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  • I got there later, the road was taped off but there was no commotion. I seem to haemorrhage money in that place, no idea why.
  • @rikki It's covered in cameras as well, will they access the CCTV?
  • @frentzen The term "it's a bit rich" doesn't mean you are wealthy (or rich)! It is parlance that means "it's a bit strong", in the context that I used it anyway, and calling people zoo animals is a bit strong no...? I am glad you have never shat …
  • Some people definitely do seem to have a gripe with the attendees though! I wonder if I am getting older or becoming a conspiracy theorist sometimes when I think about how we are treated by authorities but I think it is much worse nowadays, it seem…
  • Also with All Points East they use the facilities for local events when the event isn't running (and it's awesome).
  • O to M to the G it's the lesser spotted "well reasoned argument taking both sides into account". I hear you @cmo and actually agree but would you have cared when you were 17 and (hopefully) looked good in minimal clothing? It's a bit rich calling …
  • Did you not go to festivals and / or get wasted when you were young? I hope you never have or intend to go to Pride, Mardi Gras, Rio Carnival etc. because there's plenty of people that live in them areas as well.
  • Oh OK, you possibly would have known who I was if you were in the boozer, I was looking a bit Pridetastic.
  • Were you in the pub?
  • Who wouldn't want to listen to free music, you never know you may just become a fan of Stefflon Don. Young people having fun should definitely be banned.
  • None of this ridiculous behaviour going on at pride thank you very much.
  • I thought I had wandered into a mass photo shoot for for a minute on Friday afternoon, then I remembered it was wireless.
  • The guy from Il Piccolo Diavolo told me he was going to upscale and take over the old La Porchetta site a while ago as he's full up every weekend. Bold move considering it totally has the small taverna feel at present, allthough he more recently s…
  • @Scruffy full kit wanker: someone in full blown Tour de France kit when riding a bike down the shop etc. I'm talking about the filthy looks received from the other groups that you are not currently categorised into, it amazes me.
  • I have never met a jogger who tuts to be honest. I have been shouted at for the crime of riding a mountain bike though by a full kit wanker. Then again i have been on parkland walk as a runner, cyclist and dog walker over the years and it never ce…
  • Why would I do that? I think Colonel Van Grumpy Pants needs a hug.
  • I cross that bridge when running. Bikes, buggys and random druggies all seem to think they have the right of way.
  • What happened to the Brexocalypse?
  • I read they use decoy ones so you don't know where the big guy is, in case you want to take a shot.
  • I checked out Adlestrop and his poem @Scruffy and found it totally awesome.
    in Wait, what? Comment by HolbornFox May 25
  • Funnily enough I was lurking in Muswell Hill a couple of weeks ago and they were selling shirts sewn into jumpers in White Stuff, I was tempted to buy one and walk around looking for side eyes from people on here. Mind you I've seen 2 mullets in th…
    in Wait, what? Comment by HolbornFox May 25
  • What does Adlestropian mean? Can you have Adlestropian Linear Capitalism?
    in Train Geeks Comment by HolbornFox May 24
  • There was about 30 choices on the ballot.
    in Polling Comment by HolbornFox May 23
  • I'm not a train geek in any sense but has anyone else been on the miniature train to Dungeness? It's absolutely awesome, as are the exhibitions detailing the history of the line.
    in Train Geeks Comment by HolbornFox May 23
  • Next up, Hornsey Road.
    in Wait, what? Comment by HolbornFox May 17
  • I wonder why the Dairy smells like a fishing trawler most of the time if the fish is presumably made of soya. The last few times I have darkened it's doors I've gone in through one door, took the hit and carried on walking straight out the other do…
    in Wait, what? Comment by HolbornFox May 16
  • What music was playing (I assume that is the hook judging by the name)?
  • Ah yes that's it, i want to go there.
  • You foolish fool.