Most expensive soft drink in SG pub

In a Stroud Green pub last night, I paid £2.10 for half a pint of orange juice and (a squirt) lemonade and a third of the volume was ice. My husband had half a pint of Kronenbourg for £1.90. Is this fair or proper? I hate to think how much they charge for milk (given the name of the establishment), it should be £10 a pint.


  • Ah, the Old Dairy, love 'em and their funny ways ...and yes it does seem a rather odd price point ... but since you did not - we assume - check the price before you bought, really the joke is at your expense ... quite literally!
  • Who checks the price before buying in a pub, particularly for something that's not going to be on the list of prices even if you can find/read it?<br>
  • Thanks ADGS. I was going to make the same comment. Back in the same place last night and the manager Andy was really rude to an old (73yr old) friend of mine. When freind asked for a dash of coke in his brandy, was asked is there anything else I can fxxxing get you. Old friend upset!
  • You went back? Now that is funny!
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  • Insider tells me they ring up for orange juice and lemonade ie 90p and £1.20. Anyway last night the rudeness was the last straw. GJoe you could probs get a job there!! Hope you never need support.
  • That I might ever need 'support' to deal with overpriced drinks and/or a lippy barman? Oh please ...
  • The OD always did seem a bit Clapham to me. <br>
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  • A few friends are non-drinkers, and I'm always shocked by how expensive their drinks are, usually not that much less than an alcoholic drink. The markup is a little too steep!
  • £2.10 for orange juice and lemonade is stupid, they should be ashamed at that, especially if it is adding the two together - after all when you put the ingredients in, they are mutually exclusive - the glass doesn't get any bigger<br><br>I recall a similar argument I once had when charged for a lemonade with a dash of lime elsewhere. They added the price of a glass of lemonade to the price of a lime cordial (ie if you'd had it with water). <br><br>What always gets me is when pubs charge an arm and a leg for a glass of crappy coke from the syrup gun.<br><br>Profiteering is never a good way to endear yourself to customers.<br><br><br>
  • Oh, I don't know - the Stokey-style parents and slightly-too-old-to-be-hipsters types who are the Dairy's core crowd nowadays seem to prefer places which are reassuringly overpriced. Makes them feel they're somewhere a little exclusive, I assume. <br>
  • I had a pint of soda and lime in the Stapleton last week and it was less than a quid (I think 85p but not entirely sure). I thought that was pretty reasonable.<br>
  • <P>As usual an interesting observation ends up with unnecessary rude retorts. The issue is the price of drinks in a pub, not the individual who paid for them. </P> <P>Moving on.....I think i raised the issue about pints of shandy being charged at a full lager price. If its half lager, half lemonade, thats what you should pay. More often than not you get the full whack.</P> <P>I like the Old Dairy, although i haven't been in for a while. I feel i've graduated to the 30 something place of refuge which is the Stapleton. The OD feels like the place you go to when you're in your 20's, moved to London and are in your first/second job. </P> <P>If i had a complaint, it would concern the pricing of the restaurant. The food is good as is the ambience, but first and foremost the OD is a pub. A glance at the menu on the website presents a £17 curry, £14 chop and mash, £11 Mac & cheese, and a £5.50 pea soup. A meal for 4 with a few drinks and service could in theory rack up a £150 bill. Absolutely no chance, its a meal down the pub. </P> <P>Also, whats the most anyone has paid (and is willing to pay) for a roast meal. The OD comes in at £14....gulp.</P> <P> </P>
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    What does a Stokey-style parent look like? Do you just need a kid? I've got one of those, so perhaps I could be mistaken for one. Do you need to act in a certain way before you are judged to be one, or does the cover indicate the book immediately? <br><br>I like to take my daughter to the pub or out to dinner, but always make sure she's not screaming or disturbing others.<br><br>The Old Dairy has silly prices for a big pub, has been a barrier to me regularly drinking or eating in there since its Gastration. <br><br>I prefer the Stapleton but it won't let my daughter in after 6.30pm to what is generally a half empty pub, that means I can't go for a drink after work with her, so end up with the Noble or Dairy which have more sensible 8 o clockish cut off times.<br><br>I like the Old Dairy and am glad it is there and doing well, but like many trendier pubs nowadays it tries a bit too hard to be your mate while charging too much money for food and beer.<br><br><br>
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  • Stokey parents - SuperDry or Japanese labels for dad, clothes from Joy for mum, male children with long hair. Mum sometimes wears brightly coloured tights. I think 8 o'clock's a bit late to let kids into pubs. After work drinkers are well on the way by then and I can't imagine that it's nice for children to be in an environment full of drunk adults.
  • If it's an older friend that we have in common, I'd put money on him absolutely not behaving like a berk!
  • Well fortunately I don't own any of those clothes, so I might just pass muster for Stroud Green.<br><br>But there's probably a little bit of unfair judgement going on of people on what they look like rather than how they act - I'd be more aiming at the let their kids run riot because they are too busy chatting, never move out of people's way when blocking pavements and doors, wander round with intense sense of entitlement brigade.<br><br>8 o clock is the time we'd be leaving the pub at the latest, we' might be there between 7pm and 8pm and the local pubs mentioned round here, Old Dairy, Stapleton and Noble are at least half empty and not busy by 8pm  and there aren't any obviously drunk adults around. <br><br>Clearly I wouldn't be going into a rammed post-work booze session in town with her.<br><br>@Gifferd, I rarely drink soft drinks in pubs, as pubs are for booze. But I think if you're going down the gastro route of the Old Dairy, rather than the traditional wet drinking man's pub one, you might be expecting some of your customers to drink the odd soft drink. (And I like the Old Dairy, so my comment on their pricing is constructive criticism)<br>
  • On reflection, Miss Annie please don't construe that as having at pop at your reply, I did after all say What does a Stokey parent look like?<br>
  • Stokey parents  is this not getting into Mr K who used to complain about Sugar Lounge teritory  
  • Good grief. We are keen to roll the stereotypes out, aren't we?
  • We're missing the key identifier of Stokey parents: massively over-engineered prams/pushchairs which look like they could be taking point on an advance into hostile territory during urban warfare. Which are nonetheless more often seen proceeding down Church Street, two abreast. Whenever I've passed the Dairy during the daytime kid-friendly session, I see some of those, and shudder.<br>
  • And there was me always assuming those were Crouchy parents! One of the many things to love about Stroud Green: it's comparatively pramfree!<br>
  • <p>@Papa L </p><p>Don't worry, I don't take offence that quickly.</p>
  • @Miss Annie, excellent, nor do I but the internet's a dangerous place for accidentally causing it.<br>
  • Where's the anti-jumper, anti-sugar lounge, anti-ski holiday guy??? Surely, this thread is calling out for his input?<br>
  • My tuppence worth, I like the Old Dairy. It's not pub grub, it's (for the most part) decent meals as you would expect in a restaurant (commanding similar pricing) - bar the very rare partridge I had in there one christmas. There's no excuse for bad service, but I've never suffered from that there so can only go on personal experience.<br>
  • I think he resigned 
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