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  • I think my concerns about golf fit snugly into the thread entitled 'golf'. I'm supremely confident that I'm not breaking any rules of the site by raising them here. And it would be unethical of me to let you talk about golf without me pointing out t…
    in Golf Comment by Arkady 4:14PM
  • Yep, opening today. Popping in later, will let you know.
  • Hi Ali. Given the massive decline of wildlife in the UK, where *is* it appropriate to have an artificial ecological desert for the benefit of a tiny number of golfers? I don't think this is a problem unique to the US or Thailand. For instance: http…
    in Golf Comment by Arkady 3:43PM
  • You make it sound so subjective. I wish I could bring myself to dismiss ethical concerns in that way, I'd probably be much happier.
    in Golf Comment by Arkady 2:46PM
  • I'm glad that you you trust me so much that you don't even need to check my sources before changing your mind.
    in Golf Comment by Arkady 1:32PM
  • Sorry to add to your environmental-credential woes Brodiej, but I've never understood how people can justify playing golf given how utterly appalling it is for the ecosystem: …
    in Golf Comment by Arkady 11:24AM
  • Completism and masochism are on a spectrum, I think.
  • I like to turn left into Highgate woods at the earliest opportunity and then follow the old railway curve around the western boundary of the woods - you get to see some other bits of the old railway architecture that way, including an old bridge. Th…
  • It's always gone to Alexandra Palace. Egg on YOUR face.
  • It is indeed. It's also two doors down from 'Black Books'.
  • They still have tables for this weekend if you want to go when it's still virginal.
  • While we're talking about non-SG restaurants, the Coal Office just soft-opened in King's Cross. Been waiting for this one for a while.
  • Has it really? I liked that place and thought it was doing well. Are they looking for more salubrious premises?
  • They really need to get rid of the dark windows to make that place work.
  • One of the builders just told me it's now due to open next Tuesday but he thinks more like two weeks.
  • The founder of the Big Issue used to claim that there was more than enough room in the shelters, but many homeless people chose not to use them for a variety of reasons - mental health issues being one, but inability to use illegal drugs in the shel…
  • Horse's mouth. I'm liking the Victorian brick they are unveiling under the cement (yes cement) that it had been encased in. Inside is apparently pretty much done, but repairs to the outside have made things slip slightly. The sign outside former-Gi…
  • They are! Drop me a private message about your availability. Sometime on Sunday could work, or an evening early next week even better. They are great and deserve a good home. TV is now free if anyone wants it.
  • HGY/2018/1905 36 Ossian Road N4 4EA Demolition of existing balcony. Construction of new ground floor conservatory with screened terrace above. Date Registered: 28/06/2018 HGY/2018/1911 7A Connaught Road N4 4NT Alterations to existing single storey…
  • Ah there you go.
  • This handsome beauty, on the other hand, is a 32-inch Panasonic, with 1080p HD. Model TX-L32X15B. Perfect condition. I've seen them going for £90-100 online, but you can take t…
  • ROLL UP ROLL UP Does anyone want a large office desk, complete with a little hole for cables? Some very slight water damage from having a plant pot on it, but no big deal. 150cm long by 73cm deep. Detachable legs, as you can see from the picture. …
  • Those opsreys were circling Finsbury Park, which did make me wonder whether the motorcade was coming through the area. Either that or just trying to put the willies up cosmopolitan north London.
  • Yeah the linear block has gone up like the clappers.
  • Sorry about the outage, something went awry. Back to normal now I hope.
  • It was superb last weekend. So many stalls (though sadly no sausage sandwiches for me, but that's a small complaint). You must be very proud at how much it's grown.
  • There are definitely people who don't believe in the concept of human rights as opposed to national rights. And numerous politicans have advocated leaving the ECHR, indeed it was Theresa May's expreased policy until last year. It's no good just tran…
  • "A general feeling that we were making advances towards unity and tolerance, rather than retreating and putting defences up. I feel straitjacketed by a concept of nationality I don't identify with" This - a thousand times this.
  • Ask for contact details via the Finsbury Park Trust: I think that Bridget at the Deli@80 is the current SGTA chair.