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  • @nicolamarywyatt Where is your studio? I am thinking about getting a tatoo
  • Hello - I will be moving to the area either just before or just after Christmas. With my old grumpy 10 yo German Shepherd girl and 4 not so grumpy cats. Registered here to maybe find out about nice places only locals know about - organic, vegetarian/vegan laces to shop/eat for example? Dog can not walk too far but will be lucky to have Parkland Walk and Finsbury Park practically on my doorstep. Moving from Wanstead I am very much used to massive open green spaces of Wanstead Flats/Wanstead Park/Epping Forest so this is great but tips on local nice and vegan/vegetarian places to shop/eat would be great. Dog day care too actually - my girl can not stay alone at all, massive separation anxiety so when I am at work - will need someone to take her in for daytime day care.. Oh.. will post masses of questions on other threads on here - this was supposed to be just an intro. Thanks :)
  • haimhaim London
    Hi everyone. I'm new around here my name is Raul. I'm painter decorator and a handymen. If anyone needs my services gest let me know 07404013962
  • Greetings My partner and I have lived in N4 since 1999 and feel absolutely at home in this great, cosmopolitan neighbourhood. A friend drew our attention to a few years ago; we have found the site really useful from time to time, so I am belatedly joining... Some of our favourites: New Beacon Books, Urban Native, the Old Dairy, and Yak and Yeti... ... and of course the Parkland Walk. Thanks to all for sharing your news and thoughts, both about local issues and the huge social and political challenges Londoners and everyone else face. thompson
  • New Beacon is closing soon, may already have? Shame.
  • Hi All, Have just been introduced to this site by my sister in law, I have lived in Stroud Green for the past 35 years, no doubt you will be hearing from me pretty soon, need to catch up and familiarise myself which all you lovely people and neighbour's, and also all the various postings on so many subjects, seems very interesting.
  • Greetings moose. We look forward to some 'how Stroud Green has changed in the last 35 years' stories.
  • Arkady, Thanks for your warm and prompt welcome, to get things in perspective, are you the originator of this site.
  • Nah, hasn't changed a bit in 35 years.
  • Originator no, honour of being the moderator for the last few years, yes.
  • Hi everyone! Thanks Arkady for resolving my e-mail issues so well, I've finally managed to register after lurking for a couple of weeks.

    I've lived in Stroud Green for a year come April, and I love the are and its combination of vibrancy, accessibility and relaxed atmosphere. Even though I live on the main SGR throughfare (and on top of the always-busy Jai Krishna!) I've never felt crowded out. Well, okay, those five months when Crouch Hill Overground was shut down and I had to throng into Finsbury Park in the mornings were pretty dire. :neutral:

    I'd love to hear more about events and happenings in the area, and as always share tips on places to go and eat. Queer-friendly places are always appreciated... I've heard rumors of a new queer night possibly popping up down on Seven Sisters Road somewhere, which I'm looking forward to.
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