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  • I normally do FCC Finsbury Park to Moorgate then walk to London Bridge. It's a nice walk if you're able. Otherwise (if running late / it's pissing with rain etc) FCC to Moorgate then two stops on Northern.
  • I have mine done at Be Beautiful on Stroud Green Road (actually it's on Charter Court - a few doors down from Vagabond) - very good and only a fiver.
  • Yeah I would suggest secsinthecity too. Really good starting point when you're looking for those kind of roles in London - I got my most recent couple of jobs via that site. Good luck!
  • Here's another vote for 'avoid 157 Practice'  (am currently looking to register elsewhere - maybe one of the John Scott Centre practices on Green Lanes as I've heard comparatively good things about them)
  • I went on Sat night as well - pretty much the same as you Eliz, I wanted to go for one of the pasta dishes but my other half had his heart set on a pizza and they seem to only do 18" sharing ones so we went for that instead. It was fine, our waiter …
    in New pizzeria Comment by Clo October 2012
  • Not really a film as such, but I remember seeing an old 1970s 'stranger danger' public awareness film online, which was shot around Stroud Green Road - in one scene the dodgy 'stranger' pulls into Charter Court and tries to lure some kid away in his…
  • Just wanted to add a belated thumbs-up for this place - excellent coffee, nice friendly people, a really welcome addition to the road and I'm so glad to see it doing well.
    in New cafe Comment by Clo February 2012
  • Ah I really like the Triangle. Food a bit of a weird mix but always pretty good I think, lovely venue (best toilets in London!), genuinely friendly staff, one of whom once gave me a pair of Moroccan slippers to take home with me. Never seen a belly-…