bad tv reception

We have terrible TV reception using a NEW (in-built freeview) TV. I spoke to a local aerial installer who said its because they switched off to signal from Alexandra Palace in 2012. And apparently now is having to find a signal from Crystal Palace. We only have a small, interior Indoor Aerial. But on BBC 1 and 2, the signal is unwatchable. Anyone else have similar problems? Have you installed an aerial on the roof to solve it? Thanks


  • What reception did you get with the old telly as we have been digital only for quite a while. We had to gfet a new aerial on the roof pointimnpointimng towards Crystal Palace
  • I have in-built Freeview and use an indoor aerial with in-built booster, in a ground floor room. Aerial bought from John Lewis. It works just fine, and has done for two years, except when just very occasionally a plane flies over in what seems to be the wrong part of the sky for the signal and it goes a bit odd for a minute or so. Not sure what the planes are doing to the signal, but they do.
  • Probably the Chem-trails aaarrrgggghhhhh
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