20 mph Speed Limit on SGR



  • In fairness, it wasn't actually the case before this new guidance,  The new guidance just makes it clearer what the recommendations are and importantly increases the max distance between speed reduction features (which include signs/roundels) for 20mph zones.  20mph limits never required traffic calming.<br><br>Interesting an SGRer had a hand in the guidance.<br>
  • A couple nights ago, I tried to cross SGR at the zebra crossing in front of Tesco. Two cars and one motorbike sped past without slowing down, much less stopping. If you were one of the drivers, I hope you get haemorrhoids the size of grapes and won't be able to sit down behind the wheel without wincing in pain.<br><br>They should install a camera next to that crossing and start sending out fines. It'll pay for itself in a single night.<br>
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  • Certainly in Rome all pedestrian crossings seem to function mainly as road decoration. Still, regardless of what the rest of the world does, enforcing public execution of any driver who injures a pedestrian on a crossing would soon get the message out over here.
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  • Yesterday I saw one of the Islington CCTV cars jump a red light to turn right from Tollington Park on to SGR. Who watches the watchmen?<br>
  • When we lived on Regina Road, I used to see it regularly sat parked on a double yellow line, taking photos of people turning right.<br><br>To add insult to injury, the engine was invariably running and there would be two people in it.<br><br>Ignoring parking restrictions, environmental damage, and a waste of resources all in one go.<br>
  • I've seen them driving while on their telephones.  A danger to the public.<br>
  • Photo graph them and complain,  what they are doing  is illegal and dangerous
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