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I note that we are having quite a few new people sign up, and so I thought it might be a good idea to have an area where new members can introduce themselves and say hello.  Let's see how it goes.  New people - don't be shy!


  • Hello! I've just moved to Stroud Green with my boyfriend, we love the area already and are really looking forward to trying out all of the restaurants. If anyone knows of any good second hand furniture shops give me a shout! 
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    Welcome Alys!<div><br></div><div>There's a great 2nd hand furniture place on Crouch Hill, just up from the Stapleton Tavern - it's a legendary place called Riley's Emporium.</div>
  • Aladdin's Cave at the top of Hornsey Road is great, as is Ooh La La on Holloway Road a place called number something or other on Blackstock Road, a tiny place on Mountgrove Road next to Cafe Vintage, the Bright Sparks place on Seven Sisters Road. D&A Binders on Holloway road also sells remarkable ex shop fittings. We're well off for second hand furniture shops.
  • Not forgetting the furniture junk yards in Stoke Newington.
  • Thank you so much, that's really useful :)
  • Hi! I'm Julia, err, yes. Moved back here a year ago, used to live next door to the World's End, left for Paris came right back to here. I'm a musician and a music teacher (work in a number of local primary schools).
  • Julia, are you there? I can only see Arkady's introductory message. I am intrigued to see we have 3 things in common: I too am a musician and taught in local primary schools, inter alia; I lived in Paris for a year; have lived in Moray Rd for years. Welcome to
  • Welcome to the new members. :-)
  • Can you be a Reformed Old Member instead of a new one?
  • Hello, just wanted to say hello and glad to join after too long lurking!
  • Hello all! Stroud Green resident for nearly 3 years and like Taras, a member after lurking for a while!
  • and one more... hello!  I've also been a non-active lurker for a while, but love all the local history posts and will be posting on the skillswop discussion later.. I've lived here in Hornsey Rise / Finsbury Park since I was born :) I'd love to see some photo's of Stroud Green Road in the 70's / 80's if anyone knows of any links.. it's changed so much!<br>
  • Welcome all, glad to see some lurkers taking the plunge!<br><br>@tarara there were some great ones from the Finsbury Park carnival in the 70s, i'll see if I can find the thread when on home computer.<br>
  • <p>Hello!  I've lived in Stroud Green nearly 10 years now (and the vicinity even longer though am an immigrant from the North originally) and have been lurking on this site nearly as long!  Arkady has helped me get registered at last so thanks for that Arkady.  I live on the Haringey side near the trainline and have a little girl who goes to nursery at Stroud Green school.  We'll be applying for actual school in Jan so I'll no doubt bore you all with that, and I am interested in the history threads and reviews of the new restaurants.  We've been enjoying yak n yeti and Osteria de Tufo and I am looking forward to checking out that new bakery in the new Arts building.  </p><p>Alys have you checked out the Haringey and Hackney freecycle sites too?  I have got quite a few things from there and have given lots away too.  Good things do tend to get snapped up but anything that needs transporting tends to hang around a little longer.  </p>
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    <div>Welcome trainspotter, glad that worked out!<br><br>I'm enjoying watching the Exeter Bakery being assembled as I walk by each morning:<br><br>
  • Mmm, I am hoping they will do big cakes and tarts to take away.  I love the cakes at Boulangerie Bon Matin but they are all individual sized and once you've stocked up on enough for guests it's a bit bank-breaking so I normally end up in Tesco - yawn. 
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    Hi Checkski, Moray rd unite! I hope you don't hear me practice music too much! You're not the sax player I hear every now and again? :)
  • No. Piano and recorder - STOP LAUGHING, YOU OTHERS - IT'S A REAL INSTRUMENT, YOU KNOW! I'm intrigued, Julia. A friend at no 95 says she hears piano opposite - would that be you, I wonder? And I'm curious which schools...PM me, if you feel like more chat - but shan't be in the least offended if you don't - I know how busy you teachers are!
  • That might be us (on the piano) Checkski... <br><br>
  • Wow. You must play to me one day...
  • I hear piano from I think a top floor flat ob Moray road.
  • I'm the very loud French horn player! I've been practicing with a classical (natural horn with no valves) the last two days so I've been sounding especially like a cow the last few days. Sorry Moray rd. I too teach the recorder AND IT'S FABULOUS, I AGREE! ;)
  • Nice idea, Julia.<div><br></div><div>You also posted on my 'wall' - I didnt know I had one! I've only done 'private messaging, up till now. Attempted a reply, but not sure it will reach you. Fingers crossed.</div>
  • Work at Tesco, used to live nearby, now live in South London.<br>
  • I can bang a set of spoons together if it helps.
  • Hello. Lurked for a bit. Thought I'd take the plunge while being kept awake by neighbours on Stapleton Hall Road having rubbish party.
  • Welcome Marlowe. Did they have poor musical taste?
  • Hi there!<div><br>I'm a musician and private teacher that moved into the area nearly 4 years ago, and I consider it home at this stage! Originally Irish, I run an Open Mic in Archway, and used to play in the Blues Jam on Sundays, which is now the Arthouse cinema. I've been visiting this area for 10 years and love the amazing new places that are popping up, but I really miss the Chinese restaurant on the corner of Hanley Road :(<br><br>I'm on here to get into discussions about local issues, see new music nights and sure, make new friends and have the bit of craic. Pleased to meet you all!</div>
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