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  • Hello thompson, Okami and MMF I live in the area and have been working as a private language tutor since 2008. I teach GCSE French and Spanish and have supported many students in the build-up to the exams. I also teach languages to adults. Conversa…
  • Hello Everybody The yoga class went well, thanks Ali. The community centre would like to see if it can run on a weekly basis (depending on response) and so we are going ahead with a class on 14th March. From 21st March the scheduling will be 11 - 12…
  • Hello Holborn Fox That is the time the community centre have arranged. Yes, for certain sectors of the workforce late morning would not be convenient. I would be happy to organise an evening or weekend session, independently. The Laundry has moved …
  • Hello All Thanks for your comments/questions. The 'taster' class at the Hanley Community Centre, Brickworks building near to Crouch Hill station, will be from 10:30 - 11:30am on Weds 7 March. If the centre decides to go ahead with a weekly class, …
  • Hello Suki Ditto Virgin Active and not mad about Park Road. Are you still interested in a new basic yoga group? The reason I ask is that when the Hanley Community Centre moved into the new Brickworks building, near Crouch Hill station, I broached t…