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  • Max's reopens on the 23rd of August.
  • There seems to be a fish & chips delivery service by that name on Deliveroo. The application appears to show a photo of an existing branch, but I can't identify where that is.
  • I get the notifications for all of Islington and Haringey. For the latter I report anything in Stroud Green ward south of Ridge Road. For the former I'm a bit more capricious, but basically anything east of Hornsey Road, north of the station and And…
  • P2017/2608/FUL Shop, 49 Stroud Green Road LONDON N4 3EF Installation of new shop front and signage. [Advertisement Consent application ref: P2017/2786 also submitted] Consultation Expiry date: 31-Aug-17 -I don't know what this is, but it looks ace.…
  • Papa L: "But why feel the need to impose your view on those people who do believe and denounce theirs? I'm not trying to do that to you?" What do you mean by imposition? I'm sharing my opinion, which is what this forum is for. I'm not imposing it i…
  • Slightly staggering to be having to explain the principle of the separation of church and state in 2017.
  • Papa L, I am precisely that sort of chap. I'd die in a ditch to defend your right to believe in claptrap. What I don't condone is your expectation that I should have to pay for it. I believe that all state education should be strictly secular (note…
  • I regret my last two sentences, if not the sentiment.
  • "as long as they aren't harming others" Aside from the deeper question of harming children by teaching them to believe in things regardless of evidence or reason, you ARE harming people if you deprive them of a place at a taxpayer-funded school bas…
  • Indoctrinating impressionable children with irrational nonsense at schools payed for out of general taxation would be bad enough even if it didn't distort parent's ability to get their children into their local school.
  • @Ali - are you searching Haringey instead of Islington by any chance? Applications On-Line&TYPE=PL/PlanningPK.xml&PARAM0=452077&…
  • P2017/2157/FUL 138 Thorpedale Road London N4 3BS Demolition of existing rear extension and erection of new full width rear extension. Insertion of new obscurely glazed windows on the first floor side elevation. Consultation Expiry date: 10-Aug-17 P…
  • "Crows not Jesus" might be the new forum motto.
  • It's phenomenal - everything a pub should be. I don't recall - though I have had the session beer before somewhere. I was drinking cider last time I was in there. Good stop before or after the Picturehouse.
    in Over the Hill Comment by Arkady July 25
  • Yep - pictures in the Design & Access Statements. It's an improvement on the previous application, but it's still blocky and out-of-character. That site need a comprehensive plan. It's a damn tricky site though - the existing low station buildi…
  • Aye I find the Queens a bit sterile - no reason to go now the excellent Earl Haig is open behind it.
    in Over the Hill Comment by Arkady July 25
  • Some of my best food memories are from Trinidad. As @Thirdeariespace says, the hybrid of Afro-Caribbean and Indian cuisine is really quite something. I'm excited. Glastonbury Festival has a phenomenal food stall called Jerkmania - I wonder whether…
  • Enterprise Inns are truly dreadful. Very limited beer tie.
    in Over the Hill Comment by Arkady July 25
  • Most every day
    in Ode to the W5 Comment by Arkady July 24
  • ISLINGTON P2017/2334/FUL 114 Fonthill Road London N4 3HP Installation of an extension to existing ground floor shop front to western elevation. Consultation Expiry date: 28-Jul-17 P2017/2619/AOD City North Islington Trading Estate, Fonthill Road &…
  • Note also: "Flats do not have any permitted development rights so permission is required for all works that are not like-for-like replacements or that might change the appearance of the building. This includes changes to the windows."
  • "Alterations to windows and doors, and painting the outside of a house do not require planni…
  • Enforcement is poor. Pretty sure replacement windows and doors require planning permission though - certainly dealt with plenty of apps for that in my time on the CAAC, and saw plenty (for PVC) rejected by the council.
  • These guys are a good place to start: If you're just putting up a bamboo screen or similar I'd think you'd be fine. if it's a more permanent, fixed fence then it would probably fall into planni…
  • Rose & Crown is off the beaten path too - the Hopsmiths needs a team who know how to draw people in.
    in Hopsmiths Comment by Arkady July 13
  • *sharp intake of breath* That is a good pub that does good things. It used to be 'The Torriano', and exists on lots of 'best pubs in London' lists. Good article here:…
    in Hopsmiths Comment by Arkady July 12
  • ISLINGTON P2017/2368/FUL 3 St Mark's Villas Moray Road London N4 3LF Erection of a single storey full width rear extension including creation of rear lightwell, and internal refurbishment Consultation Expiry date: 27-Jul-17 P2017/2515/FUL 148 Tho…
  • You should copyright 'flounce-delete'.
  • It does get messy. Identities are indeed layered. But I'd point out that it is rare (maybe unheard of) in London for neighbourhoods to be centred on a major park. A major park is always surrounded by multiple neighbourhoods, even if one of them has …
  • @Scruffy: But that part of green Lanes is Harringay, not Finsbury Park. See the survey results here: