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  • Talking about that, in Stroud green, on several roads, I've spotted street trees and trees in gardens being felled - including one due to wall damage. It's a shame that people can't just rebuild their walls and let nature grow.
  • In a ham high express article it says AXA - It's infuriating as it's a protected piece of land - don't live near a forest if trees are going to bother you!
  • Those, plus at night it was always full of slightly scary people. Normal people too, but you know what I mean.
  • Haha, the small Sainsbury's is literally the worst shop I've ever been imho
  • No Waitrose, but a bakery and possibly fish mongers yes - if the rents were reasonable they would come - the line for bread at the Sunday Market, or outside the fishmongers in Crouch end attest to that. In fact someone told me today that the Sunday…
  • It's dividing opinions for sure, I'm happy just having a fishmongers or baker's actually, there are enough Lidls and other chain shops around
  • There's been a few recently - including one at the bottom of Oakfield which ended up with two broken walls (only one repaired so far) and a totalled car.
  • Bit harsh, this dude (if it's the guys I'm thinking of) makes the market so good every week!
  • Me neither, but then again, I'm not young or single any more! People need to unwind and if it's now or at the end of the year, the threat of another outbreak is the same.
  • Is he back? I haven't seen him since the security gates were put in place
  • I remember chatting to a lady in front of (is it called granny's?) Who said she owned one of the shops and she said there is an issue with people loitering and drinking there all the time, so actually reclaiming the space would be helpful for everyo…
  • The small portion of road / parking is called Osborne road
  • you can suggest there - completely agree. Let's jump on this. Get more greenery in there and a nice spot
  • We sadly wont get anywhere with the numpties in charge of the borough at the moment who seem besotted with the car
  • Hornsey road - (but you need to go super early) no queue
    in Post Office Comment by LukeG June 24
  • I'd recommend posting on - on the free section - and donate it to a neighbour.
  • Haha, it's all opinion to some extent, but I'm afraid hyperbole doesn't win over objective truth. They aren't far right, that's a fact, any more than Corbyn is a Communist nor Soros a Marxist. I don't find it helpful to label people I don't like e…
  • Rikki, I think you should check out what Far Right is, because I'm not sure the Barclay brothers fit that description lol
  • I think Fireddo, it may be worth chatting to your neighbours and asking them to place it neatly if it's causing rubbish to be strewn everywhere- used to live above a shop and it's pretty standard to leave rubbish out, in line with the timeframes tha…
    in Fly Tipping Comment by LukeG June 22
  • I'm ambivalent about the redevelopment as new builds tend to be shoddy af - but the building is already ugly! But I guess if it's done well and doesn't impact the surrounding area too much (as well as open up the hillside for the locals to walk/roa…
  • Sam Harris is pretty solid imho. The book is also very interesting, although I wouldn't say it's necessarily fully true - a lot of people I know, work with, and are friends with would label themselves liberal, they may vote labour, but live their l…
  • I think there's a thread going through this which is pretty obvious if you're only reading and not commenting - one can be worried about both Soros and Koch - both use their immense wealth to support organisations on the left and right respectively.…
  • Well Rowans spot is earmarked for future development, as is that plot - whether or not anything comes of that, we'll see. It's really the only reason young-uns would travel all the way to Finsbury park from elsewhere in London, I feel like it's a …
  • I think it's a generational thing, as if you've been to uni in the past 5/10 years you'd know that BAME is pretty mainstream as well as POC and are mostly Americanisms from academia and the media. Most of my mates and my partner who aren't white j…
  • The movement is going to tear itself apart precisely due to these kinds of issues - in itself it's kind of racist to lump all ethnicities into one category, as racist as saying that all white people are this and all black people are that. I feel li…
  • No worries everyone! Romeo was found a few streets away running after a ginger lady cat! Thanks!
  • Nisa probably not if Lidl arrives. M&S is interesting, as I'm not sure Finsbo is the right spot for them either - does the crouch end one do well? Sainsbury's may close and be happy with their other shop. Personally I find Lidl to be the worst o…
  • Is that Lidl, if so great (that's true sarcasm)
  • I've got sent a video with someone using an axle grinder to get a bike free in Dalston - needless to say the passers by weren't of much help