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  • I use Emilia who works at Vittors. She's lovely, and a pretty reasonable £25 for wash, cut and blow dry.
  • I went in on Saturday - it was lovely! Think they are still finding their feet - the owner Paula (might have got her name wrong) came and introduced herself and said they were still getting everything sorted,and I have to admit the menu does include…
    in Osteria Tufo Comment by hethrs July 2013
  • I used Chris Brierley at Fahri Jacobs in Crouch End - very good (bit of a talker) but extremely helpful and no bullshit (which is always appreciated!).
  • I bought a flat with my boyfriend from David Phillips. After meeting every estate agent in the area, these guys were the only one who bothered to shake my hand as well as his when we met them. Basic manners go a long way when you are planning on par…
  • I go to the Islington Arts Factory. In the classes I've tried there seems to be a good mix of abilities and no-one takes it too seriously. 
  • I like Dhonia - not the greatest curry in the world, but certainly perfect for a quick bite or a lazy takeway. Their veggie stuff is good, not oily at all. And the service is really friendly, they seem like nice guys. 
    in Dhonia Comment by hethrs December 2011
  • I completely agree - if I actually want to guarantee an item turning up, I have to get it sent to work. I've had numerous conversations with the sorting office over by Green Lanes who deny all knowledge of anything ever going missing. It's infuriati…
    in Lost post Comment by hethrs August 2011
  • I went to Jenny's a few weeks ago for a spray tan - my first ever one, and done slightly against my will due to bridesmaid duties. Anyway, it was good - Jenny was very nice and her husband (??) and baby were in the waiting area. She seemed quite ti…
  • I've never understood what the specials are either! But I like my Stroud Green dining experiences to be a little bit quirky, it's part of the charm. Otherwise we would be overrun with Zizzi and Strada and the like. And I've always thought the food …
    in [...] Comment by hethrs July 2011