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  • We have 6 going 2 up on last time, it may well be the last chance, hopfully lots and lots of folks will show up. Details here…
  • House conversions into flats must contribute to the pressure or lack of it
    in No water Comment by Ali October 11
  • If anyone is nerdy enough this explains the TW approach to reducing leakage Seems to me that a preventative measure such …
    in No water Comment by Ali October 10
  • I thought this is quite interesting for context TW is a very big organisation and I guess fixing leaks must be never ending. Bit like squeezing a balloon, when you fix one the pressu…
    in No water Comment by Ali October 9
  • Live ish updates
    in No water Comment by Ali October 8
    in No water Comment by Ali October 8
    in No water Comment by Ali October 8
  • Anyone tried the relocated Piccolo Diavolo, it seemed quite busy as I wondered past on Saturday evening. The Vietnamese only had two people in it. For some reason it is not as popular as it used to be.
  • It also used to be different hours in the City with closing quite early on a Friday night. I can remember lock ins on a Friday afternoon in the Prince of Wales in Warren Street frequented by the likes of Jimmy Knap and Mick MCGahey as their offic…
  • I have lived here long enough to have seen what SG was like back in the day ie 1980s. Between Toll Park and Crouch there was one restaurant, the Vegi Indian with Jacks across the road. There where I think 3 newsagents, and Tesco’s that used to clo…
  • A letter arrived last week
  • There will be a bit more footfall than before Wells Terrace closure as I guess folks will have realised you can now get to Blackfriars in 16 mins ! There seems to be only one "tent" up earlier today.
  • I have either walked or cycled under the bridges on the way to or from work for about 30 years and what we have now only really started after the closure of Well Terrace Tube entrance. The other thing is that this blog has been going for quite so…
  • Under the bridge was it demand that created the supply or supply that created the demand ? It will go away once the footfall disappears when the new entrance opens
  • It is probaly a fixed price contract
  • LukeG. At the time of purchase in the block it will have been a leasehold I guess because it would quite impractical to do it any other way. That lease will have obligations on both sides but I do agree the process doesn't seem very fair. Is…
  • Side effect of the right to buy at a pretty massive discount and possible value increase. I guess at some stage buyer's must have thought they had done well but it all comes home on the end although it does seem that owners are trying it on a bit …
  • The Hornsey seat is probably a marginal with the Libdems in with a good chance unless Labour get their act together the Brexot
  • I always thought the barriers on the roads was to stop rat running by drivers. The new Wells Terrace entrance/exit to the tube is I believe on private land so it will be interesting to see what the landlord is prepared to put up with. Charcuterie…
  • Brodiej. There is quite a bit of benefit it was discussed here
  • On what evidence are the council complacent? We don't have the promoter's financial numbers and they probably don't as well. I am sure the council have much greater worries about services they have to provide like social care etc. Lots of folks …
  • Came across this FOI on the Council re Wireless from the 2016 event Contains some interesting addition info on how much was charged by the council and what they did with th…
  • Has any work been carried out to establish what the cost is for the promotor to put on these events? I would be interested to kow what cut the council gets of the profits as using the revenue numbers may be a wee bit misleading as I suspect it prett…
  • Could it be this near the Granary?
  • Anyone know what is happening with Seasons and how long it might be around ?
  • Crews Hill and if you want cheap seeds that work try
  • Be fair most of most of what people think comes from one's head ! I do remember that night tme limits were instagated for a while to help reduce some of he wilder posts at the time. We all should be pleased that K has been able to move on. Agree …
  • Council budget cuts fashioned by Government austerity cuts
    in Wireless Sights. Comment by Ali July 17