[The Goods Office] What will The Triangle restaurant site become?

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There have been some rumours drifting around about the site next to Londis being taken over and repurposed to have a new restaurant where The Triangle (bless its soul) was, and new flats above. Something about the owners of a good SGR restaurant being involved. Very much hearsay though, anyone know any more?


  • not heard any rumours...i did get an email from season saying they were closing....in on another site in n4 for a second restaurant.. Maybe it's them...?
  • @Arkady knows but he is being secretive
  • Sounds plausible and would be great news. I've never been to SK but have heard good things. Is it popular? I'm really interested in what the site will be as I live right near it.
  • Season was just painting the outside of their place so it is a bit strange that they would be moving - but that would be far better than closing!
  • @mountpelephant 's post doesn't suggest they're closing or moving, just that they're considering opening a second restaurant.
  • There email said they were 'closing in' on a second site...no mention of closing....
  • The Season's tease is working !
  • I would love this to be true! It's be even better if they also offered coffee and cake during the day. Do they have outside space at the triangle site? SK is a really great restaurant. My dream would be somewhere I could go with kids in the day with an outside play area, but at night it turned into a proper Season type restaurant
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  • Daytime coffee would be great and they'd do good business if they go down that path along with an evening menu. Not sure if the site has useable space out the back.
  • Finsbury Park café is fine Gardener-Joe but somewhere within a stone's throw of St Aidan's school would definitely have its customers. And I am a good customer of Season but would assume the new one would offer something slightly different and alternatives are always good. On a purely personal note I often have childcare on a Monday night but Season itself is shut on Mondays.
  • The eternal debate about where children should be welcome. On a personal note, if I went for a nice lunch at Season and it was full of kids running about I would not return. The Dairy welcomes children at lunchtime and has a play area, every place is full of prams and laptops at lunch time, even the Park Theatre cafe now. It would be lovely to find a good, quiet venue for adults to eat nice food in peace.
  • Miss Annie - I do agree that children running about everywhere is not everyone's cup of tea but there is no "should". Ultimately these are businesses - it's up to them to decide who their market is. There are cafes further afield that actually have a proper play area within sight of tables where you can have coffee and a catch up with adults. I would make use of such a place closer to home - particularly when I have an hour to kill post school run and I know other people would too - there's a thread on Harringay Online about a café considering exactly such a move. Other people would be put off. Such is life.
  • @odd stewart - If i told you i'd have to kill you. All 4871 registered users.
  • Things are very different abroad. Children are never a problem in Spain, Italy etc. Maybe we should learn to be a bit more tolerant
  • @Arkady Season Kitchen it is! Sorry everyone, it was nice knowing you.
  • The difference in most of Europe is the parenting. I've never encountered children shrieking, running around tables and disrupting the place in European restaurants like they do here. The parents seem to have taught them to behave nicely in public.
  • I'm sure your children are beautifully behaved.
  • Hmm, sometimes! I try my best. I did say I was after an outdoor play area - that was my concession to the other cafe's customers! :-)
  • There's a new restaurant in Crouch End called Nickel which is being run by the former head chef at Season (I think)
  • Some of these comments remind me of the good old days of pram****s
  • Do they? I thought this was quite polite.
  • I'd agree with what both Sutent and Miss Annie said - and also with Trainspotting. Italy is a prime example of a place where kids are expected to be out eating, because that's sociable between the generations and how else do they learn how to behave other than to get out there in a restaurant or bar and be taught. But to make a sweeping generalisation, in places like Italy there is also less of a certain style of parenting that involves letting your kids rampage around while you ignore them. Worse place I ever saw for that was Carluccio's in St John's Wood at a lunch time. Carnage, kids ran round seats and tables while posh mums and dads totally ignored their offspring and continued to chat over the Sauvignon Blanc. We've spent their lives trying to teach our two young kids to behave in restaurants and pubs and taking them there, because both they and we enjoy it. The most effective threat is 'behave or you don't get to go out to restaurants or pubs'. Thing is it doesn't always work - and you definitely get snarky looks from some adults for even the slightest bit of noise, or sniffiness when you even sit down anywhere near them before there's been a peep out of the kids. It rubs both ways. My thoughts are that people need to rub along a bit better, be more aware of others and a bit more tolerant. We appear to struggle with that sometimes in Britain when we see anything that we think might slightly tread on our toes, from kids in restaurants to people on bicycles. All of that said, Stroud Green has a stunning array of independent local restaurants and I love how welcome they make the kids.
  • Be nice to children in restaurants they will grow up and pay taxes to fund your pensions! In Italy or Spain kids are in restaurants quite late at night, not noticed that much here. Give the parents and kids a break. If you don't like it use "market" mechanism and go somewhere else or go later !
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