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  • I once used a high grade saw (not an axle grinder) to spend an hour sawing through a lock on my bike in Canary Wharf. Needless to say nobody challenged me.
  • Any recommendations for top of the range bike locks and how to get your bike security marked? Asking for a relative who has just acquired a £1K+ carbon racer which will last about 5 minutes fixed to a lamp post here.
  • I can recommend Mrs K. Expensive though.
  • It is just a fact of life that framing is expensive, weirdly - I dont know why - and at a certain level often costs more than the artwork itself. I have a cousin who is an artist and sells his work gallery-free. He would confirm this. In fact he m…
  • When I went in Open London there was an American living there who obviously loved the place and looked after it for its historic charm. I think he lived upstairs. I took squillions of photographs.
  • Spotted half way up a tree in #FinsburyPark, presumably a memorial to a faithful and well-loved hound. And so #StroudGreenQuiz question number 9: where in the park? And does anyone know the story?…
  • Me too. A week or two ago I thought it was going to die a quiet death but no.....maybe more people and some new ones tonight. I've met quite a few neighbours.
  • I passed ut and it looked like the whole thing was being felled?
  • Brilliant! They obviously haven't done Haringet yet.
  • I recommend a bread machine with strong white flour, a few tasty ingredients and an instruction manual. Never, ever fails.
    in Yeast Comment by krappyrubsnif May 3
  • Somebody has sent me a different recipe. I just might have another go if I find enough flour. I still think it's a daft middle class fad BUT I'm middle class and I do like a challenge. Nobody ev…
    in Yeast Comment by krappyrubsnif May 3
  • @Arkady faulty logic. I have not been able to make sourdough. But it was just a bourgeois fad anyway, so not bothered. Just going to make lemon and poppy seed bread and it will be totally scrumptious, and take half an hour.
    in Yeast Comment by krappyrubsnif May 2
  • Many wasted hours and two attempts in, I've given up on sourdough. Might as well throw a couple of kilos of perfectly good flour in the bin. It has been suggested that I use the results to replace some of the bricks in the front wall. Alternative…
    in Yeast Comment by krappyrubsnif May 2
  • Confronted by a millenial couple running abreast on the pavement on Upper Tollington this morning.....with no place else to go I was forced to cower between parked cars. I yelled 'Nice to hear you say "thank you" after them.' I hope they heard. …
  • Am I right in thinking there are more and brassier gulls than usual over London?
  • I *think* I glimpsed a swift, up very high, today. These are the most avidly anticipated swifts in N4 history.
  • Any determination boxes?
  • Talking of alternative universes, who can tell the origin of this shrine under a tree on the Stroud Green borders? Is it true that an evil troll actually lives there?
  • Turns out Hekla is a commonly used tag, is the name of an active volcano in Iceland reputed to be a gateway to the underworld, and also means 'hooded' in old Norse. Are we living in a Neil Gaiman like multiverse here?
  • No but I can see that corner could be thought of as a hotspot. Some people complained on here about feeling unsafe there. Personally, back in the olden days when we could go to sit outside bars, I never felt threatened or uncomfortable.
  • Station Place/Rowans, by the bike shed.
  • I suppose dipped headlights or side lights-on in parking mode is default in modern vehicles....still, seems strange behaviour.
  • #stroudgreen #quiz no 7. Now this is plain weird: a small piece of carved stone on the ground against the wall at one of the park entrances. Tiny. Looks like a 3-D graffiti tag. What can it mean? P.S. I don't know the answer to this one. https…
  • Pasta Remoli say their Heath Robinson mural is entirely a coincidence. Maybe they can create a pasta or a pizza (if they do them) called a 'Heath Robinson'?
  • Does anyone know if parking up and sitting in your car, engine off but with dipped headlights on is a known drug dealing thing? See a bit of this locally.
  • Saw this and wondered. Building work also going on along Seven Sisters Rd alongside the park. I think lockdown is beginning to come apart at the seams. Some of my neighbours from one household just gathering in a large group on the pavement shout…
  • Apparently the flour problem relates to the size of the packaging - 90% of milled flour is sent to bakers in huge sacks and not available in 1kg packets.....last I saw Urban Native was selling loose flour from big sacks, weigh it out yourself. Deli…
    in Yeast Comment by krappyrubsnif April 20
  • Honemade sourdough is the new normal. Me too.
    in Yeast Comment by krappyrubsnif April 20