All purpose coronavirus thread

I know this has not been discussed on here, we are swamped with it on the Internet, radio and TV, and there are probably a lot of people who think it's all fake news and a load of media hype. But I suggest it is worth starting a thread for LOCAL coronavirus discussion and community use for when it becomes necessary. Not for armchair contagious disease experts but practical stuff, for example older people who might need help, people self-isolating who might need shopping, questions and answers about local issues to be asked without having to go out.

I personally am self-isolating as much as practically possible until next week (because of travel history) but I have plenty of help so it's not an issue for me. (Though living with four other people I do expect to come down with the virus...). I have experienced lockdown elsewhere and I think it is likely there will be lockdown in London within a fortnight, I hope I'm wrong. So my advice would be to prep up.

Any suggestions or requests?



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