Jubliee Street Parties

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I believe Corbyn Street are having one ... any others going on this weekend or other local jubilee events?


  • There is one in Cornwall Road, I'll be escaping if possible.
  • Albert Road is definitely having one.<br>
  • <font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2">Ossian Road on Sunday and Mount Pleasant Villas on Monday.</font>
  • <P>A fair few ... and what are pubs doing if one needs to escape these festive buntingtastic streets?!</P>
  • I'm going to Scotland, thank goodness. Viva la repubblica!
  • Yagamuffin is the Cornwall Rd one going ahead? I have not seen any road closure notices. We are working on our back yard this weekend and likely to have a van parked outside at least one day this weekend. I need to know if we can drive into our road!
  • @Ilovegreyhounds We had a leaflet through the door about it a few weeks ago and then a couple nocked on the door at the weekend. I think they said that the road would be closed and there would be no parking, I can't remember their names though and I've not seen anything official from the council.
  • Is the Lorne Road one sun or mon? I am feeling very patriotic. Chang
  • We havent heard from anyone :( Do you know the day for the Cornwall Rd one?
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    Mount Pleasant Villas, Monday 4 June. Road closed 8am-midnight bbq from 6-ish take along food and drink to share All this from a flyer through my door from someone called Nina in Mount Pleasant Crescent.
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    While the richer and poorer residents are bowing down to worship a woman made of flesh and blood like the rest of us, I'll be walking and cycling around the southern part of this green and pleasant land.<div><br></div><div>Sometimes public schoolboys, jumpers over shirts produce goodness:</div><div><br></div><div><a href=""> </div><div><br></div><div>I know bah-humbug, negative, chip on my shoulder and as England is dreaming, I don't care.</div>
  • @kreuzkav, were you ever bitten by a public schoolboy? I always wonder if you dislike them on principle or because you disliked ones you've met for specific reasons apart from where they went to school (which they wouldn't have had much say in...).
  • I know and have known quite a few public schoolboys and I don't dislike them as people. Some are quite nice people.  I just don't like the class system.  The public schoolboys and girls have (generally) too many kudos.<div><br></div><div>Suzanne Moore's article is spot on:<br><div><br></div><div><a href="http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/may/23/social-mobility-no-longer-exists">http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/may/23/social-mobility-no-longer-exists</a>; </div><div><br></div><div><br></div></div>
  • I'm going to make American-style cupcakes with: Republic! Freedom! Democracy! Liberty! a "No Smoking" type red slashed circle with a crown in it Bank Holiday! etc in icing. Street parties are a good way to get to know your neighbours.
  • In New York and other US cities they have a block party on independence day.  Great time to get to know the people in your hood.  Pity in Blighty it's to celebrate some monarch who symbolises the last of England's class system. 
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    I think a public-school boy once broke Kreuzkav's heart ...
  • What you can't get Mr G. Joe is that some of us just have ideals.  It's not about me.  It's about my ideals.  I have hung out with all sorts of people from trust funders to council estaters.  My friends are my friends.  I just don't like elitism and the class system.  I certainly don't get why people bow to a woman or man because they're deemed queen or king.  It's like believing in Father Christmas aged 40.  Childish.  And my girlfriends have all been working or lower middle class.  Never dated a public schoolgirl.  Maybe in the future.
  • Are you saying there's no Father Christmas?? No! There must be - he always fills the stocking I leave out, eats the fois gras on toasted Poilane and drinks the glass of Pol Roger! 
  • @ Vetski.  Maybe you posh lot get Father Christmas past 7 years old.  Hey, you do.  Flats to yourself in leafy Stroud Green, French nannies, breakfast at Boulangerie Fake French.  You feel cheated if the the Ocado van is ten minutes late you get the wrong salami.  You can't find the strawberry beer that Jacks offie promised.  And all the ski slopes have melted.
  • I don't live in a flat; my nannies weren't French; I've only been to BBM once; I don't use Ocado; and I hate beer. Otherwise you're spot on! 
  • Were your nannies English?  I really was joking and didn't think you were posh and had a nannie. But maybe my heated mind is right sometimes.
  • @kreuzkav. Same old! get a new story :-)<div><br></div><div>Welcome back though, been a bit boring lately</div>
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    @ brodiej.  I've noticed.  Anytime I looked at this site recently it was like sitting in a funeral home watching a corpse that wasn't connected through friendship or family to you. <div><br></div><div>Can anyone explain what this Jubilee is about.  Some queen I heard.  Why is it exciting to bow to her and celebrate her?  Will I be beheaded? </div><div><br></div><div>I can't wait for the Olympics. Joking. What a joke.  All that money squandered on athletes. Wait, given to dodgy contractors and politicians.</div>
  • Please can someone explain why people worship the queen?  It seems so ridiculous and childish to me. Please give me a good answer. 
  • You don't have to be posh to have a nanny...it was cheaper to hire someone to look after pre-school me & baby sister than to hire a good medical receptionist, so my mum was my father's receptionist for a couple of years till the practice was established!
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    @Vetski.  You're joking!  You're dad was a doctor?  What do you consider posh? Millionaires?  You really were deprived!
  • Maternal grandfather was a plumber...posh, no; very useful, yes! Poor West African on WHO medical scholarship...again, posh, no! And I don't really consider anyone posh, people are just people.
  • I admire the Queen because she is doing a job she never chose and has done it well for 60 years. I cannot imagine having to do her job, and even living in a palace with all that jewellery would not be worth having to do exactly what was expected of you and having your entire life planned out for you for 60 years. She does have access to a world of wealth and privilege, yes, but she does not seem to be a spendthrift extravagant type. I love the Queen and am massively excited about the Jubilee. I doubt that anyone alive now will see another Diamond Jubilee and I'm looking forward to seeing our country put on a fantastic show of the pomp and ceremony that we do so well. Kreuzkav. Being from a working class family doesn't make you on the side of the angels. Judge people on who they are, not what their parents did for a living or where they went to school. That's how you'd expect to judged....right?
  • Yes, all very good about your grandparents.  My grandfather was bog cutter in Ireland and the other one cut trees.  It's how you grew up and I didn't grow up on a housing estate.   And you grew up as doctor's child.  Maybe not the £100,000 some get now but you had a nanny.  That's posh in my books.  There is class and posh.  I don't know you but I'm basing my judgement on the facts you give me.
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