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  • The Quernmore job was led, I think, by the nice gents at But First Coffee. They whipped up a real community spirit, and successfully lobbied for the Council and other funding that got the end of the road pedestrianised. I think a lot of the new stre…
  • The end of Quernmore Road by Harringay Station is really inspiring. The locals have done an incredible job there.
  • I still haven't got around to talking to Thames Water about their mowing regime. As others have already pointed out the reservoir has a decent wildflower seed-bank already. If they changed the mowing regime it might just need some added vetches to h…
  • Also, interventions to improve public spaces generally have the opposite effect to the one Scruffy mentions. If you make it a popular place for people to congregate there will be more eyes on the street and less antisocial behaviour will follow. The…
  • I often sit outside at Bacchus in the evening and haven't seen any of the antisocial behaviour mentioned (though have seen street-drinkers in the day). Not saying it doesn't happen, but it's not a constant problem. The stripped-back decor is also ra…
  • wow I can't think which other unit it would be.
  • Any idea what's opening up in the tiny unit next door to Granary? Looks like it might be a coffee place.
  • HARINGEY HGY/2019/2138 Ground Floor Flat 187 Mount View Road N4 4JT Erection of outbuilding in rear garden. Date Registered: 07/08/2019 HGY/2019/2180 7 Victoria Road N4 3SH Single storey rear extension, rear dormer roof extension and conversion …
  • They keep moving the date of the bridge refurb back without admitting that they are doing it. I think the latest signs say they are starting on the 18th of this month, but I may have misremembered.
  • This is the one with the amazing silver hair? She's a bit intense.
  • How much bigger is the Porchetta premises than Piccalo's current gaff? Or is it just a better location? With apologies to long-time followers of this site who recall Hana Maria's previous incarnation, I'm genuinely told that it has THE BEST PIZZA I…
  • Did we already mention somewhere that Val and Ben from Season are now doing the food at Volume? It's such a great place, though Inalso have a lot of time for the no-frills and superb music approach of Baccus over the road.
  • I've taken to buying seeds online and growing from scratch - definitely the cheapest way, and I find it very rewarding.
  • HARINGEY HGY/2019/2100 3 Victoria Road N4 3SH Erection of a single single storey rear extension, loft conversion and reduction from 5no. studios and 1no. 1bed flat to 2no. 2bed flats and 1no. 3bed flat. Date Registered: 01/08/2019
  • Yeah, sitting outside Bacchus is great, and rather reinforces the impression that it should be pedestrianised.
  • *HARRINGAY* HGY/2019/1863 29 Oxford Road N4 3HA Formation of dormer window within rear roofslope to existing single-dwelling-house. Alterations to front roofslope (Class use C3) Consultation end Date: 10/08/2019 HGY/2019/1865 Flat A 45 Lorne Road…
  • "I made a complaint on here about noise in 2010 and people just couldn't get it. They then went, move. When I said I lived in social housing, they went you should stop complaining" This may have happened, I don't recall every detail. But my recolle…
  • After 10 years of hearing about it, pretty much anything to be honest. Though I do love irony.
  • Kreuzkav is complaining about people being self-obsessed, and making his point by spamming the forum, for the millionth time, with his decade-old noise complaint about a business that is no longer there.
  • Doesn't that rather depend what you mean by 'allowed'? Given he's now an out and out white nationalist a degree of opprobium seems reasonable.
  • "Bludgeoned in Fortnum & Mason" is the title of Morrissey's latest album.
  • Depending on which side of the Stroud Green Road we're on, we may not even be in inner London. The Park itself isn't.
  • Here's your weekly dose of nosiness concerning what other people are doing with their properties. HGY/2019/1762 Stroud Green Primary School Woodstock Road N4 3EX Listed building consent for the renewal of existing electrical system including the l…
  • That's something then.
  • Are you quite sure that all the money is spent on the park? Because that wasn't the case previously, Haringey openly admitted to using it to subsidise their general budget to counter austerity and that only a token amount went to the park. I'm a re…
  • Rather unexpectedly they're currently playing Serve Somebody by Bob Dylan over the speakers.
  • Season hasn't closed, it's being run by Neil again.
  • HARINGEY HGY/2019/1705 4 Ferme Park Road N4 4ED Change of use from A1 retail shop into A3 restaurant Date Registered: 25/06/2019 HGY/2019/1707 Upper Flat 37 Stapleton Hall Road N4 3QE Work to the Upper (first) floor flat to make the rear room la…
  • Yup. But I rather suspect they're going to do something else.
  • HARINGEY HGY/2019/1314 25, 25a, 27 and 27a Cornwall Road N4 4PH Replacement windows and doors Date Registered: 16/05/2019 HGY/2019/1363 Rear of 2 Woodstock Road N4 3EX Erection of first floor extension at rear of existing storage building, adjoi…