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Free cot (can also be set up as a toddler bed)

edited September 2013 in Classifieds
Hi. <br>I have a solid wooden (pine) cot to give away.<br>It can also be configured as a toddler bed.<br>It's really sturdy, well made and clean.<br>Has a few signs of wear and tear and a couple of the bolts are missing but it works just the same using a couple of screws which I will include.<br>It's 78cm wide, 147 cm long and 100cm tall. The level that the child sleeps on can be adjusted.<br>It does not have a mattress but they are cheap to buy new.<br>I'm on Cornwall Road and would like to move it on as soon as possible so just let me know if you want it and when you could collect it.<br>Thank you.<br>


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