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  • I think that there was a bit of a debate with the council about the Elephant hedge but thankfully it has managed to stay in all its glory
  • Had dinner here on Friday evening. Fantastic food as it was excellent. Front of house is still finding its feet but with a bit of patience that was okay
  • The archive must be a treasure trove of historical and other information about the local area. It would be a great thing if all the randomness that tends to happen in some of the threads could be untangled and documented into a set of say…
  • I have used the 'Our Haringey' App quite a bit. Once you work out how to use it I have found it a lot easier that using the council web site. The phone and GPS also must make it more efficient for the council although making it easier to report…
  • There is a dead fox on the Haringey side of the road
  • Another referendum at some stage will kill Brexit dead. I hear some Tory MPs are in financial trouble because they lost their seats and are complaining. They could always visit a food bank if tings get bad poor people!
  • Liz, I have just left you a message
  • From the olden days in 2010
  • Any mention of the Whelk stall at the Osborne ?
  • Mr Snaps the Tory MP or was it one of his other names
  • What kind do of maintenance are you looking for?
  • Well both of the local seats now have massive majorities. 30,000 in Hornsey I guess Supreme Leader will need to be dragged out of No 10 eventual, dead lady walking! Borris for PM anyone, bet his phone is red hot !
  • We it is getting near: Labour Majority over LibDems of 11,058 in Hornsey but 21,285 didn't vote last time
  • Noticed that the Supreme Leaders chin seems to go into "Thunderbirds puppet" mode when she has answer a difficult question Talk about being wooden. The choice is between a second​ rate PM who don't tell us what she will do against a third rate oppo…
  • This is spreading like mad I assumed Supreme Leader will not approve
  • Horsey was a seat held by the Tories​ onnce in the 1980s. He used to arrive from Westminster where he lived in his Roller. Not defending Parkland Walk from becoming a motorway properly did for him. Grenners I some house missed your sarcasmism got…
  • Grenners. we would have to get productivity up to do that. We take 5 days to produce what takes France 4 days.
  • You could always have a protest vote and vote for one of the smaller party's greens or women's equality. Supreme leader seems to be put unpleasant anti Corban adds targeted on Facebook. Supreme leader needs to be careful that she doesn't start soun…
  • I used it to report a pot hole. It was surged and a fix confirmed within 48hours
    in Our Haringey: app Comment by Ali May 25
  • I assume they weren't chasing fly tippers!
    in Lorne Road Comment by Ali May 21
  • It will be a third well country in about 2 years and there will be even less money for the council to anything about it after we leave the EU and have had a few years of a government lead by the supreme leader
    in Fly tipping Comment by Ali May 21
  • There used to be an Irish House to help Irish people struggling on SGR near Perth Road on that side of the street. Have a look at the side of the house on the corner of Perth Road and SGR on the FF side of the street and see the Irish Shamrock deta…
    in Pret Comment by Ali May 17
  • Since 1981, the only restaurant up our end of SGR was the Vegi Indian frequented by Annie Lennox. I think the second was La Porcheta, the was also Bewees and an Indian where Petal is. Much changed and improved place
  • Just heard from 38degrees the the Post Office at Finsbury Park may be closed as they want to sell the building. Is future of the one SGR okay as I had heard not ?
    in Royal Mail Comment by Ali May 11
  • Krapprubsnif password ?
    in What are these? Comment by Ali May 11
  • What percentage of time do you reckon you actually use the car. We are a lot less than the 5 per cent?
  • Grenners try this link. Interesting that on average cars only actually move 5 per cent of the time
  • I thought this was a very interesting article about parking
  • What they do is bring the wine in very big plastic tanks. It is then bottled in the UK. You can tell by looking at the back label. It will show it has been bottled at a UK postcode. For some reason you quite often is a Perth in Scotland post cod…
    in Stolen booze Comment by Ali April 26