Dead Rabbits

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Saloon on Blackstock Road: any information? I’m drawing a blank.


  • The NY one? They have done pop ups in Bethnal Green. Will be fabulous if they are doing a local one.
  • So that's as far as I got with a cursory trawl of social media and the Web - the sign's up and it has a phone number - it's a few doors south of T-Bird.

    My memory is shocking and I can only remember the phone number has lots of 2s and 6s in it, otherwise I'd call and ask.
  • I don't think it is the NYC one - the signs are completely different and it says Rabbits rather than Rabbit.

    I am spending too long on this, I should just call them.
  • If one of the world's best bars has decided to open a sister site on Blackstock Road, I will eat several hats.

    Some interesting stuff opening up in that area, though. Top Cuvée - new wine bar/bistro from the people behind Three Sheets and Little Mercies - opens by the Arsenal Tavern in Feb.
  • Ah, mystery solved. Dead Rabbits Saloon - 'whisky bar and burgers'.
  • Is this where I sign up for a heart attack?
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    Rabbit burger?
  • When is this opening?

    Has anyone been to the namesake bar in NY?

    I had never even heard of it but funnily enough my friend was telling me that all of the banks bar one have left Wall Street now and the whole area is in decline, maybe that bar is bang in the right place for when it regenerates.
  • "for when it regenerates" ...

    A lovely optimism. Looks more and more like the end of days to me
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    @conformable_kate to be honest my mate described it in much worse terms than I did, he said it was dire and getting on for a skid row (and he lived there in the 90's), I went there a few years ago and it was pretty staid if anything.
  • I've been to the Dead Rabbit in New York. It has an downstairs and upstairs but unfortunately only the downstairs was open late afternoon.
    Decent bar, long and narrow - and pretty squeezed in, due to it being popular and a spot to visit.
    Only stopped for one as needed food - which if I remember rightly we couldn't get at that time.
    If you go to New York, it's worth a visit but I'd say time it so that both bits are open.
  • I'm getting hitched in NY in October. Recommendations welcome!
  • I worked in NYC for six months. Except for the Metropolitan Museum, it's best avoided. Not a place for the civilised.
  • I'm going at the end of March, so will post anything that I really enjoyed.
  • Nope. Spent a week in DC with work, other than that it's my first time in the US - a fact that I still can't quite believe. Though I did visit Toronto in the late 90s.

    We're actually getting hitched at the very end of September, then heading up through New England to Halifax by way of Boston and Portland, then across to Vancouver (all by train and one ferry). Then a week in Hawaii, coming home via a few days in LA. 5 weeks in all. Top tips for any of that appreciated.

    As for New York, the missus will want to point at famous buildings, I'll mostly want to visit places that featured in The Warriors (come out to plaaayyyeaayyy!) and re-enact Bob Dylan album covers in Greenwich Village. Our shared interests are primarily beer and grilled meats.

  • Don't know New York really but congrats Arkady.
  • Congratulations Arky!
    Do all the tourist stuff if you've never been before. Go up the Empire State Building as early in the morning as you can and again as it gets dark. Two completely different experiences, and the lifts are great. Go on the Staten Island ferry, the trip back into Manhattan is the money shot. Visit the Immigration Museum on Ellis Island, go out to Coney Island, walk everywhere. Met Museum and Central Park always great and look out for low flying raptors in the Park. Avoid the buses take the subway.
    Some of the things on here are on my list for next time

    L.A. Echo Park, Silverlake and Korea Town are the Brooklyns of L.A. Chap lived in Echo Park for years, it's lovely. Go for drinks in the bar at the Chateau Marmont, get the bus out to Santa Monica and go on the pier. You can walk to Venice and Muscle Beach from there. Get up onto the hills if you can, the views are worth it. Depending on your level of interest in Old Hollywood go to Grauman's Chinese Theatre and look at the hand prints of the classic stars on the forecourt then Musso and Frank's Grill, the Old Hollywood favourite which is still thriving and intact. It's not a walkable city really but buses and transit network is good.

    Are you doing the Starlight from Portland to LA? That is a magical journey. Not spent time in Portland for a long time, not recently enough to recommend anything except walk everywhere the scenery is beautiful.

    The North Shore of Oahu is the most extraordinary and beautiful place, My friend has a beach house there. You'll need to drive through miles of pineapple fields to get there though.

    You will have a wonderful time!
  • Thanks Annie, that great stuff. It's Portland Maine I'm going to though, rather than Oregon. Would love to do the northwest coast at some point though.
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    It's gorgeous. Earmark Cannon Beach where they filmed The Goonies.

    Not been to Maine, it's on my wishlist. You might able to do whale watching at that time of year.
  • Getty Museum in LA is a great building and collection.

    I found it an easy bus ride from Santa Monica. If your staying in Santa Monica and like Art Nouveau this is the pace to stay

    Just across the road from the Pier

  • Congratulations Arkady. Why are you getting married in New York? I thought you would get married in Droitwich
  • Droitwich much too classy
  • As lovely as that old salt town is...

    We wanted to tie the knot as far away from other people and their advice as possible.
  • I agree with Miss Annie regarding the tourist stuff in NY, its great.

    Ellis Island is fascinating and the 9/11 memorial is a must visit for its poignancy, it makes the hairs on your neck stand up.

    Do not brave the horrendous queue for Ellis Island \ Statue of Liberty, get the tickets online via your phone.

    I used to go to this pub in mid-town quite a bit, it is (or was) not touristy in the slightest and is on a little strip of other decent restaurants and bars.


    I stayed in Hollywood and loved the total trashiness of it, i then drove up through Marina Del Ray, Santa Monica, Santa Cruz (Lost Boys!) and up Highway 1 to San Francisco, probably the best trip i have ever been on.

    Downtown LA was horrendous then but i understand it is the new Dalston now.


    I am jealous of you going to Vancouver, i really want to go to Seattle and then drive up to Canada.

  • Thanks all. The current sticking point is getting from Maine to Nova Scotia/New Brunswick - remarkably tricky without a car. The bit I'm actually looking forward to most in going from Halifax to Vancouver by train - west of Toronto it's one sleeper train all the way, four days and four nights of three cooked meals a day and ample booze while taking in the view - including the Rockies.
  • I didn't like Hollywood because I wanted the old 30s/40s Hollywood and there is almost none of that left. Most people I know who have been have liked it more than I did.

    @HolbornFox I agree, that trip up and down the coast is fabulous, saw whales off Monterey a couple of times. San Francisco is my favourite city in the world after London, although it has changed radically and lost some of its rackety charm since the tech billionaires moved in.
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