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Hi there, Im Shamir Director and lead trainer at Morefit Personal Training Studio. We have been open for 3 weeks now and we've had an amazing response to our product. One of the people passing by thought that I should post on the local Stroud Green web forum.

If you'd like to find out more you can visit our website or just pop by and say hello. We are very friendly and are always looking to help people out.

Everyone gets a free session if youd like to find out what we're about. We're just by the Nisa Supermarket, Wells Terrace Exit of Finsbury Tube, we looking to be as convenient as possible.

Im a local and have lived in the area for over 30 years, its actually really nice to have a business in the area. I hope to be here for many years to come.

Thanks to all the locals who have been so supportive and who have dropped by to say hello and see whats happening..



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    I think I was given a flyer by someone next to the car wash place and I read the name Morefit and assumed it was run by the car wash people and was something like Kwik-Fit :-)

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    Hey Shamir. Welcome and good luck with the business.
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    We're unto 45 clients, who are all on individual programs for their specific goals...

    Come in
    Get involved

    Outside wells terrace
    N4 3jp
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    Had a look at the web site <>; You would expect to find some information about Costs on a page titled Costs ?
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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    We've got a changing price structure due to just opening so we have our prices on our blackboard inside the studio.

    Right now we have 30% off but will be 25% off in the next couple weeks, once we've passed the 50 client mark.

    We've just taken on a new female trainer. She will be very popular with the public. Lots of experience, great drive..
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    Very very fit
    She used to compete as a fitness model in Slovakia. But things have changed as she's away the next month as her Father has sadly died back in Hungary. Very bad news for her.

    But we've told her that her potion is safe for her return. So we're hiring for a new trainer again to take up the workload.

    Any takers?
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    Morning all
    Many new things are developing at Morefit.

    First of all we're starting Yoga, Mon/Wed/Fri at 12 Noon, 1 hr, £5
    Sunday 10am we're running a more Holistic Yoga (Kundalini).

    Belly Dancing classes will be running every Sunday at 5 pm, price to be confirmed with the teacher. And more information will be on the website. That should be a lot of fun. First session starting the 8th of May.

    And Morefit will be running FREE GetMorefit Bootcamps in Finsbury Park every Saturday and Sunday at 12 Noon, allowing group sessions for all fitness levels and all members of the public. We will be meeting at Morefit and walking over. This will be kicking off weekend of the 7th of May and will continue till later into the Year.

    Summer is always here at Morefit, we don't hide behind seasons to get in shape.

    Hope you can all get involved.
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    good luck with your business.

    I'll try to pop in and find out a bit more been looking for somewhere to work out and I'm not that keen on the big branded gyms.
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    Yoga and bootcamp sound great. Do we have to book for either or can we just turn up?
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    Did my first free session with Daniel at Morefit earlier this week, am a convert and will be signing up for my first 12 sessions. An enjoyable, intelligent way to get fit, they're nice guys who as the above shows are into the local community.

    Obviously personal training isn't cheap but Morefit seem better value than most, which I guess is an advantage of not being in an expensive gym or travelling to people's homes.
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    We are a single unit that looks after what's most important to us, the client. And getting them results are as important to us as the client. We want you to succeed.
    Pop by when ever you like. First session is free.
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    At the moment just turn up
    The boot camp isn't going to start till may but yoga starts Monday and runs at 12 on Wednesday , Friday and Kundalini yoga for 90 mins Sunday morning 10 am.

    We have a fab yoga teacher who is very versatile who will guarantee your enjoyment.

    We hope to see you soon.
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    In full effect
    12 noon
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    Went to a yoga class on Monday and was very impressed. Was surprisingly challenging but I left incredibly relaxed and will be back. You will definitely have a laugh with the teacher too, he's great fun!
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    Tomorrow at 12pm
    Come on in and drop by
    All levels welcome

    Every week
    12 pm
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    Hello Morefit - is yoga on this Friday as usual? (Good Friday)
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    Yes indeed and is on Sunday.
    But it's NOT running next Monday
    And then back to normal after that
    Check the website for further updates

    See you there
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    Hi Shamir. I take full credit for the suggestion to post on here! Anyway, I'm glad to hear you guys are growing steadily.

    I need to pop in for a session at some point, so will see you soon.

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    very friendly, very efficient :)
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    Thanks for tip James, yes we're growing very well, we've got over 50 clients now. I saw you walking past the other day, you should come for your free session.

    For those that are interested in Yoga we are not running our normal Morefit Yoga on Friday due to the royal wedding but Sunday and Mondays sessions are going ahead as usual.

    Thanks for all the support and interest.

    @ Janedoe, where were you for yoga? Did you come?
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    @ Shamir

    I did try the yoga and your teacher is indeed great. I enjoyed it a lot!

    I am keen to try the bootcamp but fear that by 2.30pm I will be snoozing after a large lunch. I usually need to do my exercise early in the day or it doesn't happen.
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    I'm glad you enjoyed the class
    Unfortunately it's a 230 start this Saturday, this is the first one we're running, so come on down, I'm guessing we're going to have around 30 people the first week, we haven't done that much promoting yet.

    When you coming for your personal training lesson. First one is free. You can book with our yoga teacher, he's a trainer, a very good one as well.
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    I put a comment on the 'Get fit for free' thread but I'm putting it here as well as I'm very impressed with Morefit - just signed up for 12 sessions with Shamir. The reason? Well, an excellent intro. session last week (free) which lasted well over an hour and was full of really useful information. Then I did the Boot Camp on Sat. Still can't believe I did it - I was anxious that an Older Person like myself would be puffing and panting at the back, behind all the twenty-something superfits - and to be honest it was a bit like that, but Shamir and Tom were great, really friendly and encouraging. The most uncomfortable bit was kneeling on the iron-hard ground of Finsbury Park - next time more grass, guys, please?
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    Interested in the yoga. When and how often, what type,and how much does it cost?
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    I have to say when I'm off doing yoga on Saturday mornings in Finsbury park the military bootcamp trainers seem to be really militant (no better term). I saw one poor girl while running trip over & fell straight into a bush and the trainer just shouted at her 'get up and give me 10'.
    Didn't have too much sympathy as I guess that's what they pay for.

    I'm also interested in the yoga at morefit. Is the yoga during the week different to the Sunday session?
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    @djmattyoung - I like that kind of training. I can't be trusted to do it myself and would probably sneak off to the bushes for a fag if I thought I could get away with it.
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    @ JaneDoe - I kinda know what you mean & its what they paid for but it's definitely not for me I'm not keen on being given orders and shouted out.

    Gently encouragement as the morefit team seem to do is better.
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    I've been going to the yoga at Morefit on Sunday mornings since it started. Would recommend, and the teacher is lovely, but it's kundalini yoga - more chanty and meditative than stretchy, so it might not be for everyone. It was £5 but has gone up to £8, which slightly dented my yogic bliss and even though I have been enjoying it, I'm not sure I can justify the expense on top of gym membership. Not sure what kind of yoga they run in the week, but it's the more stretchy kind.
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