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  • What about a tiny little cinema showing amazing indie/foreign films to small audiences on benches with cushions, who've paid a fiver for the pleasure? Something with a sort-of pop-up vibe to it. I'd bloody go. Better than reheated Tikka Masala...
  • The idea of no Rowan's makes me shudder. And I'm as old as the hills! I bloody love a bit of Rowan's on a Friday night. Bowling? Dancing? Table Tennis? Guitar Hero? There's nothing not to like!
  • I popped into Osteria Tufo today just because the woman was standing outside and I was walking past. She was super-friendly and even offered me a coffee while we chatted! I've been pretty nervous for the future of Ariana's ever since the immediate …
  • @Papa L: I completely agree. The staff are generally a delight. I don't even really blame the manager because she seems nice too (the woman with the long light-coloured hair). What grinds my gears is the massive under-investment and the unwillingnes…
  • All very interesting stuff, team, but let's see more photographic evidence (via that Facebook page). This trophy ain't gonna win itself!
  • Empty shelves? Broken freezers? Malfunctioning lights? Empty check-outs? Get snapping, and post your pictures to the Facebook page:
  • @odd stewart If it's the place I'm thinking of, it's between World's End and Nando's on the left-hand side as you come up SGR from FP station, just after all the wholesale Halal butchers'. I heard someone talking to their friend the other night sa…
  • I'm not one for rash hyperbole, but I've been known to say that the Stapleton (officially classed by us as our local, although we live on Shaftesbury Rd) is the Nicest Pub in the World. Anyone got any objections to that?
  • Got a table booked at Dotori tonight at 9:30. I spent a week in Seoul a few years back and went absolutely mad for the street food and incredible bibimbap with all ingredients brought raw to your table and cooked at your leisure and to your pleasure…