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  • Hi Luke. Nothing particularly different to that already mentioned/moaned about here.
  • I don't usually feel unsafe because I'm a man, although I find areas of SG increasingly unpleasant. However, my 70-year-old mother won't walk under the bridge at night, and I can't blame her. I would not go into the park at night. I agree with thi…
  • It might help to say roughly where you are?
  • Thanks both. I'll try them.
  • That's very interesting, thanks for posting this.
  • I can't help but sing the thread title to the tune of "Someone saved my life tonight".
  • Yeah. I needed the quick-release for adjusting my saddle replaced. They charged me £2. And I got my son's bike from there for free. People donate old kid's bikes, and all one pays for is any work that needs doing (eg new brake cables and training w…
  • I'll believe it when I see it, but that would indeed make a marked difference to the quality of the park, and provide the sort of tangible benefit that is otherwise lacking when it comes to the trade-off between nuisance and money.
  • It provides parks budget that the council would otherwise be providing. It does not provide ADDITIONAL funding over and above what the council would have spent had the concert not happened. It just replaces what the council would have spent. As mone…
  • @joust it'd not the large groups coming together to enjoy music, it's everything around them and what they bring that makes life unpleasant (to greater and lesser degrees) for literally thousands of people who live near and/or use the park. For inst…
  • @joust "I want to see that the events happen and the park thrives." The park thriving and events happening (at least on this scale) are mutually exclusive.
  • I agree with Papa: money from the festivals just replaces money that would have otherwise been spent on parks, and doesn't top it up. I used to go to FP a lot with my son; now we get on the bike and go to Clissold. FP is a dump. And with cmo: it's …
  • And can you order ad hoc or must it be a regular delivery?
  • Oh dear... If you are hankering for their amazing chocolate pots (which were on the menu since day one and never left), they are quite easy to make at home: Use really …
  • True dat, Scruffy. As it happens, I went over the bridge with my bike yesterday and dismounted.
  • I am happy with micycle at the bottom of Ferme Park/Stapleon Hall (opposite Londis)
  • I have been known to cycle across the bridge, slowly and carefully. I'd never ring my bell at someone walking ahead of me, and if the going is too slow I just dismount. Dismounting actually takes up more room than riding.
  • I doubt that they get the full purchase price - I expect that there are other participants like investors and banks.
  • Ben isn't really doing general plumbing anymore, just heating stuff. Michael Cosgrove is a very nice and I think competent plumber 079 5691 7274
  • @MF, me too. That chocolate hazelnut spread they used to stock, the artichoke cream, the pecorinos... There was some good stuff and they were lovely people.
  • @Scruffy, I look forward to receiving my degree. My wife has a doctorate and I've always wanted one, so can it be one of those? We can have the graduation party at Grin and Beer it - 1/3 pints all round! (If available at time of reservation).
  • Scruffy - that it's a beer that they have on tap at the time. Otherwise it would be hard to provide 2/3rds of a pint! What did you think it meant?
  • SG Fruit & Veg is terrific, and the people who run it are very nice. I also think that the produce is generally fresher than Urban Native (where the people are also very nice). I did used to go to Vittorio's! I cycled past this afternoon and sa…
    in Deli Wars Comment by therattle March 19
  • Is Vittorio's permanently closed? Oh no!
    in Deli Wars Comment by therattle March 19
  • I saw the barriers, purportedly for fixing the lights (which seems to require an awfully long time), and immediately thought that this was a way of breaking the cycle of clearance and reoccupation. It's a shame I can't use the cycle lane (although I…
  • Strongly agree with Arkady. I also think that there is a subtle but important distinction between legalisation and decriminalisation. Unfortunately I can't see this government doing anything the Daily Mail would pounce on as being soft on crime and …
  • I read something once about growing fruit and veg which was a very good point: don't plant things which are cheap and/or easy to buy in the shops. Salad is a good one to plant as salad can be quite pricey but it's apparently easy to grow, and you ha…
  • joust, I don't know much about gardening but aerating the soil (especially after its been compacted by rain etc) is very helpful. I got some stylish spiked overshoes which were fun to tramp around in. Then chuck on some ready-made mixtures of differ…
  • We had our front door kicked in in the summer and stuff grabbed from the hall - hit an run. Then the front window was levered open a few weeks later, and similarly, bags etc taken and a quick exit. Now we have an alarm, a moat stuffed with crocodil…