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  • A lot of what are in Arkady links are about the "costs" of having golf courses in inappropriate places I would be very surprised if a gang of local golfers end up playing im Thailand or on the US. The PGA are actively attacking the decline in th…
    in Golf Comment by Ali 3:18PM
  • You can't go through the tunnel to old Highgate Upper station do just before bthe tunnel go out the gate on up to main road turn right into main road up to the Woodman's pub turned left keep going and you will find the entrance on the left which wil…
  • Gardener you go and walk the top part of the Walk there is a great viaduct near Muswell Hill
  • And a new cafe is about to open Brick and Olive. It is in the old convenience stall that used to be the centre of SG Forest near the occasional flower shop between C Charles and Tesco's
  • What would be the point of subdiving what was a larger parking if you allowed to park on any of them anyway
  • If you want to know a bit more about what the council is doing on housing there are a few articles on the Haringey People that has appeared in the letter box
  • I am wondering about what is going on at Haringey Council. I haven't seen the words Momentum and Haringey Council in the Evening Standard recently. I was wondering if any one knows what is going on as it just seems to be rubbish all over the place…
  • Your spot on the olives are also very fresh and nice
  • Councillors are you out there?
  • First of many I expect. There will be a shake out. Interest rate I creases and Brexit
  • I wonder if any of our current Stroud Green counsellors have anything to say about this ?
  • Your right there is loads of rubish. Loads of it at the Oxford Road Bridge just over the fence on the NR side of the fence. We used to have councilors and an MP who used to get that cleared up
  • It seems very quiet in the park today doesn't seem be getting used on such a nice day. There is retro silver (American Diner) ice cream parlour set up towards SSRisd in front of the rock garden. Seems like a film is being shot
  • You get the same beds and all just outside Milton Keynes Station, last place I expected that
    in Depressing Bridge Comment by Ali July 31
  • Make sure who use is licensed otherwise you could end up with a fly tipper if it is really cheap
    in Rubbish removal? Comment by Ali July 11
  • I read that Friend's of Finsbury Park lost their case at the Supreme Court to cap the number of times the park can be used for gigs. There is a rep if the Friend s claiming the biggest part of the Park is closed between May and October, not complete…
    in Finsbury Park gigs Comment by Ali July 8
  • I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Illegal levels of air pollution linked to child's death -
  • Interesting bit of history from 2012 which explains some of this.
    in Finsbury Park gigs Comment by Ali July 2
  • I thought the music was quite good over the weekend. 135000 people attended had a good time, spent some money in small business in the area even that underground night club near Dictori was charging a £ to use the loo. I thought it was remarkably c…
    in Finsbury Park gigs Comment by Ali July 2
  • Trainspotter. You comment about the Human Rights Act reminded be of a speech made by May where she supported scrapping the Human Rights Act. You might remember trying to ridicule it by saying an illegal immigrant cannot deported because he had a ca…
  • I'll multiply that by 10. Sign the People's Vote petition link above. It is over 150 so far
  • The impact of loosing £2k depends on how you earn. What needs to be considered is the impact of lost tax base and the impact of that on public services eg education, National Health and so on. Every £ lost in the economy has a much greater loss o…
  • As an example of what is likely to happen It seems the Brexit effect has already been hitting the motor manufacturing industry since the first referendum. from the SMT "investment in production continues post Brexit plummet: 2015: £2.5bn 2016: £…
  • The people's referendum petition can be found here Sign it all helps
  • You must remember that the UK has unerlaterally decided to leave not the way around so I don't think that we can complain that much It will be a shame and no doubt very damaging for the UK loosing single market and customs union because it can't e…
  • Boris has turned up in Afghanistan
  • It's their Summer fair soon 7 the July I think
  • It was probably more than 100,000 not sure how you get an accurate count. The trouble with all this is that the UK decline will be a slow burn . Some industry will move especially when they have to invest in New platforms etc. Brexit voting North…