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  • Are there any plans/drawings attached?
  • @grenners It truly and honestly is. Roti Joupa is not Jamaican food like the other places, but Trinidadian, with all the Indian influences that entails - and the stews and fillings (both vegetable and meat-based) are amazing. Pity about the location…
  • Lulu's is nice - it's more upscale (or rather midscale, in the sort of £15-for-a-main-course range) and offers more of a white-table-cloth dining experience, but with genuine, high-quality caribbean food that's not been watered down. I've been three…
  • PS. Looking at the web site of the new place there's an awful lot of talk about "15 hour slow cooked smoked jerk brisket" and the like. I'd not be surprised if it was still the Oven & Hearth folks continuing their experiment.
  • I can recommend the somewhat new Roti Joupa in the awkward little shack next to the minicab office opposite the car wash, if we're talking caribbean places. Still, interesting to see this attempt. I wonder if they can compete with the quality of L…
  • You have to laugh at the "suspected drug use!!!" image of two people inhaling nitrous oxide, which apparently 50% of all britons have tried at some point and which is considered among the most harmless drugs that exist.
  • The media is immediately right there with the race-baiting, dog-whistle language as usual. "Gangs"? "Crime ingrained in the culture"? Racist shits. It's a bloody festival, of course there are going to be drug dealers. At supposedly "nice, middle-cl…
  • I know begging is (unfortunately) banned in this country, but it seems very harsh to equate begging and indeed drug addiction with mugging. In my experience most beggars are polite and people in genuinely extremely dire circumstances, whether throug…
  • I'd happily do so if you want.
  • The question is to what extent the City North development will impact Fonthill road and the area around the Wells Terrace bus station in particular. It already has, to an extent, with the closed-off tube entrance (see lots of previous rightfully tee…
  • Thank you! I commute from there, so it's good to get the heads-up.
  • So you treat adult neighbours just as uncharitably and rudely. Good to know.
  • Perhaps you should keep your opinions to yourself, then, Jefke? This is a teenager just getting to grips with qualitative vs quantitative research and probably doing their first major methodical research of their own. If you find the methods inade…
  • "Overlapping" - not just because it's te meeting point of three boroughs, but because the communities of the distinct areas that feed into it all intermingle there. Very different moods and community groups come down off Stroud Green Road, Blackstoc…
  • The fact that many people who end up committing heinous crimes like terrorism have mental issues does not exhonerate or lessen the issues of extreme ideology. Anything as complex as complex as human behaviour is dependent on several factors, and any…
  • I'm thinking it may just be a coincidence, that it was something else and then it came back after the terror attack.
  • Does anyone know if there will be a vigil or similar show of local community spirit tonight? It would be nice to show that we stand behind the victims.
  • I'm on the Islington side (on SGR though) and I got one. Very informative and interesting. Ho Chi Minh, eh? Who knew?
  • Come on everyone, get out to vote! If for no other reason than to fight the boundary changes.
  • First mention of the constituency in the Evening Standard today. So Nimco all the way, then? It'd be a fabulous upset.
  • @gardener-joe What? Weak at Bon Matin and Traiteur, sour and fussy at Vagabond, burnt at Italian Farmers, Costa and Starbucks, flavourless and sprinkled with Nesquick (!) at Vittorios... What have I missed? ^_^
  • OMG the coffee! Highly recommended. I've not had good coffee anywhere on our street before, but this was up there among the best in London - strong, distinct coffee flavour without being bitter, over-acidic or burnt. Fantastic! The breakfast was lo…
  • It's very strange. They've have had three different concepts since I moved here just over a year ago, none apparently successful.
  • I'm not a local politics expert by any means, and in fact live in that other SG constituency which is, er, rather less competitive, but I think it may depend on the way the election campaigning will be heading. H&WG is only the 41st Lib Dem targ…
  • Haha, does everyone in the area know it as The Shop That Sells Everything? ^_^ I thought it was just our flat!
    in Soil Comment by Thirdeariespace May 22
  • Not in cubes, though, in a big formless blob stuffed into a plastic bag. But it's easy enough to weigh it or guesstimate.
  • Dunn's bakery in Crouch End will happily sell it to you if you ask them. We got it there last fall when baking Swedish kanelbullar.
  • I'm a transient person I suppose, in the sense that I moved in just over a year ago, but local in the sense of living in Stroud Green. I live in a flatshare owned by a buy-to-let landlord who if I understand correctly has five or six different flat…
  • Happy to have the off-licence there in the arch next to Pret, the one inside the station is a bit unpleasant, overpriced and with staff that can be rude at times. Does anyone know what the Irish connection is, though? They have a huge rack of regio…
    in Pret Comment by Thirdeariespace May 15
  • I have a place to stay, but I just want to say I love your username. It brings back all sorts of lovely childhood memories.