Drivers barging through one-way system under bridge



  • Well I asked because I would definitely change my habits if I were to discover that Uber drivers or other mini cab drivers are not insured. I still can't believe that cars can be uninsured in this country to be honest eheh!
  • I wouldn't worry about insurance with Uber: 1) Uber has deep pockets and probably insurance to back this, the law could go after them as they were negligent. 2) Claims 3rd party injuries (such as passengers) caused by uninsured drivers are covered by the UK motor insurance bureau which is funded by a levy on the insurance industry. I would be worried about the actual pain and suffering though! Uber has a robust review system so I find drivers more courteous and careful than usual.
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    I have no wish (well can't be assed) to slate Uber despite not liking their business model or practices but just about every bad online review can be doctored even if if it by incentive...

    Like, read the reviews on there and then compare them to the reviews on TripAdvisor or Google maps... very different picture of the same hotel

    Lets be honest Uber care less about the drivers then they do about the customer, its just profit to them.
  • @HolbornFox, as you know, there is a difference between an event occurring and something being true or not. Here is your evidence. Here is Rule 109 of the Highway Code: "Traffic light signals and traffic signs. You MUST obey all traffic light signals (download ‘Light signals controlling traffic’ (PDF, 82KB)) and traffic signs giving orders, including temporary signals & signs (download ‘Traffic signs’ (PDF, 486KB). Make sure you know, understand and act on all other traffic and information signs and road markings (download ‘Road markings’ (PDF, 731KB) and Vehicle markings’ (PDF, 537KB)) " Frankly, the idea that temporary signs are for consideration only is so ludicrous that I am annoyed than I actually have to provide evidence that it isn't the case.
  • LOL, I did say that it was only what someone told me, maybe i should have mentioned that he was also shouting at the pigeons.

    Playing devils advocate though, how do you know what a temporary signal (for roadworks) actually constitutes i.e is it part of the highway code?

    There may be case law whereby someone has shown the court that they are not part of the Highway Code.

    I am thinking of Mr Fixit or wotever he is called, the solicitor that gets people off of any driving offence.
  • Man you've got me at it now, on the 'road works' section of the highway code website there is no 'wait here' sign. By the way someone nearly drove head on into me earlier coming down the very section we are talking about the wrong way, not cool!
  • There is a NO ENTRY sign as well as a ROAD CLOSED sign (no WAIT HERE, as far as I can recall). The signs happen to be temporary. Do you need a link for the NO ENTRY sign in the Highway Code too? Passing along the "well, somebody said this" and then denying that you might actually believe it when called out is a tactic used by that nice Mr Trump. It doesn't really work.
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    ^ Well that makes no sense.

    Anyhow i am referring to the fact that at temporary traffic lights the signs state 'wait here' and that them signs are not in the highway code. Although i don't relly care anyway.

    Call me out all you want, or sit researching road signs, it's a free world. I'll be in the pub getting pissed.

    Peace. X
  • @therattle, just to check - it's ok to drive past the 'Road Closed' sign, isn't it? I hope so, because I did it a few weeks ago to get to the car wash! I did not, however, drive the wrong way under the bridge...
  • I have noticed that there is a camera, but it might have been there since the beginning of times :-) Or is it new?
  • Yes there is indeed a camera if you look for it - up high! It looks like it's been there a long time but I think that until recently it was pointing into the bus station. Now looking under the bridge. But is it working - who monitors it?

    I'll try to find out. I like a challenge.
  • That camera was put up to monitor the box junction at the exit from the bus station, I think. It's been there a while.
  • Five cars in a row going through the no entry about 5.30pm yesterday, completely snarled up northbound what is this?
  • @vetski it has been pointed in a different direction now, I wonder why. I guess it's not doing anything, but hopefully someone will be able to clarify. @krappyrubsnif thanks for that. I retweeted it!
  • MimsyMimsy Stroud Green
    speaking of enforcement... I was "Amsterdamed" yesterday by the woman at Thai Massage on Stroud Green across from Sainsbury's... I believe that type of aggressive, 'come on in baby' is soliciting. ... (just in case anyone is daft enough to go in there looking for an actual Thai Massage...) I think its pretty lame that we have a knocking shop on our high street.
  • Dreary me... has it been confirmed that that is what it is then? Maybe I'm hugely naive but I assumed it was legit, and thought I'd heard a rumour that it was connected to Cats in some way - but that may well be a false memory.
  • MimsyMimsy Stroud Green
    straight up man. Sunday morning at 10 a.m. animated waving in, and rude gestures - - I guess when they knew they could go full on, as there was no one but me on the pavement. Its pretty lame.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I honestly thought it was legit also.....I'm not convinced. My wife told me to go there so it can't be? I don't like massage generally but there could be a happy ending?
  • I don't know how much this is worth, but the Goggle reviews seem to only refer to the quality of the massage, and are from a decent mix of men and women.
  • @Arkady - As our supreme leader why don't you pop in for test run massage, I am sure you have plenty of knots that need sorting. I am sure we can easily crowd fund your vist
  • Awfully kind. But better to send a single man, Sutent. Know anyone?
  • I am not single but I am not keen on massages. Anyone else keen? It could be the first official review.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    I have been. My wife told me to go. There was a notice on the wall asking people not to ask for certain services. I didn't ask for anything but the jasmine tea they gave me was lovely.
  • grennersgrenners Ferme Park Road, N4
    ....I mean if I missed out on anything I might go back and complain.....
  • _Bee_Bee Stroud Green Road
    Oh! This is some juicy gossip! Quite intrigued!!!
  • MimsyMimsy Stroud Green
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    god, all you have to do is mention sex..and its on like Donkey Kong.... Anyway, I know a female who went looking for a proper massage... and they scowled at her pretty bad and they said "you go away"... "this not for you." Anyway, there's nothing saying it can't pretend to be both at once... that's what gives it legitimate cover, after all. p.s. - there's a girl on Victoria Rd. whose legit.... don't know name, but she used to come to my yoga classes, and she is brilliant (and not happy happy). Proper therapist.
  • I rang the number which is over the door pre-dialled 141 by the way and asked how much a massage was , and the lady replied £85, and if i wanted anything extra i would have to make arrangements with the girl who was allocated to me , i politely declined the offer and put the phone down, so yes it does look like we have a knocking shop in good old S.G.R.
  • Goodness. Sounds like Google reviews and trip advisor are missing something here...
  • I didn't think it was linked to Cats - I thought it had something to do with a Thai restaurant of the same name in Muswell Hill. I vaguely remember that there was a thread about it a couple of years ago. The internet suggests that the restaurant has closed, though.
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