new shop front by crouch hill station

It seems the ever changing corner unit of japan crescent and crouch hill, which since i've lived in the area has been a number of italian/pizza places is being refurbished again...any idea of what's going in there...?

(formerly fabrizio)


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    Apparently, from another thread, it's a... (drumroll...) pizza place: Pizza X Drink, a vaguely youthfully styled but not particularly edgy restaurant, whose other location is close to where I work. It looks more downscale than Gustavo's and fairly bland, though I hope I'll be proven wrong there.

    It really does seem to be a spot where restaurants come to die... I hope there'll be a Que Me equivalent that's able to run that section of the street successfully.
  • I'm hoping it does well. It would be great to get someone in on the opposite side of the road (i.e. what was most recently The Hopsmiths) too. It's such a shame it is empty.
  • Has 3 beers on draft and looks as much a bar as a restaurant. Seem to be spending some money on the fit out
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    You have to be brave to open a business on that stretch especially doing something similar to what has already failed.
  • Not open yet, appears nearly done
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