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  • Reg, did we meet?<br>
  • Julie, your January 26th post ends 'can we fine them?', so that's where you mentioned fines. <br><br>Arthur Simpson may well have been an Arts & Crafts cabinet-maker, but that does not make the library named after him an Arts & Crafts library, let alone an Art Deco one. It was a shame that the council shut it down, and the figures involved are odd enough that it's very easy to suspect something underhand happened, but that does not make the library itself an architectural marvel. It was not. <br>
  • N19 is mostly in Camden,Junction road,   but my address Trinder road  is N19 too . Has someone made a boo, boo ? Is this why  there was problem finding GPs  None of Islington councillors ever respond.Now I am not sure who or where ? What about the selling off of the grounds at St Johns Way Community Centre good for functions  before anyone working there new about it.Was it Islington? N19? The MP used to run his meetings there. <div> Re green Lobby couldn't even mention the  Meeting tonight but have  & did discuss with Jeremy Corbyn MP as he remembers Islington  being a Nuclear Free zone   .The Fact that only greening the area got discussed showed the bias from person who lead  .Maybe there should be a statement of where the Regeneration money  has gone so that we can discuss.I am all for the Greens but not to  extent they take over entirely .What were  the 5 main points mentioned as I left in disgust.  Environment is surely more  than' beautification'-  as you have implied remember  it is not all pleasant like shop fronts, refuse etc. <div><br></div><div>When I arrived in 1980 I went to Parkview Labour Party [ up the hill]   where I raised the issue of the Weapon of Mass destruction [ N London line  most nights at 4.30am ] tonight there is a Meeting at PortCullis House Westminster 6.30pm  with Shadow Transport Minister & more with it group from Walthamstow [ mentioned here] . How many of you will be there?</div></div><div><br></div><div>By the way I did check  with English Heritage , Stroud Green is listed  & at risk ? The library was no good as a library but could have been rennovated  &  converted just look a the Dairy opposite.There was much opposition in the area when it was  Islington . Why change the boundaries? . Regeneration area? </div>
  • There is no ‘boo hoo’. Post code areas are meaningless, except to postmen and estate agents. Forget the post code. Neither Finsbury Park or Trinder Road have anything to do with Camden. Trinder Rd was in Islington in 1980 and still is. No boundaries have changed. <br><br>You were telling everyone that you were leaving because of the Camden issue, not because of green issues, which is why everyone stared at you blankly.<br><br>I don’t remember green issues being mentioned at all except at the summing up event. If you were at the environment workshop then I would imagine that environmental issues probably did come up.<br>
  • Where was the Arthur SimpsOn library, we could do with one round here. The n4 one in blackstock had a drug dealer out front when I went there with my sister in law. Not good. Chang.
  • The Library was at end of Hanley Road N4 opposite the Dairy.We are talking about political boundaries enabling LAs to sell off buildings at risk which  they are supposed to protect .I remember Islington residents  protesting . It was others at the event who said it was Haringey not Islington .  You are obviously one of those in the English Heritage Call centre  who don't understand preservation & regeneration who haven't a clue what to do. As for fining it was Andy who mentioned  it . If they fined maybe wouldn't have happened. No I didn'  t say that I was leaving because of Camden Issue get your facts right  ask Jeremy Corbyn MP   as discussed issues of North London Line with him  & fact that St JohnsWay N19  Community Centre had its grounds sold off whilst those who worked there were not consulted .How come then is it that Junction Road is N19 Camden  .That was probably why  only green issues were discussed as the group chairperson was one.I notice you didn't mention 5 main issues to prove the point?  I couldn't care about Camden being there  as they too operating unethically allowing admin to do their work  .We don't need any more LA s acting illegally & not in our interest .  
  • <p>I think I understand now.  All of those who heard you banging on about Camden were clearly having a mass delusion.  Thank you for correcting me - it was Jeremy Corbyn I heard you talking to about it later in the day, not Richard Wilson.</p><p>I'm not suprised that Islington residents protesting about the library.  It was in Islington.</p>
  • Marko, thanks for that and sorry for the late reply.<br><br>I don't suppose you have an email for the Charteris Neighbourhood Tenants' Co-operative? I see they have a telephone number, and even a premises on Moray Road!<br>
  • I went to one meeting protesting the closure of the Arthur Simpson Library. The meeting seemed to be full of people who objected that Blackstock Road was either an unimaginably long walk away, or 'not our community' - which, if it isn't an outright codeword, still sounded hideously parochial. I left, deciding that as much as I'd miss the library, if its loss would force these people outside a five minute radius of home, then maybe it was for the best. <br>
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    <b>Stroud Green Neighbourhood Forum</b><br><br>The threatened discussion document on this proposal is nearly ready to be published, I am just waiting on the CAAC's input. In the meantime, in case you missed it, here are the results from the survey I conducted recently of members here and on the Resident's Association Yahoo Group. They can be seen in better detail here:<br><br>I was suprised how many entries we had from west of Stroud Green Road. Can we start calling that area 'The West Bank'?<br><br>The final image shows the boundary that will be initially proposed. The most debatable bit is probably the inclusion of the area north of Hanley Road & south of the railway.<br><br><img src=""><br><br>South-central Stroud Green. Many of the map points denote multiple submissions:<br><br><img src=""><br><br>Proposed Neighbourhood Forum boundary (red):<br><br><img src=""><br><br>If anyone didn't get around to submitting an entry, the survey is still open here:<br>;
  • According to Foxtons my flat (lower West Side) is in Crouch End.
  • Hi All,<br><br>Im up for helping out in anyway I can. Im new to the area and would like to contribute if I can.<br><br>I work as a design manager for a large architectural practice and have skills in design, technology, ipad apps etc. I was thinking I could perhaps develop a scheme to enhance the high street.<br><br>But actually that wasnt the reason for my joining. <br><br>Has anybody got details of a good gardener, for general garden maintenance.<br><br>Thanks.<br>
  • Yes. Audrey Alexander of the flats opposite Chaps n Dames junk n hair shop in Tollington Park. Brilliant and a good cook too. Chang
  • @Arkady: what are the other coloured areas on your map?  Other neighbourhood forums?<br>
  • Ah, found your map now, Arkady :)<br><br><a rel="nofollow" href="" target="_blank"></a>;
  • many comments are about what the area used to be like, for instance the pavement on stroud green used to be in 2 halves with the half in front of the shops having low dividing walls and shop stock and signs etc on this area... it only went a short distance from hanley rd lights towards finsbury pk.<br><br>what I see as sainsburys used to be halls the drapers.. complete with mahogony counters and the money / receipt system that was fired along overhead wires.... still there in 1970<br><br>obviously I can only go back to the early 50s but apart from bomb damage, not much had changed since the 20s (mr hall took over from his father who started the shop in the 1890s (same fixtures and fittings into the 70s))... you may need to refer to photos of what you're refering to but feel free to contact<br>
  • Ian - funnily enough I got so fed up with the litter spilling out of ridiculously small recycling boxes this morning that I have emailed the council (copying in the Councillors and MP) bemoaning the situation and requesting that Islington catch up with Haringey on the wheelie bin front. <br><br>Also, generally - I'm happy to help with any initiative that improves the local landscape. That Thai Sauna ominously "soon to be opening" fills me with despair...<br>
  • Lizzie, dont worry. These places are very hygenic, friendly and therapeutic . Plus condoms are available on request (joke). Chang.
  • Lizzie, I agree with the small recycling bin problem. I requested 2 large wheelie bins for recycling as we have 3 flats in the house and were easily filling more than 5 boxes. Give them a call if you need one- much better for our place, no spillages or foxes dragging cartons out!
  • So, as a continuation of the beautification theme, is there any way to request the council plant trees on a given street? I'm on Woodstock Road and I'm probably not alone in thinking it would benefit from a bit more greenery. Any ideas? Drew
  • I happen to know a local ‘tree enthusiast’ who gave me the following in response to your question:<br><br>The mayor has made fund available for tree planting. To access the funds you must demonstrate that you have plans for their maintenance for the first few years after planting. <br><br>Now, while they are still dormant, is the best time for planting. If time is an issue perhaps a plan could be put together ready for next winter. <br><br>You could start by contacting Alex Fraser or his assistant - he's Haringey’s tree officer. <br><br>You could also try the Tree Trust for Haringey ( and the Tree Council.<br><br>You will need to identify a location and a robust maintenance plan and then put in an application.<br>
  • @Arkady,<div><br></div><div>Thank you so much for this information.</div><div><br></div><div>Extremely helpful and I now know exactly what I need to do!</div><div><br></div><div>If any other Woodstockers are keen to get involved, get in touch and we can put together a plan.</div><div><br></div><div>Cheers,</div><div><br></div><div>Drew</div>
  • Keep us informed.  If your are succesful on Woodstock perhaps we can use your plan as a model for elsewhere in Stroud Green, and I know some people who would be very keen to publicise that.<br><br>Drewpasmith, are you involved in the Woodstock Road Residents Association?  I understand they cover Perth & Ennis Rd too, but I've never found a contact for them.<br>
  • @arkady No, I'm not part of the Residents Association, but I'm thinking I should be.<div><br></div><div>@Miss-annie Thanks for the link!</div><div><br></div><div>Cheers,</div><div><br>Drew</div>
  • @drewpasmith Hi.  After seeing your posts I've put in a request for the Council to look into planting more trees in Woodstock Road.<div><br></div><div>There used to be a budget for this - and we got a good number of trees planted in the ward, particularly on Quernmore Road - and I remember helping plant one on Stroud Green Road.  However, I'm not sure if this budget still exists.  I'll see what response I get back.</div>
  • Can the be fruit trees, please? Cherry plum, damson, mulberry...
  • and not pointless ornamental cherries. Why do councils plant the ornamental sort when the ones you can eat are also beautiful?
  • Another vote for fruit trees please. Might as well be useful trees.
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