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Does anyone know of any fun dance classes round here? Something small and friendly is preferable (i.e. not in a big sports centre like the Sobell). I know about Zumba and Creative Dancing at the YMCA on Stapleton Hall Road but is there anything else? Maybe something a bit different like tap dancing would be fun. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks a lot.


  • Hiya,

    I go to a brilliant class at Virgin with Natasha Knight, I know she does classes at Stroud Green Primary, Zumba and Pilates, around the area in other places too.

    She is brilliant and her classes at the gym are booked up - she is the only person you have to book for. Ive contacted her and told her to put some information on here.

    I think she really great fun and inspiring  - it is Zumba which you know about but if anyone is interested ill see if she can put some information up. Sorry Im not sure about other dance classes.


  • Have a look at the classes at Islington Arts Factory:

    Also, Factory offers "contemporary rock" and "ballet fusion" among other styles, and they have a membership for dance classes only:

    I noticed last year that the church on the corner of Ferme Park Road and Weston Park offers Scottish Dancing, I think on Thursdays.

    There are quite a few dance teachers living in the area, but they mostly teach further afield, alas!

  • Small and friendly, but with rather classical feel:

  • I go to the Islington Arts Factory. In the classes I've tried there seems to be a good mix of abilities and no-one takes it too seriously. 

  • For lots of fun, do check out swing / lindy hop classes - their emphasis is definitely on "fun"!

    There's some classes in the area:

  • Very excited to hear about Newington Dance Space - I thought I knew most studios in London, but that one has eluded me! Islington Arts Factory is OK, but the floor in the studio where I went for ballet classes was awful - sticky & noisy. Am hoping to try Newington next week, will post thoughts afterwards.

  • There is samba class in Arts Factory on sunday with Romero and my samba school has classes on wednesday evening in Belsize park with live drums :)

  • @vetski - Newington Dance Space was set up in mid-2007, they moved to a slightly larger space a few years ago. They're mostly used by other dancers, but they've got a tantalising range of classes!

  • There's a free zumba class at the Community Hub on the Andover Estate:

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