• Grenners and Marko. You have a point. Though I'd say it's the stretch between FP station and Tolling Park that had the butchers' shops. Areas change. And some of the new places are a good addition. It's the plethora of shops, bars etc that I find a bit much. And many of places lack the singularity of what was available in the late 90s. Sometimes, less is more.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Plethora of shops and bars? I doubt the total number of shops and bars has changed just the type of retailers? I don't know what was around in the late 90s which is being lamented or why people are fearing a pret a manger out bidding a kebab shop at FP station.
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    If you don't know why a pret away in a manger is being feared over a kebab shop, all is lost, all is lost. I'm vegetarian so don't really like a kebab shop but I'd prefer a grubby, skewered one over a slick chain that is turning every street into a carbon copy of a copy of a copy, anyday, anyday, anyday. Sorry, I'm on repeat. It's time to let go. All is lost???
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    And there were far less eateries on SGR back in the late 90s. Some of them weren't amazing but they had their own individual charm. Now SGR road is an eating-out strip on a par to Upper Street, Islington. If that's your thing, what can I do about it. Commodification over singular charm wins out.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    E Mono is a good kebab shop. I go there occasionally. I get the carbon copy thing. But E Mono might be able to find a new home near by. I'm trying to say a few chains will come but so too will a lot of new independent businesses further along stroud green road or Blackstock following on from the area being populated by people with some money to spend. Some of the existing independent businesses are very low quality and deserve to go. Others like E Mono are rather undeserving.but did E Mono really have a particularly discint identity above generic kebab shop?
  • We have had national chains leave is Wetherspoons although it was am early one before they went national
  • Hi all - for me the sad thing is not necessarily that E Mono is amazing (although I admit I think it's way better than the run-of-the-mill kebab shops along the rest of SGR) but that they lost out on keeping their long-term premises because of redevelopment which is supposed to be improving station facilities. It sucks that the project to provide new lifts at the station has inexorably led to a popular and profitable local business being replaced by a boring chain. This article from before they moved out of the arch premises shows that this is exactly what people were afraid of - that it has come to pass now means I'm personally going to boycott Pret as a minor protest...
  • If you enjoy overpriced sugary milkshake with a bit of low caffeine, burnt coffee chucked in then i salute you, much better then a family run business.
  • I think that the restoration and waterproofing of the arches containing the shops is technically separate from the step-free works.

    In the end, it's hard to blame Network Rail for maximising their income - they presumably have a statutory duty to do so.
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    I just noticed that the arch on the opposite side of the bridge has opened as a coffee shop. AND it looks to be operated by the man who previously ran that coffee space! Looks much cleaner and spiffed up, and I remember his coffee was cheap... will need to make a visit
  • Yep other than Pret the previous occupiers have returned to the arches.
  • Happy to have the off-licence there in the arch next to Pret, the one inside the station is a bit unpleasant, overpriced and with staff that can be rude at times.

    Does anyone know what the Irish connection is, though? They have a huge rack of regional Irish newspapers outside and even more inside the shop.
  • The newsagent next to the chippy on Tollington Park has all the Irish regional papers too. There is still a very sizeable Irish population, on the Islington side at least.
  • @Thirdeariespace I asked exactly that on its first day! Has the shop been open previously, if elsewhere? The guy behind the counter said that there was a large community of "older" Irish who are very partial to their newspapers which is why they cater for them.
  • St Mellitus Church used to to be the Irish Chaplaincy in London (eventually moved to Camden), running welfare services for Irish immigrants as well as support for Irish prisoners and for the traveller community. Not sure about the Haringey side, but as Miss Annie pointed out, the Irish community on the Islington side is still very sizeable.
  • There used to be an Irish House to help Irish people struggling on SGR near Perth Road on that side of the street.

    Have a look at the side of the house on the corner of Perth Road and SGR on the FF side of the street and see the Irish Shamrock detail on the building.

  • Is that what that's about!
  • I always thought that was something to do with the Girl Guide association. Every day's a school day.
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