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  • The pears are excellent
  • Jo - really? I had some English Galas a week or so back and they were just right. I think there's a lot of luck with apples, though - finding a brand you like at the point in its ripeness where you like it is, in my experience, more art than science.<br>
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    The apples are fine at the moment. Some English apples started arriving a bit browny on the inside when it was coming to end of the season. But we dont hve any at the moment, most are from europe so they are fine. Also some of the ones on top get bruised because people keep dropping them on the floor and puting them back on top, so just make sure you pick the right ones.
  • I bought delicious apricot, peaches and cherries the other day. That's the first apricot I've had for years and years that actually had juice in it, it was delightful.
  • ooh that reminds me, when's the height of the cherry season? I want to make cherry brandy <br>
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    You'll have a job with medlars, they need bletting first.
  • Yummy little nectarines in at the moment! And the organic asparagus we just ate was lovely. 
  • Got all my Christmas fruit and veg at Ash's today.  Wonderful, fresh stock and a very tranquil shopping experience! 
  • Fruit and Veg - you can buy this very cheap at Parkwood Primary school every Monday 3-4.30. It has practically no mark up so is very good quality and very cheap. Not organic though. <br><br>Medlars - we propagate them at ELL and you can buy them from Andreas Michli & son, 405 St Ann's Road (East of Green Lanes). They look a bit like huge rose hips and taste gorgeous.<br>Loquats - if anyone can give me some I'd be most grateful as they grow easily from seed. We have a tree at ELL and when it gets bigger we can take cuttings from it and graft onto the seed-grown rootstock, to get good quality trees.<br>
  • Thanks for the tips on Medlars. The Elizabethans had a fruity name for them. How do u cook them? Chang
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