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Ferme Park Road, N4
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  • Nice shop bit too expensive so I always wonder how long it would last. The other shop I am confused about is the one in the old auto transmissions shop on the crossroads between Mind and Stapleton Tavern. Curators of Style. Does anyone go in there?
  • It's the parking game. Muswell Hill was a win but I have seriously lost in the past also. Even one where I went to a newsagent to get change for a parking machine.
  • Yes totally serious. The application of humour twisted his arm. But you can't reverse a ticket on one of those machines so he had to write me a note and I had to chase it through the council. Has the desired effect though I won't be doing that again…
  • Thanks for this. Very helpful.
  • I parked in a loading bay in muswell hill to get a cappuccino and got a ticket. Argued I was loading and won. Followed the parking warden down the street until he gave up arguing and agreed I was loading my car with cappuccino. Must have been luc…
  • I saw a vagrant type sat near him chilling out to the clarinet vibes. Maybe he's off drugs now as has been cleansed by the beautiful sounds.
  • Could happen. Labour will not be against brexit considering a lot of their supporters are pro brexit. Labour are in complete disarray. Problem is that it encourages Scottish independence as SNP pick up the anti tory voters there. Personally I'm n…
  • On the upside we now have a very good clarinet player who I thoroughly enjoyed when passing.
  • E Mono is a good kebab shop. I go there occasionally. I get the carbon copy thing. But E Mono might be able to find a new home near by. I'm trying to say a few chains will come but so too will a lot of new independent businesses further along stroud…
    in Pret Comment by grenners April 15
  • Plethora of shops and bars? I doubt the total number of shops and bars has changed just the type of retailers? I don't know what was around in the late 90s which is being lamented or why people are fearing a pret a manger out bidding a kebab shop at…
    in Pret Comment by grenners April 15
  • Precisely. So some of the worse establishments should fall by the wayside in time.
    in Pret Comment by grenners April 15
  • You have to be brave to open a business on that stretch especially doing something similar to what has already failed.
  • What exactly are people worried about losing? dodgy old newsagents selling papers no one buys anymore, 1980s Chinese takeaways selling awful MSG infested food (a sainsburys ready meal is better) some quite horrible chicken shops. Things change. The…
    in Pret Comment by grenners April 15
  • In 30 years time nearly everything will change.
    in Pret Comment by grenners April 14
  • Is there going to be a return to the white mobile site? This is very difficult to use from a mobile I think I need a magnifying glass.
  • Look on the bright side all this gentrification is bringing all sorts of improved cafes and restaurants along Blackstock road and stroud green road where there are so many shops complete domination by chains is not going to happen. All this anti ge…
    in Pret Comment by grenners April 13
  • To be fair we don't know what E Mono were like when it comes to paying rent on time. If I was a landlord I would be over the moon with Pret as a tenant.
    in Pret Comment by grenners April 12
  • Inevitable. It's better than Costa.
    in Pret Comment by grenners April 11
  • White is much better nice and simple no frills easy on the eye.
  • If there is some food then some benches or something I can sit on whilst I eat. If you have this you will create a meeting place thereby drawing more people and getting them to hang around longer and spend more.
  • Probably all uber drivers. I've not been in an uber yet where the driver actually used his own brain.
  • The entire agriculture subsidy and fisheries thing is very odd and throws up all sorts of perverse side effects. Farmers may get huge eu subsidies but we can continue to cover that cost until we learn again how to manage how we subsidise our farmers…
  • I didn't know that. My farming mate had a massive go at me about the price of lamb. He definitely voted in.
  • All the farmers voted in but we are not all farmers.......
  • I should know that.
  • Is that a bat the animal or a baseball bat?
  • If Brexit works and the EU fails no chance of Scottish independence. If Scotland vote to leave, the SNP will not stop until they get their 52%, then so be it and good luck to them I don't blame them one bit.
  • I know he's been sneaking around on this issue but today he has made a formal announcement. Despite being delusional he might realise he's too toxic to front it all and no doubt he is using others money like Soros and Branson for example.
  • I think it's absurd to liken brexit voters to BNP supporters. I totally agree those sort of attacks are unacceptable. I might say you voted along with extreme left groups like militant back balaclava wearing anti fascists and communists but I am no…
  • Well it seems now that the deluded evil war criminal Tony Blair is coming back to fight Brexit. He needs arresting but may be useful in reminding the 52 why they voted Brexit and making some retainers belive they made a mistake.