Oxford House Planning Application

SG Residents fond of the lovely art deco Oxford House have until 9th February to reply to the latest planning application by offshore developers Ref HGY/2018/0064 Contact me for more details of the local campaign - I have asked for the deadline to be extended - raj.sahota@haringey.gov.uk


  • In a nutshell, what's the application for?
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    Raising the roof to accommodate a 2nd floor level residential addition (containing 2x2 bed, 2x1 bed and 1x3 bed flats) to the existing building

    There are private terraces on the plans too, which seems particularly objectionable given the quiet nature of the street. Several residents opposite are pursuing the 'lack of sunlight' argument to object to the building, as it will cut out midday sun.

  • So what is happening to the development? I can see that a lot of work has been done and there is rumble everywhere, but no one is working on it anymore. I haven't seen anyone working there for months.

    I do understand that it's good to oppose it, but I would also like to understand what is the alternative for the site? I guess that the redevelopment is good, but it's not good that there will be the addition of an extra floor? Or do you oppose the redevelopment completely?

  • The alternative would be to build something that is in proportion with the surrounding properties and maintain the attractive facade - they have planning permission for that but they keep trying to get something much bigger and unsuitable. If they had got on with building in line with the permission they had the work would be almost finished by now.
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    My personal opinion is that it is not a particularly important or attractive building and this is an opportunity to build something even better. The only redeeming feature in my opinion is a tower at one end. Seems to me like an extra floor would simply match the height of the rest of the street but I would prefer it if they demolished it and started again with something top notch.
  • Why is it special?

    It looks like it needs knocking down and replacing with something fitting to the street and not cramming with tiny flats.
  • It used to look special - a rare bit of art-deco around here - until it was mauled by the developer who stripped off most of the external character features. They've given assurances that these will be restored, but we'll see. This latest proposal is *relatively* sensitive to the original building, and apparently the CAAC don't object.
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    My view is that it looked crap before the developer messed around with it. A new building designed well would be better than what was there before.
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    It deserves to be rescued for its celebrity status alone, since apparently it was at one time a film production studio and where the original "Thunderbirds" was made. Lady Penelope was here.
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    Maybe someone should fire a rocket at it.
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    @krappyrubsnif Where did you get the information about Thunderbirds? I had never heard of this before. My father worked in Oxford House in the '60s (and maybe early '70s), when it was Kay Laboratories, which processed film for the cinematographic industry. The company was later absorbed into MGM (possibly via Rank Xerox). Kay Labs may well have processed the film for Thunderbirds, but I've never heard any mention of Oxford house being used for actual production.
  • It was processing, then.

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