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  • How about a compromise? He's allowed a 6' by 6' by 4' basement extension, in which he's then interred forever. And nobody will miss the ludicrous oik.
  • Objection registered, though I imagine the 1% will get their way in the end as per bloody usual. 
  • Urban Pubs is only a small business if you compare it to the likes of Google (or indeed, Spoons). It's a chain, and a fairly shit chain at that. 
  • 1968-71 was Conservative control, according to a very quick Google.
  • One of the former regulars was in conversation with an employee as I passed earlier - there was some dispute over how close to the door he could stand while drinking his can. Here's hoping that chap and those like him keep lowering the tone sufficie…
  • ‘commercially sensitive’ also, of course, the excuse developers use to weasel out of their feeble commitments on affordable housing &c. The way it's treated as a new equivalent of the Official Secrets Act is a disgrace. 
  • I have had many brunches at many establishments in London, from the greasiest greasy spoons to the fairly high-end, and only two of them even held a candle to the Spoons brunch. Yeah, not everything else is of quite the same quality - but in every c…
  • Nuchem is great - the medical practice next door seems to have sorted itself out now, but for a while they were a shambles and Nuchem were totally picking up the slack. Were it not for them going above and beyond like that, I could have had some nas…
    in [...] Comment by ADGS March 2016
  • Dropped in for a pint yesterday - the decor was generic gastro dullness, the music was dire and the menu was having a laugh. Even were I not moving away, I'd be very unlikely to return. RIP WLM.
  • Looks damn near finished tonight, was half expecting them to be doing a soft opening earlier.
  • Annie - parts of the Borough of Croydon are SE19 (which I know because I'm moving to one)...
  • At least the Queen doesn't dissolve Parliament whenever she disagrees with it, unlike the hypocrite Cromwell. She's also been pretty good about keeping genocide of the Irish to a minimum.
  • So what's with all the current works at that roundabout, which have slowed buses to a crawl and thus knocked it out as a viable alternative route to the simultaneous FP station works?
  • Been in a couple of times - the books stock seems like the worst stereotype of charity shop staples (not just Meyer and James, but the most extraneous book of either's bestselling series) and the wannabe funky vibe is very trying. If this is the fut…
  • A friend was looking at the Spoons website and apparently the WLM had been open for 29 years (I genuinely couldn't remember if it was there when I moved in, in the space year 2000AD). So might that have been a reopening after refurbishment or someth…
  • Keeping up the ethics and professionalism associated with their trade to the last!
  • No firm date set yet, we need to work out when the electrician can sort the new place. But definitely planning a few farewell pizza trips before I go, and I shall miss the Parkland Walk (though I think we have something similar at  the other end). B…
  • Plus, most shops in a given category sell essentially the same stuff as each other. Whereas with a charity shop, so long as it's not over-rigorously curated, you can find all sorts of interesting oddities. 
  • It might help the Arthouse if they tried to live up to their name a little more, rather than showing Spectre, Star Wars et al like everywhere else. If I want to see those, I'll go to somewhere with a bigger screen - the Arthouse should be for stuff …
  • Upper Norwood, once we've rewired. A little more remote, but very nice and leafy - and the Spoons at Crystal Palace is not on their kill list...
  • I am definitely stealing 'gastrated'. Moving away myself soon enough, but in the meantime I'll miss my weekend Spoons brunch. Best make sure to get down there one last time this weekend.
  • You just can't get the trolls these days, can you? 
  • I only learned yesterday that, like so many things wrong with the nation, shoddy UK Internet infrastructure can be blamed on Thatcher:
  • Yes, a pity places like the many Paks and New Beacon Books were doomed never to last.
  • Odd that there don't seem to be any images online for the Arthur Simpson. It wasn't much to look at, but I still miss it.
    in Old Maps Comment by ADGS October 2015
  • Pleasantly surprised that for once they've actually responded to what people want, rather than juggling the numbers until the consultation said what they wanted.
  • I would take a charity shop over pretty much any likely commercial enterprise, because you're much more likely to find something surprising (so long as it's not one of those horribly over-curated ones which only have the same books as WH Smith had f…
  • Yes - that's part of why Angela Eagle was my first choice as deputy (though I'm sure Watson will do a good job). Still, better an old white man with principles at the helm than a Blairite with two X chromosomes.
  • I heard two weeks from the workmen.