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  • No, I'm testing to see whether you can ever not have the last word.
  • I gather from friends who have gone down the shared ownership route that there wasn't much competition.  Shared owneship can be a bit of  faff though.  You'd be applicable for affordable rent too though<br><br><br><br><br>;
  • Some pals just went for shared ownership in the Olympic Village.  They implied that there is still stuff on offer if anyone is keen!
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  • Btw. What are 'social tenants' ? I live next door to some unsocial ones, but that is Lorne Rd for you. Does it mean council house people? In which case why not just build more council flats in places line Tottenham where there is room and land is cheaper.? Transport also good near seven sisters tube. Chang
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    Do they expect that it's mainly locals who will use the cinema I wonder? There are quite a few cinemas locally, Wood Green, Holloway Rd, Upper St, Muswell Hill and Crouch End all have either multi screen and/or art house cinemas already, so I can't imagine people will come from far away. With a cinema will probably come a McDonald's they seem to go hand in hand and it's always a mystery to me that there is not one in Finsbury Park. I don't eat McDonald's food but would be keen for another KFC,that one near the station is the worst for miles.
  • To Brixton , I heard . Chang
  • If there was a "like" button for comments I'd be pressing it for Ben.
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  • @Misscara - We are none of us – certainly not me - perfect in this regard (except perhaps the sainted Andy), but I wonder whether you don’t have a bit of a double-standard here. You are regularly quite hard and harsh and relentless and rude in discussion, and very personal too (dismissing people as ‘doo-gooders’ being merely one example, alongside some of your powerful and charming epithets such as ‘pram-cunts’). To the point of having to have some of your posts deleted. But when this is raised with you, you insist that you have the right to an opinion (and presumably a must-be-enacted right to express it rudely too). And you are quick to complain when other people take offence, usually citing the ‘right to my opinion’ trope and effectively telling people to man-up.<br><br>But when people gently suggest that maybe you could reel it in a bit, then those people are dismissed as ‘bullies’, and passively-aggressively offered/threatened with a home visit, and your own offense is – perhaps a tad hypocritically – shouted from the rooftops. If you take a step back for second, and try to see it as others do, can you see why you regularly seem to rile people? How it might seem not to fit very well with This House’s ultimate mantra – be excellent to each other? Perhaps we could all try a bit harder?<br>
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    Never mind, worth a try I suppose.
  • 'President of Stroud Green ' is a good idea. Ben could ride around in a limo with miscarra as Hilary following in a horse and cart shouting !! Chang
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  • returning to the topic in the title - did anyone respond to the consultation?<br>
  • I responded to the Islington Area Action Plan consultation originally, or are you referring to the planning ammendments?<br>
  • Planning amendments  - noticed the flats went back on sale today but still scant detail on when the building chaos will start<br><br>
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    An update from TfL on the plans for the station - for your interest:<div><br></div><div>Many thanks for your email regarding planned improvement works at Finsbury Park station.<br><br>Our planned improvements at Finsbury Park station include the doubling of the spiral staircases to provide greater capacity for interchange between London Underground and First Capital Connect services, gating the station to increase security and reduce fare evasion, introducing step-free access, and constructing a new western station entrance as part of the City North development.<br><br>Last August, we commenced the congestion relief aspect of the project – involving double-helixing the spiral staircases which provide the interchange between National Rail and Piccadilly and Victoria line platforms. These works are now nearly complete. The new spiral staircases to the northbound platforms are already open for customers to use, and we expect the remaining southbound spiral staircase to open at the end of June. <br><br>We are working closely with the developer to ensure plans for the new Underground station entrance - as part of the wider City North Finsbury Park Limited regeneration scheme - will offer customers an improved journey experience. While the new station entrance is being constructed, customers who currently enter/exit the station at the Wells Terrace entrance will continue to have access to entrances on Seven Sisters Road and Station Place. This route is clearly signposted at street level and on maps at the station. Throughout this work, we will synergise works as much as possible with the City North Finsbury Park Ltd development adjacent to the station and Network Rail in order to minimise costs and disruption to customers and the local area.<br><br>At this time, all plans are currently subject to City North receiving planning permission from London Borough of Islington. As elements of the project are confirmed with City North Finsbury Park Limited and subject to receiving planning approval from the London Borough of Islington, we have a suite of communications to ensure customers, nearby businesses, and residents are aware of the station improvements and are advised of the alternative transport options during this time.<br><br>In the meantime, we will continue to update representatives through regular updates to the Finsbury Park Regeneration Board and Finsbury Park Trust.</div>
  • Oh well no more Mangos
  • You can buy mangos them from Waitrose instead
  • Not 4 nice juicy ones for £2 !
  • @Arkady, this may be a stupid question but I thought City North was a go. What additional planning permission is needed?
  • <span style="font-style: normal;">@JoeV: The original planning permission for City North happened </span><i>before</i> TfL and Network Rail finally got their shit together and confirmed that they would fund the Western Ticket Hall.  So while the original City North Plan makes allowance for the WTH, it was also designed around keeping the Wells Terrace Tunnel.  <div><br></div><div>Getting rid of the tunnel allows CN to have a somewhat larger and reconfigured basement and ground floor.  In exchange, the WTH will be somewhat larger than originally planned.</div><div><br></div><div>This is why the project has been stalled these last few months - demolition is finished but they can't proceed with piling and basement works until they know what the basement will look like.</div><div><br></div><div>So originally it was going to look like this:<br><br>Now it will look like this:</div><div><br></div><div>;(I hope those links work, direct linking to the Islington Planning Portal can be iffy)</div>
  • Thanks for that Arkday.<br><br>I note it has the cinema labelled on it! First time I've seen this on official plans?<br><br>It also appears the TfL LUL ticket office remain! For what reason I don't know...  Looks like (from my amateur viewpoint) they won't be able to do the pilling works until the Wells Terrace passage way is closed so potentially a lot of disruption.<br>
  • The Wells Terrace ticket office itself falls outside the scope of the plans.  It will be interesting to see what happens to it.  The City North will have no active frontage there (unlike on the rest of Wells Terrace), so presumably it will itself be a redevelopment site in due course.  That might bring LUL some money, except that I have a vague recollection that they rent that bit of land.  Unless there is a need to expand the bus station I'd guess it will end up as more cafes/retail.
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    We went to the Business Centre today to check out the City North Development. Really slick and well thought out sales display. The model of the three buildings was remarkably detailed, with little plastic people enjoying the the roof terraces. Apparently all apartments in One City North have been sold. To be honest, it seems as if most of the apartments have sold in the other two buildings. The starting price for a one bed with balcony for Two City North is about 540k. They confirmed that there will be a Little Waitrose and a Cineworld. They were unsure as to the brand of the gymn, but it is not included in the service charge and open to all. The affordable/social housing part has it's own large shared roof terrace, but they didn't say much about those obviously. (Sorry if I'm repeating anything on this thread)
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