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  • mn4
    Hi, I may be out of the loop here but is the room you posted about still available? I'm looking for something very short term as I'm having some work done in my flat that have not turned out to be as fast and straightforward (what a surprise) as I'd thought, so a short let in the area would help. Thanks.
    November 7
  • pfrag
    Hi! I've read your topic regarding the small space/business unit you're looking for. I'm a photographer (still life) and I'm looking for a space in the area as well. It could be pretty much every kind of space as long as I can set a desk, computer and a few square meter more to set an other table. So if you find something good that might be too big/expensive for yourself but you're keen to share, I'll be happy to use it and obviously pay half the rent. Have a good day, P
    June 2016
  • RedSturgeon
    Hi there, we may need a nanny next year. Could you text me her number please? 07886 295300
    December 2013