. I've always liked dramatic description. Jumpers over shirts. A bit of a joke really.
    in Wait, what? Comment by kreuzkav May 2019
  • Nice to see Stroud Green org hasn't turned into linear capitalist review site for restaurants and bars. Keep up the good work, Foxie. x
    in Wait, what? Comment by kreuzkav May 2019
  • But Gloria, won't they be knocking off cabinets and pottery.
  • I spent some of my upbringing in Ireland, from Irish parentage. Never wanted to live in an Irish ghetto on my return, but did do the odd trip to Kilburn in the 90s to revel at its authentic Irish emigrant chic. A good pint of guiness was had but …
  • I'm taking a vow of silence on here.
  • @KRS Maybe if you were from a minority group and had tired cliches thrown at you all the time the joke would wear thin. And btw, I lived on a shared housing co-op by an 'English' traveller site on Clays Lane, Stratford (leveled to make way for the …
  • I think after the refit in 2010 it lacked its original authentic atmosphere. The staff all changed from the original Italian to a mixture of nationalities and it just had a chain feel to it. I think the SG one was the original and it expanded to o…
  • Not trying to be self-righteous about air travel, I've done a bit of it myself, but usually to Ireland or other western european destinations. But I'm always surprised by environmentalists who justify their trips to India or gap year to South Ameri…
    in Golf Comment by kreuzkav August 2018
  • Great to see an argument on here again. I thought Stroud Green was turning into a middle class eating out in restaurants brigade chappy love-in. Not into golf and I agree it takes up environmental space but so does eating meat in Seasons and flyin…
    in Golf Comment by kreuzkav August 2018
  • Horrible to see racism against Irish people is still around. The tarmac statement is really low and nasty.
  • Finsbury Park was always a dump. It's probably the biggest urban park in London. I think the main problem is its location on the edge of three boroughs. Islington, Haringey and and Hackney. While Haringey have it, there 's probably a cleaning up …
  • Only ever in there once. A meat-eating friend who loved Jai Krishna, my favourite, wanted to have meat on one of our meet-ups. A bit too old school in decor and service, but lovely food.
  • Bamboo, S&M, spill the beans? Bty, not my scene, but intrigued.
  • The shirtless guy was summoning up the Stroud Green of the 90s? He's a good..
  • Maybe the cafe is a bit avant garde? The brat on the piano is some free-form prodigy? Are you sure that crowd in the video above aren't some performance art mob from Sketch House? One was wearing a beret.
  • It's a bit like in Twin Peaks. Once you enter, you can be lost for years.