Polar Bears in London today

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Greenpeace are placing Polar Bears around cities all over the world today to highlight their Save The Arctic campaign. Anyone seen one? Their was one on Whitehall this morning.


  • As if polar bears weren't endangered enough.<br>
  • The London bear is an impressive stuffed beastie but there are some rather bedraggled looking bears out in the world, have a look at #savethearctic
  • My headmistress used to have a stuffed baby polar bear in her office
  • There was a great exhibition of photos of all the known stuffed polar bears in the UK at the Horniman a couple of years ago. I'm not sure whether I recall your headmistresses stuffed baby one, M.
  • There is an exhibition of stuffed cats dressed as Victorian gents, musicians etc in a variety of elaborate showcases. Was in Littlehsmpton now coming to town (I think) museum of London. Amazing skill ( the taxidermist not the cats). As a vet I often think of it when doing the business. Wonder if there was a SG version (after all there are enough rough cats around)?what the scenes and characters would be...? England game in Fonthill pub, Vitor giving a shave, WI meeting in snow White launderette. Maybe Park Theatre could exhibit it. Chang
  • Presumably this is from the former Potter's Museum of Curiosities that used to be at Jamaica Inn and was broken up and sold. I rather wanted the kitten wedding vignette.
  • You'd have had to fight me for it. I have a penchant for Victorian taxidermy tableaux. The collection was shown at the pop up Museum in Primrose Hill a couple of Christmasses ago. Have you seen Polly Morgan's work @tosscat? She's good.
  • Finsbury Park boating lake earlier today.
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