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  • Both the new wine bars are good in different ways.
  • Ali, are you quite sure it was mostly single track? That's contrary to track diagrams that I've seen.
    in Train Geeks Comment by Arkady June 6
  • Yeah they do the job. Don't go to every national rail platform yet but you can get to the southbound underground just fine.
  • I am a bit worried that transferring platforms would mean we lost all the site's posting history.
  • Thanks for the tip, I'll do some research. I'm rather hoping that there's a plug-and-play system these days, with modules that you can trust to work.
  • The platform is Vanilla. I suspect that ought to change though, I think there are easier to manage ones out there now, and the various modules which used to add functionality mostly just break the site these days!
    in Train Geeks Comment by Arkady May 23
    in Train Geeks Comment by Arkady May 23
    in Train Geeks Comment by Arkady May 23
  • Mmm yeah that's all out of date. We lost a lot of functionality with the last upgrade. You can link to a picture, but people will need to click through to it rather than it appearing on the site. Twitter links do appear though! At some point so…
  • Hello person asking a personal question three minutes after signing up for the forum. Why do you ask?
  • HGY/2019/1224 Stroud Green Primary School Woodstock Road N4 3EX Works to upgrade and/or replace existing fire doors, screens, roof loft hatches and associated works of fire stopping within the Main School Building to improve the fire compartmentatio…
  • ...or a an opportunistic thief. I once had my phone nicked in there.
    in Wait, what? Comment by Arkady May 16
  • Nice to see you still miss the point at every opportunity, Kreuzkav.
    in Wait, what? Comment by Arkady May 16
  • Absolutely delighted that my name is now associated with senior moments. It's the legacy I've been hoping for all these years.
  • No. And I was just staring at the sign ten minutes ago.
  • It does, though I think they've over-egged it with with the plywood perma-awning. It looks like a planning violation to me. Re Baccus, has anyone noticed that they have totally ripped off OakN4's branding? OakN4: Bacchus: http…
  • All three places mentioned in Twinspark's post are in Haringey. I think you have your map upside down.
  • Lot of love for you here Ned, keep up the amazing work.
  • Note the new application for Crouch Hill station's old ticket office/station master's house.
  • ISLINGTON P2019/0400/FUL Basement Vista House 17 Stroud Green Road London N4 3FB Proposed change of use of basement from A1 (retail) to B8 (warehouse/storage). Consultation Expiry date: 12-May-19 P2019/0356/FUL Flat A, 92 Hanley Road London N4 3DW…
  • There's another thread somewhere about the mystery opposite Max's. I suspect it was just converted into residential and now they've been busted so there's no point hiding it behind curtains.
  • I can confirm that Lawrence is a real person. I do think that promoting an overseas-owned commercial platform over a long-established local one isn't very community-spirited.
  • HGY/2019/1064 85 Upper Tollington Park N4 4LP Construction of a ground floor single storey rear side infill extension with replacement of existing lean-to structure. Window renewal on front and rear elevations. Renewal of main front door Consultati…
  • This thread made me laugh: I'm imagining how much grief someone would get if they asked for that here.
  • It's just the usual breathing in and out of London's lungs. Poor migrants move in to a poor area with cheap accommodation and good commerical opportunities, make their money, assimilate and move out to the suburbs or the countryside (or the Old Coun…
  • Was it Öcalan's face? He tends to get a good airing at Newroz. I get the impression that Green Lanes is more Kurdish than ethnic Turkish these days. And those Kurds come from all over Turkey but a lot of them from Diyakabir and other parts of the e…
  • Spent much of my MSc studying the Kurds. Tl;dr: they've had a rough time of it.
  • Sorry, I've been so busy lately I've been neglecting these. HGY/2019/0976 Flat D 133 Stapleton Hall Road N4 4RB Alteration of rear window to French windows and use of rear flat roof as balcony with associated screening Consultation end Date: 03/05…
  • Curious.