lovely person wanted for 2 room flatlet in my house

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  • Good luck Caro, but anyone who can afford that rent will be a paid up member of the working population and not still idling in bed at 9am with your cats. Just saying. You are lucky to sleep in every day but even as a vet I am out of the flat at 7.00. You may need to get real on this point. Good luck with the renting. Have u tried Gumtree? Chang
  • Hey Caro, I think you're right to be as honest as possible about the kind of person you think would work well for your property. We have a similar situation at home and always found the more detail you put into an ad, the more likely you are to find someone who'll be happy there and will stay longer. And yes, we also found Gumtree gets a great response so I'd suggest that if you've not had any luck so far.<br>
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    I feel chillaxed just readin your words Rosie. I imagine u like Joanna lumley cin a flowing white frock sleeping all day with lazee cats and harp music, Chang
  • I am sure Ms.Lumley would be horrified to be compared to me Chang. Not a white frock in cat is completely neurotic......i don't really like harp music...and I'm an insomniac. <br>
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