Changes II

Back in 2014, site owner and previous moderator Andy posted this thread:

He'd done eight years at that point, and noted that when he founded the site he was "a much younger man". It's now six years on, and I feel the same way!

The fact that his opening message on that thread is now barely readable due to technical issues is a testament to some of my failures. I've upgraded the site and kept it ticking over, including paying the cost of hosting it, but the forum software is now rubbish and outdated and I don't have the energy to invest in remedying it.

More to the point, I've finally managed to buy my own property, and (DUM DUM DUUUUM) it's not in Stroud Green. I'm only up the road in Hornsey, but I firmly believe that moderators should be drawn from the community that they are working for. It's just not cricket for me to stay in post.

So I'll be going.

But not just yet.

I want to make sure that I have a new regime in place before I go, not least because the alternative is the site closing down. I feel very strongly that this would be a bad thing. I value a great deal, and I want it to continue to succeed in future. But it does need new blood with new ideas.

So, I'm calling for volunteers. Moderation is, in itself, not hard. These days the place pretty much moderates itself. I maybe delete one piece of spam every couple of months. It's been a long time since I had to delete a user's ill-considered post, and even longer since I've decided that someone had to go entirely.

The hosting cost is about £13 a month. I'm sure that we could easily meet those costs through a quick annual fundraiser, I've just never got around to it.

It would be a good idea if someone with technical skills could get under the hood and maybe replace the forum software to something shiny and new. But that doesn't need to be the same person as the moderators(s), and it's not exactly urgent.

So, if you think you might be interested in helping to keep this place on the road, please let me know via private message, or otherwise express any ideas that you might have below.

It might be worth adding that if no-one does take over then sooner-or-later this place will vanish quietly one night. And that would be a shame.

Anyway, to quote the great man:

"My head says that it's time to make a change
But my heart is telling me
I love you 'cause you're *strange*



  • I've got 20 years of professional experience in Linux, security, application and database installation and management in software development and financial services industry. I'm happy to take an export of the site to see if I can migrate it somewhere. Could possibly greatly reduce the cost too.

    I'm also happy to share the moderation load with someone else
  • When you do the swap I think this calls for another of the legendary SG Org Socials, but not over Zoom, in a pub - so let's wait until the pubs are properly open again. This will mean you staying on for quite long a time I suspect Arkady......
  • I too am moving after many years of using this forum. Enfield for me, so quite far away!
  • Farewell Peter, and good luck.
  • Huge thanks Arkady - I've found this site a lifesaver and also a great way to get to know the area. Im awful with IT but happy to chip in for fees
  • I’ve only just noticed this thread.... Sorry to see you go Arkady and a very big thank you for all your hard work and energy keeping the site going these last few years. I see it Joust has come forward to help - thank you @joust! Have you got everything in place to keep the site going now? If not might I suggest a new post with a discussion title calling for moderators? Some people like me may only click on certain threads based on the title.
  • some of the coding and plugins needs to be updated and fixing i don't mind helping out
  • So has this site died? Very little activity since I have found it by chance and frankly the functionality is not here to encourage anyone new to come and stay... Any plans to resurrecting this site?
  • Well, @CrazyCatLady, we can't just fill the place with persiflage (though some of us do from time-to-time). Sometimes there are several hot (well, warm…, warmish, anyway) topics being discussed at the same time; other times (like now) it quietens down.

    It works for me: I poke about in here every day or so to see if anything's going on, see if there are any updates, and now and then I just types something—you know, just words—and sometimes, as if by magic, other writing appears which refers (however obliquely) to what I've written. Nothing else I'd care to do here, really. I should probably get out more, but, you know, these days…

    So what "functionality" would you like?
  • The ever so subtle sarcasm in your reply @Scruffy pretty much tells me what I need to know - nobody really cares about existence or God forbid some growth here to have a nice place for locals (old and new) online say like HoL perhaps?

    Never mind and I sincerely apologise for even asking.
  • There is just about enough activity here - not much that is irrelevant, some useful discussions about local shops and services, and that's it. That's its function.
  • @CrazyCatLady - there is a plan to overhaul the site, and for me to then retire into the sunset. It's been delayed. But we're very open to suggestions. Which parts of HoL's functionality would you like to see here? I have a lot of time for that site, and for the people who run it, but I personally find it a little fussily-presented and I don't like the topic interface or post presentation in compared to the 'cleaner' look of
  • @CrazyCatLady, my comments (whether perceived as sarcastic or not) shouldn’t be taken as representative of any other user’s views on the site. I’m not an administrator here, and I don’t have any more influence than anyone else, including you.

    Growth? Why should there be growth? What do you mean by growth when considering a site such as this? I think this IS a nice place for locals.
  • I just had a look at HoL and after reading 17 pages of people repeating the same thing over and over again about the renaming of Black Boy Lane I definitely think this site is fine as it is.
  • Also, you get some quality insults on here with no unnecessary moderation, I remember someone fantastically threatening to instruct their lawyer once over a random comment (not made by me).
  • The acerbic sarcasm of is a joy
  • It should be required reading for expatriate yanks (and many other nationalities) who need to learn.
  • edited October 2020
    Alright, @CrazyCatLady, one improvement I would like is some typographical control; at least the ability to use italics in a posting. (Is this the thin end…?)
  • It's the slippery slope. Next, obligatory adverts every third paragraph, pop-up special offers you can't minimise, below-the-line comments from racists and QAnon nutjobs, automatic forwarding to the next episode in a ten-series Netflix box sets, and un-silenceable all-night notifications. Don't go there!
  • @krappyrubsnif, thank you for pulling me back from the brink! What was I thinking? (“Here are 75 totally weird things anteaters modelled from Lego bricks. Number 75 will AMAZE you!”)
  • "Ten innocent moments in a coffee shop on Striud Green Road that nobody will ever forget. See what HAPPENED NEXT!"

    "Look what Tracy, the most popular barmaid at the Stapleton Tavern ten years ago, looks like TODAY!"

    "You will never BELIEVE this conversation between two people in the checkout queue at Tesco!"
  • Italics? You think I'm made of money?
  • Your occasional reminder that I no longer live in Stroud Green, and if someone else wanted to take over the running of this place then feel free to send me a message and we can have a chat about it. It largely runs itself, minimum moderation required or desired. Ideally, though, it would be someone who wanted to breathe new life into the place - upgrade or replace the forum software, deploy some fresh ideas, group-fund the running costs, etc. It's very quiet in these parts these days, and I wonder whether some sort of shake-up would help.
  • I got married had a baby and moved to Camberwell. My Stroud Green day's are a distant memory. I often check in to keep up to date. It's very quiet now.
  • It is a shame reading that this community may soon be over. Arkady, not sure how to reach you out privately.
  • Feel free to send me a private message. I have a few others I need to respond to - apologies for the delay, busy few weeks...
  • The golden age was ranting about Sugar Lounge who ended up not having a proper licence. Chang. Who was this man/woman/ fluid gender. I did predict SG would become a cultural desert full of middle class foodies. Tumbleweed. It's time to turn off the lights.
  • I think this forum has probably been supplanted to some degree by street WhatsApp groups. It has in my case (Corbyn St).
  • People do come and have a look as you can see with number of views, it is just that folks do seem to have much to add in making comments
  • Pfff! Whatsapp? Mugs' App, more like. Another instance of you (yes, you, dopey!) being the commodity for sale.
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