We're getting one. I'm not overly convinced that this is a good thing.



  • Lots of employment for locals and they feed the homeless
  • Where is it Arkady?
  • I saw it today, the old E Mono shop.

    They can feed the people under the bridge then. Oh hang on.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Any idea what the other shop will be? Looks like a newsagent of some sort.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Inevitable. It's better than Costa.
  • Probably WH Smith. They like a big, busy station.
  • Independent much-loved kebab shop gets booted out, giant international corporation moves in.

    Maybe TFL could close a couple more entrances for three years to accommodate them in some way.
  • Anyone knows what the rest of the spaces will become? There's one at the Seven Sisters bridge and one at Wells Terrace.
  • @Papa L when they did the 'plan for Archway' there's a flipping Costa in the drawing, arrrrggghhhh!

    I was in the Prince Edward the other day, its rammed now due to every other pub shutting down around it.
  • Pret are advertising for staff....
    They don't pay the London living wage I see.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    To be fair we don't know what E Mono were like when it comes to paying rent on time. If I was a landlord I would be over the moon with Pret as a tenant.
  • It was clear that NR wanted the extra funds as EMono stated they were unlikely to go back once the work was done and the for rent signs went up at the beginning of the year. You will know when the area is fully past the gentrification stage when city am is distributed outside the station.
  • So what's good about this development? A once very singular area becomes a chain magnet due to a devel0pment. Progress?
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    It’s hardly surprising that one of the busiest Tube stations in zone 1-2 is targeted by chains. That’s modern life and we’re stuck with it. But there’s a massive barrier (railway bridge) between Finsbury Park station and SG. I’ll be sorrier when the chains start spreading up Stroud Green Road and putting paid to Fabrica, Season, Snow White, Deli at 80, Pak's, Davies & Davies, Cats, that weird florist, Vittorio’s, Jack’s off licence, Mind.......
  • You're right Krappy, it's not surprising and somewhat inevitable but doesn't mean we can't bemoan it.

    What concerns me more is the po-faced attempts to crimp E Mono's operation now on the other side of the station going on.

    The day that chains creep up Stroud Green Road will be a sad one, hopefully it won't happen.

    Does anyone know what the mix of property owners is up the street, large number of smaller ones of small number of larger institutional landowners?

    I think it is generally when the latter dominates that chain store Britain becomes a greater risk
  • Brexit will slow any creep up the street once interest rates go up to fight inflation
  • I do wonder whether the nascent Neighbourhood Forum/Plan can be used to put a check on this sort of *generification*, but it's far from clear to me yet how possible that is in a free-market society.
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    Ali, it's worth pointing out that if it wasn't for the Brexit vote interest rates would a) not have been cut from 0.5% to 0.25% and b) probably be being strongly considered to be a candidate for a rise right now.

    If a business can't survive with base rate even ten times higher than now at 2.5%, then it probably shouldn't be in business.

    Likewise, homeowners need to take responsibility for ensuring they can weather a rise too.

    A Brexit-encouraged recession on the other hand may fulfil your prediction.
  • You just need to look at factory input price increases towards 17% per annum.

    Some of that will be absorbed but a lot of that will leak through to inflation.

    The governments knows this and have been inventing new measures which give lower headline inflation figures.

    My main concern are zombie businesses which will not be able yo take the rise you mention at least 30% of SMEs currently and you recognise individuals add 3% to interest rates and what does that do to all the great Saturday nights out and people will start making their own sandwiches
  • All we are missing now is a cafe Nero for a full complement of high street coffee shop chains
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Look on the bright side all this gentrification is bringing all sorts of improved cafes and restaurants along Blackstock road and stroud green road where there are so many shops complete domination by chains is not going to happen. All this anti gentrification conversation is rather negative in my opinion. The gain is far better than the loss in terms of retail and restaurant offer. Also Pret do a decent porridge!
  • Upper Street was at this stage around the mid 1980s
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    In 30 years time nearly everything will change.
  • I remember people saying you can never change the Holloway Road, it is what it is etc.

    Now i hear of people who rent being forced out of Hackney into Holloway!

    In fact look at Hackney, chain store hell and took what 5 years?
  • On current form, in 30 years time, the entire neighbourhood will be Italian and pizza restaurants
  • Nah. Don’t forget Brexit. Eel-and-pie shops, Wimpy Bar, Lyons Corner House, greasy spoons and leathery steak. Foreigners all sent home and clocks back 40 years, innit?
  • It's not Brexit that will kill the indies it's the massive increase in business rates.

    SGR is not exactly chain free - two Sainsburys, Tesco, Nando's and Costa.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    What exactly are people worried about losing? dodgy old newsagents selling papers no one buys anymore, 1980s Chinese takeaways selling awful MSG infested food (a sainsburys ready meal is better) some quite horrible chicken shops. Things change. The strong independent businesses survive and new ones come such as Granary Thai Cafe or Vagabond or its successor, some Delis, interesting grocers etc. Change is good it's an example of a vibrant area.
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    And add to that vile-smelling butchers' shops that are declining to show their hygiene scores in the widow - often because they got zero or one stars. It's hard to imagine that there's that much demand for rancid meat in FP - there were at one time 3 such establishments between the station and the Old Dairy.

    All in all, SGR has a good selection of high quality independents.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Precisely. So some of the worse establishments should fall by the wayside in time.
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